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Ascension Update and channeling update – Message from SaLuSa and Higher Self 10 Nov. 2015 by Laura Multidimensional Ocean

communication-between-salusa-from-sirius-and-laura-tycoLaura: Hi SaLuSa, dear friend, guardian and protector!

I wish to know why are there less and less messages coming from you guys ? Is there a particular reason?

SaLuSa: Yes, dear one, there is! I have recently addressed Mike Quinsey’s health misfortunes, much of which were generated by darker energies, wishing for him to retire and who also did try to send him messages passing themselves as me. Mike is no fool and could tell the difference and prefers to withdraw from public messages under those circumstances, which we understand and support. Our power upon your world is only coming from above, and comes as subtle and gentle energy. We are somewhat limited in our actions upon your world as you already know, because it is your world precisely to love, protect and to use for your own growth purposes. Continue reading

Higher Divine Source via Multidimensional Ocean – 3 July 2014

10501933_10152279469374023_8956888535648053288_nHigher Self and infinite knowledge is always at hand’s reach. Just stop, look within and listen to what the energy living within your body tells you.
That energy is always around you, it inhabits you, it embraces you and loves you. This is what comes directly from Source, it is present in all of us. It has infinite knowledge and infinite love. Listen to its wisdom and it will bring you more and more consciousness.
Let the magic take place within yourself, consciously, every moment of every day. Continue reading

Quick Energy Update from Higher Self by Multidiocean – 16 March 2014

yoga-armswideWell the energies are running high and low I believe. While the world manifests an outwardly layer of fear, injustice, war, all enhanced and exaggerated by the media corporately owned hype. The media purpose is truly to keep us worried, scared and interested in their updates, while they are keeping us stuck in the reptilian part of our brain, or else also called the fight or flight mode.
Truly this is designed with intent and purpose, as we will then carry those vibrations into our heart, head and homes, spreading those vibrations reflecting violence and fear all around us, like a virus that is airborne.
At this point, I would not be surprised if the media was actually making up some of their news to keep the wheel spinning.
Make sure to remove yourself from those vibrations, especially at the moment, deprived of all humanity and sensibility.  Continue reading

Feelings – Message from Higher Self by Multidimensional Ocean – 23 Dec. 2013

warm-feeling-love-this-morning-0a25ebb8-9ef1-4cfa-8f49-3f5b4cddd0b3Feelings – Message from Higher Self by Multidimensional Ocean – 23 Dec. 2013

The feelings are a very important part of your life, dear ones. We do not mean emotions, we mean feelings.
There is a distinction in many languages between those two words, a distinction which is more or less lost in the age of great confusion that you have been living through for many years.
Emotions are high or low, negative or positive, but they are mainly random and due to external circumstances.
Feelings on the other hand are of a much higher nature, much lighter, and never can go into the negative.
Feelings are a result of love, of compassion and understanding, the result of much pain and voluntary suffering, of years of work under the human condition, when you finally reach a turning point in your life.  Continue reading

Divine Light Within – Short Message from the Angelic Realm by Multidimensional Ocean – 25 Nov 2013



Everybody feels the attraction for the intriguing, the fascinating, the mesmerising, the front of the brain, the doing, the over-thinking. Some of you enjoy reading about how beautiful souls you are, which is true indeed, but we all already know that, so why enjoying reading about it over and over again? What would help everybody is the realization that these are all automatic responses to attractions.

When one responds to attractions instinctively, one no longer sees what is, one enters the illusion fully. To see the illusion, one needs to be present. This means being present in your body, be linked to your spine and to the higher energies running throughout your body. To be linked to life itself, for you are these higher energies, you are made of Stars and of the God spark. Continue reading

You are the Star – SaLuSa and Higher Self 6 Sept 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

q3tjjqobSaLuSa and Higher Self 6 Sept 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean
Dear ones, we come forth again to speak with your heart. We have noticed that many of you like to escape into movies or tv series. Please consider this: your own life is the best and only movie worth seeing and acting in.
You are your own hero, you are a true creator, you can improve your own life through the beauty of creation and of following your own dreams.
You do not need Hollywood to implant thoughts in your mind, you do not need the cinema to limit your possibilities, you do not need to have your dreams toyed with.
You are the greatest actor that will ever live, you are a light being experiencing matter, and through that you are experiencing attachments, dramas. Continue reading

Short Message from my Higher Self – 22 Aug 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean.

1002079_360192064102787_1189236847_nJust wanted to share a message that i recal as i was waking up this morning, you know those split seconds (if even that long), when you are coming back into you body. I have always found that time in the morning extremely enriching and revealing, and it has never failed to guide me well.
Here it is:
The challenge for humanity now is to survive their technology, and not to distroy themselves with nuclear technology. Fukushima, and every single nuclear facility on the planet has the potential to destroy all life on the planet. It is up to your collective consciousness to remove all that threatens life on Earth for humans, but also for all animal and plant life.
It will take to show a lot of maturity and that you have learnt from past mistakes to pull through the Earth graduation. There lies the real challenge for you, as a civilisation on this phase. Continue reading

Experiencing Multidimensionality channeled through my Higher Self

Hi friends!

I have been trying to upload a nice video on youtube, and perhaps it will be uploaded tomorrow, after some 10 hours of uploading it.. but 1002477_10151602443639023_322271977_nin the meantime, I ran out of patience and I deciced to film and play the recording of my message on youtube for Indy, and post the whole lot on youtube for you guys anyway!!!

She seems to enjoy it, although it did kinf of put her to sleep… but you will see, she wakes up from time to time 🙂

In this video, I am sharing my thoughts along with my Higher Self on Multidimensionality, on Living on Earth, on Glactic and Earth Ascended Beings. Continue reading

Crossing the Dimensional Waters – Message from Higher Self and Multidimensional Ocean– 5 June 2013


Rainbow World2Hi everybody, I just wanted to share with you a short message from my Higher Self, thatI have received during my meditation.

We are all multidimensional beings, crossing the dimensions at will and unknowingly. The higher your vibrations and natural positivity, the higher dimension you are dwelling upon.

Our states fluctuate constantly from one dimension to the other, being in several dimensions at the same time. Very often we live in several dimensions at the same time. However, most of us at the present time are mostly in the vibrations of fear and anxiety, which results in being mostly in the lower 3d vibrations for most of the waking state.

In order to break the cycle of fear and lower density, regular moments of coming back to oneself is needed throughout the day, especially morning and night time. The best time to cross across the magic of dimensions is at sun set and sun dawn, when the Earth’s own transitions and cycles helps us travel through the dimensional veils.

There are many people at the moment feel down in themselves because of not being able to sleep normal hours, others feel that the connection to higher self is too difficult, and others again experience weight issues.

We encourage those who have the above difficulties at the moment to do extra physical exercice, to get plenty of fresh air, and to try to come back to your feet and sensation of your back, at regular intervals throughout the day; perhaps on the hour for one or two minutes. Sit or stand in a safe place, and just experience your feet on Mother Earth, your weight, your breath. Listen to your body guiding you in the places it needs attention, listen to your feelings and emotions, even the one that you have no desire to admit to. Just experience your self be. Let go of negative imagination, let go of the 3D dimension and allow yourself to dip into the higher dimensions.

From this state, you will be able to have a clearer picture of the situation, to let the unspoken messages from your higher self penetrate into your being, and even to merge your mind with your guides and protectors.

We send our wishes of peace and love. Multidimensional Ocean and Higher Self.

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April 15, 2013

saturn_falseLaura: Have we as humans ever lived on Saturn, Jupiter, Io or Europa?

Higher Self: we have yes indeed, not under physical 3d form , mind you. Although the conditions on the gas giants were more “friendly” towards organic life as well. Our favoured home was Saturn for many millennia, it is there that most of our species was born, or rather conceived my dear. The human form was created by our ancestry, who were indigenous to Saturn. Our creators were realizing that there was a good chance of populating solid planets with more dense life forms. Continue reading

The Jedis of the Internet – Multidimensional Ocean – 1st Match 2013

Video used:

I hear more and more about people being targeted online for supporting this point of view over this one. Hardy did someone have the chance to make a comment about the predicament one is into, that a few nasty comments appear, pushing into more attack patterns.
With these constant attacks tactics one is cornered into a defensive position constantly, which is not a nice place to be in.
I also noticed that the younger generation of people, still in university or just beginning active life are carrying over their parents’ generation ideas, or their church’s speeches or what education has drilled into their minds.
We are all in a way victims of passively receiving preconceived ideas. We all carry over other people’s ideas from time to time, without having in fact ever experienced much of what we preach. If this online work has thought me something so far, it is not to be too harsh on people for having a different opinion to mine. Continue reading

Flourish and Spread your Wings by Multidimensional Ocean

270801_4297311478832_332674725_n   Human life is like water: it runs, it is fluid, it is ever changing, it cannot be controlled. In our dimension, we often forget that we need to feed all the parts within us. The mind, the body and the feelings.

Very often we do too much of one think and neglect the others, depending on our life style. We may be an intellectual person, having the head always reading books or articles, and forgetting the world we live in. Forgetting the beings who share our world with us, forgetting to give our body the exercise it needs.

Or we may be working long hours in a repetitive job and forget to also educate our intellect from time to time. Continue reading