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Important Question on Futur Book Writing – MultidiOcean

iStock_000009319083Small-1Hi guys, what has come out of the mystery man story, after having talked things out with a few friends is that I need to put some of my experiences, ideas, memories in writing.
It seems right now that I am going to go with writing a book during the summer. The book would be based on either the story of how i came to Earth or on my life in Atlantis towards the end days.

It will also include some channeled material and teachings, but for the sake of the general public, it will be called a sci-fi book for all intends and purposes. It may not be published under this name, but I will let you know of progress on this.
A few people have asked me to go ahead and write a novel, and some of those folks are in the publishing industry.  Continue reading

While I am on Silent Mode, Mike is on for you!

Hey! thanks for the supportive comments!
Just thought that since I am going to be “on silent” for a while, I may ask you to say a little about yourself. Nothing too personal or revealing please. Perhaps what attracted you to my page, what are your interests, what makes you thick, your vision of the perfect world, your spiritual understanding of the current times.
Here goes for me:
what attracted me to my page: …. you guys!
my interests: spirituality, space, science, poetry, people, horses, cats, writing, sci-fi, making this planet a better place, human beings, myself in terms of discovering who I am, other planets, galactic civilizations to name a few.
what makes me thick: people cooking spicy meals, while keeping windows closed and fan off, when it is bed time, arrogant people, pupils who create chaos, vanity, people who want to be teaching others by imposing their ideas on others, people who like lecturing, selfishness, laziness, exploitation in all its forms, wars, violence, people who are blind to the world and unsensitive (ok.. i guess that covers pretty much the entire 3D specturm.. . Continue reading


May 29, 2013

I wonder how do people manage to reconcile their spiritual work with their everyday life sometimes. It seems a common thing that some of us are rejected by friends or family for our beliefs. I wonder if you guys would care to share if you have a good solution to the marriage between both worlds, or suggestions. Continue reading

What’s Going On?

Quick question: does anybody feel that there is an intensity around. I don’t know about you, but we are having heavy winds here and intense cold. Could be the equinox energies.
Also many people feel something is up in the air, and i can sense fear around. I can sense it in my as well from time to time.
I know a lot of instability is going on in banking, threat of wars, Fukushima, asteroids, Sun winds etc..
Any thoughs anybosy as to what is really going on here? xoxoxo

Question from Laura

487327_10151191730587477_759903001_nDoes anybody else finds herself or himself drawn to pervious lives, and in Atlantis in particular, at the moment? I have been finding myself thinking of people in this life, who I also knew in Atlantis. It is becoming a bit haunting at this stage, extremely intense since last Wed…. am I alone in this? or is it a general thing I wonder?

What does being Here and Now Means for You?

Hi guys, I am wondering what does to be “Here and Now” means to us? In other words what do people understand by
421964_456006717806408_872700780_nliving in the moment? I would like to hear lightworkers opinions as the automatic world I live in mainly is involved in not facing reality, escapisme, doing things fast without experiencing them, not looking inside of oneself, turning a blind eye to difficulites, etc…

How are We Doing Now?

Hi  folks!!

Hope u are all doing fine! I am beginning to recover from 21/12/12 and from the New year!

Back into working normal mode and a huge interest being reborn for baking and cooking!! 🙂
I hope I will feel like doing more spiritual work and writing soon also… so far, I had a need for a clean break and pause with just about every thing 🙂
How are you guys getting on so far?

What Are your Wishes and Dreams for 2013? – Laura

380121_10151147705097477_1546162892_nHappy New Year everybody! On planet Earth and off planet! ♥ I am wondering what are you all guys dreaming of and wishing for 2013? I wish for no more corruption, no more money slavery system, no more false flags, no more Dictatorships of any kind, no more poverty, food and happiness for all genders, equality and peace between genders. No more suffering for children, and all humans and all animals from the seas, oceans and from Earth. I wish 2013 would be the year of implementing changes. 2012 has been difficult for all of us, but now that we have visualized what we desire, I hope we can all manifest joy, freedom and happiness and love on our planet!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Laura – Seen 6 Orange Continuous Lights in the Sky on Christmas at Midnight!

Hi guys, I wonder does anybody know the convention for helicopters flying night time? What color light do they have? My boyfriend called me, just at 00:02 here (GMT time), as we finished our night meditation… We just watched the Abyss one or 2 hours previous to that.
Anyway, there were 6 orange big big constant lights in the sky, passing near enough our home. no noise what so ever.. Continue reading