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Auroradreamflight 17 May 2015

Had an amazing Auroradreamflight night. It was literally full of love and bliss, and while it is too personal to speak directly about it, it was about something that I wish for 15 to pass that had happened. Life suddenly seemed to be a beautiful, fulfilling and empowering experience as it should be.
The power of love, happiness is within us and can be released when the obstacles between twin flames are dissolved. heart emoticon

FAQ for joining the Aurora Dreamflight

cropped-549107_355896694478487_489780586_nHi everybody. I have lost the password for my previous blog Auroradreamflight 2.0, so I carry on in this blog from now on with Aurora Updates.

I am regularly asked how to join the dreamflights, so here goes:

Once you have made contact with them officially, it is like signing up for it. so the ship or crew will meet up with you in agreement in 5d. so we don’t really know about it. they are 5 d so, it means no time or space limit. however, it is best to follow the procedure the 1st time you go onboard: Here is the link where the initial procedure is explained.. Continue reading

Message from Aurora for the Dreamflight Crew – 21st March 2015

Dear family from the stars and friends. We would like to welcome you back onboard our starship for another night of adventures on board.
This trip will be focused around nagivation of Aurora, we will explain about her propulsion systems, her interdimensional shifting, the physics behind her functionings, her personality and her story. Continue reading

Auroradream flght for 14- 15 March by Multidimensional Ocean

Auroradream flght for 14- 15 March by Multidimensional Ocean
Hi guys, tonight’s Auroradream flight will be dedicated to healing. Healing ourselves, our loved ones, and the planet. Try sending out the wish for that journey during the flight before going to bed and during meditation to the Aurora and her crew.
5th dimensional beings and spaceships are not limited by time and space the wat our linear minds work here on Earth. Everything for them is just one thought away, quite literally.
This process can be extended to healing, even for humans, when we are in our 5th dimensional bodies and form. We are all after all multidimensional beings and souls. Continue reading

Journey into the Gate – Aurora Dreamflight for 27 – 29th June 2014

cropped-549107_355896694478487_489780586_nWelcome once again into the dreamflight program. We are glad to welcome you onboard the Aurora once again for the summer months. Our crew is in great need for a rest and they are so looking forward to meeting you again, to explore the Earth with you, to visit other regions of space with you, to take you home for a short trip, or just to swim into the Earth oceans with you and with the wild life of your beautiful planet.
This weekend we have decided to do a time travel exercise, and to take through different gates that link your dimension through other dimensions. Continue reading

Some clarification on the Aurora dream flights

cropped-549107_355896694478487_489780586_nThese would not feel like ordinary dreams, because they are not ordinary dreams. They would have for me a distinct feeling that goes deeper within, they would feel more connected to your inner being, inner life and they do not affect the same part of the brain as dreams. So it should be easy enough to recognize
The other thing that I wanted to discuss is that everybody is welcome in taking part, but make sure that you ask only God level of consciousness being to contact you for safety reasons please. Continue reading

SaLuSa on Aurora Dreamflight and Equinox Energies – 21 June 2014

2014-03-28-1287Dear ones, we come again on mass celebrating your Solar Equinox on your planet. This is the reason why we are showing our ships in the night sky to you more and more often. We like to think that we are welcome by most of you, and that seeing our ships in your skies, peacefully, would encourage people to project positive energy towards us, your star brothers and sister.
This time of joy around the Equinox is most welcome in most cultures, and planets as a time of culmination and outburst of joy. We feel like being part of the joy upon your planet at this time, with you, and hope to give you hope and encouragement.
We would also like to signal that the Aurora star ship is most happy to return for the summer months over the Northern Hemisphere. Continue reading

Note on Auroradreamflight by Laura

Enders-Game-2013-HD-Movie-WallpaperHave a great Auroradreamflight everybody! It looks like some of us might have had some training near Venus! guys! please… try to be quite.. we don’t really need the attention of the Earth media.. lol.. oh wait.. perhaps we do! 
Did you guys read about the huge explosion on Venus .. humm… i guess we have to train somewhere.. right? lol (Check out the DailyGalaxy for more details: Continue reading

Auroradreamflight 20 – 23 Feb. 201


Aurora1Aurora : we would like to welcome you back onboard for a couple of nights starting from Thursday 20th Feb. to Sunday 23d February nights. We have been in orbit in fact in orbit for a few days already, and many of you have made contact with us last weekend and during the week.

In fact there is a picture of us that Laura took on her flight home last Saturday, and she will post if again for you to see. Her return flight will take place night time, so she will not be able to take pictures of us this time, but we will be very near again, of course.

We asked Laura to take that picture of us, and she heard us, we even directed her camera towards space, and she listened and heard us guide her where to find us, and we decloaked for you to see us all.

When we are in orbit, we are always cloaked, in fact any UFO rarely decloaks when near Earth. We know that many of you ask what are we doing in your skies all the time, and why are there so many UFOs decloaking. Continue reading

Environment Surveys Missions with SaLuSa and the Hy-Brasil Crew

Aurora dreamflights 2.0

Hy-BrasilHi guys just seen 2 ships tonight ! one from SaLuSa tonight and one from a Hy-Brasil ship!
SaLuSa’s ship is the usual personal scout ship he uses when he roams in our athmosphere! And he just looves our clouds! he loves flying through them !! It is one of his favorite things about our planet: clouds !
Anyway, both SaLuSa and the Hy-Brasil wanted to remind us of the dreamflights for tonight and the weekend, when all are welcome onboard Aurora if you wish to visit in dreamflight!
SaLuSa said he would be with us on Aurora for the weekend, and that he would also take part of the mission visiting our joint operation with Hy-Brasil crew.

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Earth Day and Sirius Movie by Multidimensional Ocean | Aurora dreamflights 2.0


Very Poor

Hi everybody!

Today is Mother Gaia’s anniversary and it also conincides with the release of Sirius, Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Movie. Here is the link (thanks to Waldemir) for the watching the movie :!/deployment_code=86242579mlbyjd

I hope the movie is a success and that people will awaken to the reality of the fact that we are not alone, no matter what main stream media and our governments tell us about ETs. I think it is clear that more and more peopole now know that our governments cannot be trusted because they are sold out to corporation: body, mind and soul.

So, back to celebrating Gaia. I had an interesting conversation on Auroradreamflight2.0 blog, as a result of my coming closer to the Hy-Brasil beings. Here is the post:

Check out the comments section under that post, as it so resonates with me and I feel deeply all the things commentors (and web friends) have pointed out there!

Among other things, it stroke me how close the beings from Hy-Brasil were to the amazon tribes, how their society is structured in a similar manner. How close to our planet they are, how much love, respect for her they have, just like the Indian tribes do. They live in harmony with our planet, they know she is a living, breathing and scentient being, she loves us and protects us and provides for all the species she supports.

I am convinced that all the tar on streets and roads on large areas are numbing her, and preventing her from breathing normally. I am convinced that she feels all our pains, our sufferings, and regrets the deaths she is witnessing on her surface.

I believe she is feeding through us, from our vibrations, the higher the quality, the better it is for everybody.

We spend our days rushing around, stressing about minor things, we forget that Mother Gaia supports us, and that she needs our love to grow and to receive the messages from the Sun.

Ancient Egyptians had regular meetings to celebrate the spirit of our planet and of our Sun. They performed rituals and dances in their honour, they dedicated their lives to making their existence a celebration of spirit and preparing for their death, which was nothing other than a moving on to the next plane of evolution and a return home.

Ancient tribes venerate Gaia by remaining pure at heart, and by allowing our planet to breath, while other tribes believed that their prayers helped the Sun rise everyday. Many of these cultures while seeming simplistic or primitive, were nothing of the kind and are still not.  They feel and understand what our western civilisation has long lost touch with: the spirit spark of life and of creation.

Just to be clear: the advancement of a society is not measured by the amount of nuclear ammunition it has, nor by its drones or heartless military operations. It is not measured by its lack of consciousness and morals. It is not measured by the amount of gold that it possesses, by the way it controls it citizens, by the way it deprives people from their basic rights. Please understand that this are not the signs of an advanced civilisation.

Search your heart for memories of being part of an ancient culture, ask yourself what does it mean to help Mother Earth, how can we all join our efforts together and truly become one with her and with each other.

Here is the link to Avatar, perhaps it would refresh our memory:

I was surprised to see how much the people from Hy-Brasil are similar to the beings described in Avatar. They have not lost their connection to our planet, they live from the heart, as do many beings from Africa, and all the tribes around the world.

I will be doing an Earth meditation today at 2pm GMT time (London Time), please feel free joining me in connecting together and with Mother Earth

Much love, Happy Gaia Day, Laura

Earth Day and Sirius Movie by Multidimensional Ocean | Aurora dreamflights 2.0.