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Baltic Sea Anomaly Inspired Story – 12 June 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

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From Laura: hi everybody, I love the Baltic Sea Anomaly, and I have decided to write a short sci-fi story about what could possibly have happened and what it was. This is a purely fictive story, I have no claim of knowing what the object is. I have only used the Anomaly to inspire me for this story… I hope you enjoy my story !


The Xockon re-entered the orbit of the planet Maaryha, an ocean planet in the circular galaxy XO75B. The musical ship was guided by the vibrations of Maaryha into the deep blue waters of her oceans. The rhythm of the waves, the noises that the ship were producing when undulating the water around them, guided the sensors of the Xockon towards the centre of city of Deyava.

As the Xockon embraced the surface of the water, the shield dropped automatically, as the water is the natural element of the Xockon. The texture of the small ship changed, and was beginning to allow for the water molecules to slowly penetrate its hull and become one with it. This molecular metamorphosis was a very vulnerable moment for the ship and its small crew of 2.

Nadina and Hulkaar were the navigators of the Xockon and were already preparing to reintegrate their original form and to change their molecular make up to match the peaceful vibrations of Deyava. Deyava was both their home city and they were preparing in their mind the explanation for the planned attack on the main centre of the planet called Kabunaba, a city mid-way into the heart of the planet, a city twice the size of Deyava.

The attack would be a disaster, as they have not been at war for generations and the planet’s shielding was failing partially over parts of the city. The intel they manage to gather thanks to the technology on board was going to give their planet a huge tactical advantage when the Emporium’s troops would try to invade the main city and the Government Palace.

Suddenly, the Xockon was hit by an enormous shock, damaging the propulsion system, and the life support system on-board. The Emporium must have been able to detect them somehow. There was another 7 minutes for the Xockon to reintegrate its natural life form fully, so they were still visible and vulnerable for 7 minutes to their enemies.

Nadina decided to begin transmitting to Deyava the coordinates of the main attack points over Kabunabu, the main city. Hulkaar began inputting the attack frequencies of the Emporium’s classical weapons. He entered one by one all the data. The Xockon began shooting back of its own initiative, and reversing the reintegration procedure to retake material form and lead the attackers away from Deyava. After 4 painful minutes of taking fire from the Emporium’s circular ship, the Xockon had also lost the navigation panel control modules. The deck was not stabile in the re-materialisation, as it had received several hits, but now the shields seemed to cover the area of the missing roof on the bridge.

There was no other choice than travel back into the past, as navigation control was now almost totally gone. Nadina entered the coordinates she had memorised for her pilot training graduation of a planet in the Milky Way galaxy, a planet called Gaia. Within a few seconds, the Xockon created an inner wormhole and rematerialized outside the planet Gaia, above its Arctic pole.

The planet was going through its Ice Age, there was not a living fish in the immediate area to guide and call the Xockon with its vibrations. They had no other choice than being pulled towards the planet by gravity, in a slow decaying orbit. Unfortunately the Emporium’s circular guard ship had managed to trace them back into the Milky Way galaxy. As soon as they made it through time space coordinates, the Emporium’s ship cloaked.

As soon as the Emporium realized that there was no danger for them, they de cloaked, and began shooting more towards the Xockon. The blasts opened holes through the hull of the Xockon. Hulkaar realized rapidly that they both had to abandon ship, as the circuits began dematerialising and burning up. Fire was beginning to spread through the ship, he told Nadina of his plan just with one look of immense sadness. Nadina wanted to retrieve the information data that was stuck in the dematerializing panels of the bridge. She asked him to go now to his escape pod, and that she would follow as soon as the data crystal would be allowed out of the bridge control panel at the next shifting of frequency.

Hulkaar knew that there was no time for arguments, and obeyed her orders. He ran to his escape pod, which was right of the bridge. He waited for one cycle for the pod to materialize fully into the material dimension, and sat in. He then began a dematerialisation cycle, which imparted to him that the Xockon was approaching water; he looked through his monitors, to see only a world of thick deep ice all around him.

There began to be a huge noise, as the Xockon was trying to remain together and not to break apart just yet. Hulkaar was not worried about the ship, for as long as he would be in water, his consciousness would remain intact, and they could come back for him at a later stage. He was beginning to feel the cold of the planet through the air tapping against the Xockon’s disintegrating skin. The ship was covered in flames at the back of it. He pulled on the eject button, and flew high into the planet’s atmosphere. Now he was able to see the damage the ship had taken, all the back and top of the ship was covered in flames, burning the skin of the ship.

He could see that the ship was morphine again its molecules from skin into a more solid and stronger material in order to resist the flames. He was aware that the more solid matter, the harder the ship would hit the ice, if the shield was not in place.

Nadina had still not ejected, and he began to become worried about her. What was she doing, the silly girl! What was she trying to salvage and he thought that he would definitively report her risk taking as unwise. Finally, he could hear the huge impact of the ship against the ice, the flames at the impact point burnt quickly through the thick layer of ice. For a moment, he thought that the Xockon would remain stuck half way between ice and water, and that he could go down look for Nadina if the enemy was not coming back for another attack.

Just as he pushed his controls to landing mode, the Emporium’s circular ship de cloaked and began firing again on the Xockon, who finally manage to make contact with Gaia’s water molecules and began connecting with the world. Just as the Xockon started to begin the dematerialization process and the joining with the water molecules of Gaia, the ice gave in under it, and another huge and piercing noise cracked the ice. The Xockon was going down, and Nadina was still on-board. Hulkaar guessed that she must have been injured or dead at this point, as all connection with the Xockon went blank on his screen. He decided to cloak, and to try to hitch a ride on the Emporium’s ship, as there were no reasons for the Emporium to stay there, as they could no longer track the Xockon either.

Just as he approached the circular Emporium circular ship, he discovered that its molecular state was also unstable, and that therefore it could not sustain a trip back through the space time worm whole. They were all trapped on this icy world. He had to act quickly, and to remove all trace of their presence from the Emporium’s space ship. He decided that destroying it was the best course of action. He de-cloaked in front of the pilot, and shot through the weaker part of the hull, which made it sink towards the ice of the planet at a rapid pace.

The circular ship hit the ice at maximum speed, at an angle, while Hulkaar was still shooting at it without a single break. He dangerously approached the ship, and his own ship was also shot down. As the huge circular ship slowing down, melting its way through the ice, he managed to make a huge whole on the top side of the ship, so that the ship would sink into the ice, and ultimately through the water, which meant that it would not be recovered by the Emporium’s troops.

Hulkaar’s ship also went down under the ice, a little away from the other 2 ships. It was clear to him from his navigation tools that the Emporium’s ship was still chasing the Xockon even in its fall into the ice and water, trying to gain speed on the Xockon underneath the water. He died staring at his navigation indicators looking at his enemies taking down with them all its secrets and their stolen plans, as they came to hit the bottom of the sea and came to a full stop on his underwater radar.

As the Emporium’s circular ship finally found its resting place at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, 2 of its cyborg crew survived it all. They hurried into the materialization chamber and entered their own planet’s coordinates. There was enough energy to bind the stream together and generate a wormhole field without any problem inside the circular ship. The 2 beings reported of these actions to their superiors and never set foot on planet Gaia again after that day.


Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title,  is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included:   and


Baltic Sea UFO fiction story part 2 by MultidiOcean – 22 March 2014

Laura: hi guys, you remember the first part of this story? If you don’t here is the link to it:

Hope you will enjoy the 2d part too ! J


Nadina fell into a deep coma as she hit her head during the crash. A pile of rubble fell on top of her, which caused her to lose consciousness. Nothing could have prevented this outcome.

As she slept into a deep coma, her thoughts were for her husband. He was on their home planet working in an isolated outpost on his own, in the middle of cold, water and ice.

She visited him a few weeks before she left on this secret mission and he looked so happy to spend two weeks with her.

She met him when she was a flight instructor, and he was a new arrival at flight school. She laughed at his silly name, the first time she heard her new student’s name: Usamar. She found him to be as dark inside as the colour of his eyes. He never smiled or got humour as a new arrival. If she asked him a question, he would just stare at her for some time, with no facial expression what so ever. It was as if he had gone through a deep pain in his life, and could not let go of it. She also wondered if he was day dreaming and why was he so hesitant before speaking to her. She thought that this was not a sign of a good pilot to have a slow response time.

When she spoke to him, he would always staring at her, without any expression in his eyes and face. No matter what she ever said to him, he would never laugh or smile or be light hearted. His expression was mostly grave or judged inappropriate by her. Sometimes she could see him being sarcastic and mocking some of his fellow pilots, with the most hardened of the tranees.

It took her several months before she realized that he spoke a different language from hers with those hardened trainee pilots, and she felt left out for some reason. With them he was able to laugh and smile on rare occasions, and this made her feel reassured about him.

About 5 weeks into his training, they met by accident in the street. She was tired and nervous about a mission she was going on with the new trainees on a new planet just a reconnaissance mission in the field for a few days. That days in the street, he walked straight up to her, and announced that he was sorry but he would not make it with the rest of the trainees on the field test flight for the training, because of family matters. For the first time he smiled at her and looked into her eyes, for the first time he looked human to her. She tried to ask about his family, but his facial expression reverted into the usual hurt expression and reflected some kind of pain. He smiled at her again, and resumed his distant allure, then he stopped listening to her and walked away from her.

When she and the others had returned from flight, she found out that he joined another squadron during their absence to continue with the training, which she was really happy about.

He joined extra flight time in her team on her return and his flying skills improved dramatically. She noticed that he no longer was afraid of looking into her eyes and to smile at her. Every time she addressed him, he would still make a pause and stare at her before answering and this she could not explain. His glance was always harder than any of the other trainees, until she started smiling at him, and he would allow himself to smile back at her now.

It was only about another month later that she realized that he came from Maramar, an isolated vast ocean where the water was darker, colder, deeper, but also one of the only few remaining war zones on the planet. In actual fact, her own governors had many interests in Maramar and there were rumours that her governors were behind the territory conflict in the area. Maramar was a war zone, full of deadly radiation areas, due to mass destruction weapons leakage, parts of it were nothing more than a waste land these days, when this part of her planet used to have the purest and most beautiful oceans and fish that were in existence in the universe.

She only heard rumours about that land, but met anybody from there. Part of her could now see that there was an immense barrier of prejudice and fear concerning her and Maramar’s customs. The men in that part of the world were said to be brutal, violent, and have a deep hatred of women. Women were said to be nothing other than prisoners at best, when they were not precious merchandise, that Maramar’s men would sell or trade against more powerful weapons. Maramar was made up of several independent democracies, and she asked him one day where from Maramar was he. When she asked him that, again there was a pause, a period of confusion and darkness in his glance, the usual lack of emotion and expression arose, then he seemed embarrassed to say that he was from Pakishutamar. The radiation area that her governors were bombarding with ferocious weapons for almost ten years now. This was the now deserted area that was transformed into a desert of radioactive waste water.

It was only a few days after that that she understood the reason of his constant hesitations before replying to her: he could not understand her language and he needed time to process the words and the context.

Of course none of this would usually have allowed him to be one of the planet’s imperial fighters, but his top scores meant that he was almost a national hero in terms of speed, intelligence, reflexes and flight reflex responses. His selection had been highly unconventional, but his results and tests allowed him to possibly one day outrank her.

Selection day came, and the trainees had to decide on their future path, in accordance to their superiors evaluation. He and his flight trainees had to decide on their future and make a choice regarding their squadrons. Her superior spoke to him that evening he had to announce his first choice. She was at the back of the office pretending filing paper work and chat to her colleague. In truth she was feeling shy at the thought of facing him and his family. She did not want to be the one deciding of his life path and career, so she left her superior have the talk with him that night, while she almost hid from him and his family.

She was supposed to be there and listen to his choice and allow it or turn him down, but she just did not have the heart to see him that night. She reminded in her office till the conversation was over, and the choices were made. Her superior had accepted him remaining in her own squadron, his first choice. This knowing made her feel safe and happy for reasons that were beginning to be clear to her now.

In fact, he was going to be her co-flight pilot 5 hours per week, as his training score was off the scale, only to equal her own scores and even beat her own records for some of the tests

Once the decisions were made, she had to pretend to go out of her office to signal him that she was there. As he was filling out papers and was supposed to listen to both their superiors, he finally saw her. He had been wondering where she was for the past half hour, and again he could not focus on anybody other than her. The way she moved had become an obsession for him. He wondered how much of his feelings she could sense by now. His reaction to her entering the room made him too aware of his own feelings for the first time. He had thought that this was not more than a little crush for somebody that he admired and thought of highly. Which he always felt was a natural response, given his interests in life.

But now that he had found himself looking the room for her for so long, his feelings became much too clear suddenly. Of course he knew that relationships were not permitted in the flight squadrons of defence, and accepting this new role, meant that he could only dream of her for a long time. Not accepting this post, would mean perhaps never seeing her again.

He loved the way she smiled to him that night when she caught him stare at her again that night in the office. The past week, he could not take his eyes of her in flight classes, and she surprised him observe her several times. She tried to hide her surprise or embarrassment in front of the rest of the trainees, but once she could not help shouting his name during one of the flight simulations, which surprised the rest of the trainees. When he got all the enemy ships, she screamed : ”Yes !! Somebody is following my advice here !” Then realized that was not received very well by the others.

As she could feel his glance almost burn her body with passion, she smiled and spoke to someone else, leaving the room pretending to be busy.

When he left the room, she discussed his choice with her superior and they were both glad to have him in their team from then on. He had come a very long way in a short space of time, and she was not going to stand in his way.

His scores were not the only thing that had become impressive. His language skills improved, he made new good friends, he was smiling to them, joking and even laughing in the past few months, he enforced her policies and procedures for the others, when some of the younger trainees did not wish to follow the rules.

He continued with the extra flights in her company, and was now behaving like a normal person at last. No more darkness in his glance and face, no more hatred to be seen, his face had opened up to her, as well as his heart, which was there for her taking. He could no longer take his eyes of her when she was speaking. He was now following her dematerialization experiment’s classes.

One day was so warm that she had to remove the top of her uniform, and since that day his smile never disappeared from his face in her presence. In fact he could no longer stop glancing at her at every opportunity he had. Her heart in turn softened up as she could see how a beautiful being his truly was and although he went through a great ordeal, he never complained about any of the horrors he had witnessed in his life, nor could he speak of it to her. She enjoyed watching him interact with his new friends, he had become like a kid, innocent, light hearted, chatty and carefree. She loved so much seeing him act normal, after all the hardship he went through.

From her planet, he must have known she was in deep trouble and he was helping her stay alive by giving her a good reason to live. She regained consciousness in the middle of a fire around her, and chose to follow his courage and will to survive.


Chapter 3:

The Xockon managed to grow an air bubble around her body and to materialize the medical hologram Galu in order to assist her. Nadina asked Galu to materialize an oxygene tank and a wet suit for her. Galu did this after attending to her injuries, but was at loss concerning what had happened to the ship.

Galu: “I am not finding any markings of this planet and solar system, accessing ship’s data. Oh.. I see… I see.. I see.. so you need to get out of here Nadina. Let me get you what you need to access the surface. No! better than that! I can materialize you on the planet’s surface from here. Don’t move! I will be here should you need me again. Best of luck! “

Nadina protested, but Galu had no time to hear her out, as the water was breaching the Xockon’s systems. He just had enough time to transfer his program onto her space suit and to materialize food supplies along with shelter and independent power supply on the planet’s surface. He also managed to lock down the ship’s engine’s room so that the water would not do any further damage there. He would be able to return to the ship and provide more 5D printing and beam it to the surface if needed. The Xockon’s lock doors were very robust and designed to easily handle such pressures from their home world.

Nadina was now standing on the planet’s surface, as Galu had the good sense of materializing them on stable elevated ground. She recalled Galu to assist her sending a distress beacon to Deyava’s head-quarters. It was a one way signal, and they would not be able to know if the signal was even received, but it was a chance that she had to take.

Galu: “See! You need me in those types of situations! Bad idea to remove holograms from patrol ships. We will be spotted in no time for sure! The beacon will reach Deyava in a few minutes and they will dispatch a patrol ship to retrieve us in no time. I have also managed to pull out a map of the area from the Xockon’s brief glimpses at the surrounding upon entering the planet.”

Nadina: – you have earned your share of electrical power for the day Galu! No doubt about that! And if you can get that beacon to Deyava, I will personally program you an attractive female hologram for you on our next ship! I promise!

Galu: – now, now, now! Are you implying that I would be unable to attract the appropriate hologram mate to join us on missions?!! Because if you are! I have to remind you that I can change my physical appearance at will, and unlike your organic bodies, we holograms do not need to diet and exercise in order to look attractive to our companions!

Nadina: – Correction! I need to provide you with a common sense program and a silent mode option! We’re done here!

She pressed a button, and Galu’s hologram disappears.

Nadina suddenly felt the wind and cold cut through her space suit and adapts the suit’s temperature to a more comfortable temperature. She puts on her space helmet and starts setting up camp for the night.

As soon as the beacon reached Devaya, they sent a patrol ship to get commander Usamar to rescue his wife. Usamar and his friends are now on route to the beacon’s coordinates. The small solarfly class ship has a crew of 5 men, 3 women and a space cat! The Serenamar is an independent biological space ship, with a few hologram’s of its own. The ships had its own hologram named Ciderallia. She made the crew more comfortable with the idea of having a self aware intelligent ship. Ciderallia made it possible for the crew to interact directly with the spaceship in a way that was easy and made the crew comfortable.

Cloé was the ship’s captain and was Nadina’s best friend. They fought together in the Coalition defending a neighbouring planet from the Emporium. Onboard there was also Nadina’s husband from a past life. Riko was the onboard medical officer, when he heard that Nadina was possibly injured and in danger, he volunteered to rescue her. His feelings for her are not a secret to anybody, except to Nadina. The past 15 years have been a roller-coaster for him and his wife. Finally 5 years ago Nadina got married too, and his hopes of continuing his past life marriage with her sank at the bottom of his heart when that happened. He preferred to keep his feelings for her in check, as he has always seen Usamar and Nadina as a well suited couple. However another side of him kept interfering in Nadina’s love affairs and she ended more than once romantic liaison because of Riko. Malcolm was the second officer. He was also a carrier soldier with very little morals in appearance. This mission was just a waste of time as far as he was concerned. If an officer was stupid and dumb enough to get herself and her shipmate in a desperate situation, then too bad for them! She obviously made the wrong call. This was just a waste of time for him as no Emporium’s cybermen were supposed to die on this mission. The rest of the crew were however happy to mount a rescue operation mission to much of his dismay.

As soon as Nadina’s camp was spotted from orbit, she was beamed up onboard the solarfly space ship. As her life signs were weak, she was beamed directly to sick-bay. She was unconscious again, almost frozen. She was left in regenerative fluid to recover while a new set of coordinates were being entered by Malcolm in the Serenemar. Destination: the war zone around the Emporium planet in order to get some of those cybermen killed to end the day on a positive note for him too. Nobody knew that this was not supposed to be the target destination, not even Ciderallia, as all were around Nadina fluid tower base to monitor her life signs. Usamar was patiently waiting for her to open her eyes, but he had no idea how serious her condition was. In short: she was in deep unconsciousness land, with no immediate hope of coming back. Cloé was monitoring her progress in the fluid tower, or rather the lack of it and knew that there was no hope of getting her back in the next crucial few minutes. On the other hand, the longer she was out of it, the less diminished her chance of survival.

Ciderallia: – Riko, she is not responding to any of the treatments that we have tried so far.

I am accessing Galu’s data base. She was out in the cold for almost two days. Severe head injury caused her to bleed internally. You must go in at once to bring her back!

Riko: – Ok! Gimme 5 minutes here!

Ciderallia: – we don’t have 5 minutes! Get your sensor suit on and get in the submersion tank NOW! She has the same brain wave pattern as you, and there is an existing bridge between you already for some reason. I never knew that! I would ask the husband to go in, but it would take too long to explain to him! It looks like you two are 100 % compatible already! Holly Molly! What is this about?  Go now!

Usamar: – what is this about? Wo wo wo! I don’t know what is going on, but he is not going near my wife! You hear me Riko!? No way! I don’t care if you have to…

Cloé injected him with a sedative so that Riko could act quickly without any interference.

Riko connected the electodes onto his suit and to his head. Put on a breathing device over his mouth and prepared mentally to reconnect with Nadina on a direct energetic- spirit and intellectual level for the first time in over 12,000 years! He was afraid of what he would find deep down in her subconscious mind. He knew that he would have to go through Nadina’s memories of their past life. This was the 100 % compatibility bridge between their minds and energetic frequencies that Ciderallia was speaking of. He would have to make a similar journey into his own memories and somehow make them connect with Nadina’s ones in order to show her a way out of deep coma. He would literally have to go through her memories of them from a past life on Gaia, he would have to relieve through all their life together with her, so that he would be able to gain her trust again, and show her a way out of coma. Once the link with her past life was established and trust was regained on both sides, he would have to explain to her what condition she was in and how to make her come back. He knew that this would stir a lot of emotions on both sides, and what is more, everybody in the spaceship would be able to see and follow their work together. Luckily Usamar was sedated; otherwise there was no chance of doing this. Usamar would rather have her dead than going through what he would perceive as a breach of trust and abuse. But the truth was that Nadina was too precious for him to even consider losing her now. The army would never agree to letting her die without any attempt to bringing her back.

Remember yourself – Multidimensional Ocean 12 May 2013

285544_252093901485524_7335077_nThere is no fear deep within,

There is neither anger, nor anxiety

There is no violence,

When you can remain anchored to the light within.


There is no hate, there is no lust,

There is no pride, there is no jealousy,

There is no hurry, there is no disaster,

When you can remember to come back to the light inside.


There is no panic, no stress, no hate,

No racing mind, no illusion, no agony,

There is no tiredness, no desire, no envy,

When you knows yourself and even who you are.


Multidimensional Ocean


Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title,  is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included:   and

The Ascension Road by Multidimensional Ocean

the dove ascendingCry not if this is the end of one road.
Don’t feel sad if the goals you have set for yourself are not reached
Forever know that your path has been planed and guided from above
The journey is long and difficult, you have designed it for yourself

If one door closes, another will open for you.
We knew 2012 would bring changes
now 2013 is manifesting them
Even if in different ways from what we have imagined.

Moving away from habits and comfort is part of the journey
Moving towards the unknown is making us grow
The wind will carry us where we need to be
Listen to the leaves move with the rythm of your heart

Listen to your doubts, hurts and fears
Listen to the artificial world around you
Find what is real and has substance
Follow nobody’s tracks, make your own footsteps

The road ahead is still long, the climb still remains
Companions can lighten up any burden, real or imaginary
Joy and understanding will help you.
and forget not that you are ascending 🙂

Dragon/ Human: The Holy Alliance – A Story by Laura

Laura: I have decided to allow my imagination its own voice more and more and do some typing based on a theme. Usually I am getting images and insights on a particular theme for weeks or months. Yet it is not a channeled message, and it is not a sci-fi. What it is, is up to you to decide. Perhaps it is a way I have to let my mind unwind and express itself freely, without any restraints. Perhaps it is a download from the Akashic Records, perhaps it is a form of telepathic message. I don’t know… I just you enjoy the readings, which I will classify as stories, poems or creative impulse. Feel free to give me feedback on how this sits with you guys please! 🙂


We dragons are a strong and proud species. We descend on planet Earth from what you call dinosaurs. Only… we are not dinosaurs at all in fact. The similarity between dinosaurs and us is comparable to that of the chimpanzee and humans. We are merely distant cousins of your dinosaurs. In fact we do not even originate from your planet.

We have come into being from the higher realms of existence. We used to appear and disappear at will between time and dimensions. We have telepathic abilities. Our purpose has always been in ancient times to serve man kind and protect it from any predators. Our telepathic and empathic link with our human rider allows us to know instantly to what needs to be done to help our rider. Continue reading

Creative Impulse – Across the Stars (1) – Laura

Laura: Hi guys, as you all know I am not channelling for a while, until my exams madness is over. However it seems some creative impulse remains in me at this time. These may take various forms: short stories, episodes, poems, story telling etc ….

Please look at these sci-fi, and perhaps a hint of truth may come through in these. My higher Self may kick in from time to time when I look for inspiration…Image


Across the stars – Laura


Light and ore in search for,

All came to Earth together and for ever more.

Alone in the cold space,

Thousands of light years behind.

. Continue reading