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Dragon/ Human: The Holy Alliance – A Story by Laura

Laura: I have decided to allow my imagination its own voice more and more and do some typing based on a theme. Usually I am getting images and insights on a particular theme for weeks or months. Yet it is not a channeled message, and it is not a sci-fi. What it is, is up to you to decide. Perhaps it is a way I have to let my mind unwind and express itself freely, without any restraints. Perhaps it is a download from the Akashic Records, perhaps it is a form of telepathic message. I don’t know… I just you enjoy the readings, which I will classify as stories, poems or creative impulse. Feel free to give me feedback on how this sits with you guys please! 🙂


We dragons are a strong and proud species. We descend on planet Earth from what you call dinosaurs. Only… we are not dinosaurs at all in fact. The similarity between dinosaurs and us is comparable to that of the chimpanzee and humans. We are merely distant cousins of your dinosaurs. In fact we do not even originate from your planet.

We have come into being from the higher realms of existence. We used to appear and disappear at will between time and dimensions. We have telepathic abilities. Our purpose has always been in ancient times to serve man kind and protect it from any predators. Our telepathic and empathic link with our human rider allows us to know instantly to what needs to be done to help our rider. Continue reading