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Back to Voluntary Work for a while etc..

Hi guys! I will be back to doing voluntary work from Tomorrow on and living abroad for a few days, After that it will be attending a couple of spiritual group weekend and week. Then we will be relocating to a new country, in a place that I have not found yet… So exciting time. I won’t be so much available for chats and email for a while again. Blessings and love. 

Personal Message from Laura Multidimensional Ocean – 19 Feb. 2014

Personal Message from Laura Multidimensional Ocean – 19 Feb. 2014
Just a quick remark about the current energies. It is all up in the air, all out and about. We are battered by wind, storms, floods, cold, long nights, long working hours, perhaps long commutes, stress, family, children, elderly family, or ill family needing help also from us.
It seems to me that many around me, including me, are pushed in all directions, and pressurized by external circumstances and demands.
How difficult to make room for our own human basic needs for balance, love, happiness, for our interests, to relax and to be in the company of loved ones.  Continue reading

Message from Laura’s Guides – 3 Jan. 2013

telepathic-peopleHi guys!
I usually receive daily updates during my day, either during meditation, or just while I do house jobs, or walk, or sometimes out of the blue in any situation.
The updates are usually about a deeper question that I have wondered about, or asked my Higher Self, or my guides.
Today’s message was about reality and the subconscious of humans.
The message said that whatever we wish to communicate to others, no matter the distance, we can visualize or tell them through telepathy. Continue reading

Tsunami Dream – 29 Nov. 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi everybody

I wanted to share with you a deep dream experience that I had during the morning of the 29th Nov. at 5:30 am, as the dream woke me up with a sense of uneasiness, so I had to wake up.

The dream was as follow: I was in the building where I have spent some time as a child, totally inland, my grandmother was next door, and I could hear her snore. I look outside the kitchen’s window and see this huge cool green wave come furiously towards the city centre where we live. The wave crashes a little before hitting my building, where we live on the 7th floor, but the buildings and everything else is still surrounded by green water. The water level rises higher and higher to the point of covering the entire window, and i worry that i will no longer have oxygen or a way out of the 10 story building.  Continue reading

No Channels Advised for Now – Laura

Hi guys! still home, and you are probably wondering why is Laura not channeling at all…. well.. in fact.. i have been having plenty of contact for the past month… mostly telepathy, but also direct physical contact with the ships and the people inside.. the connection is really super strong, and many if not all of my questions are being answered at the moment .. a lot is unfolding for me on a personal level, but also on a planetry level… Continue reading

News from Laura’ life

Hi hope everybody is doing ok? I am so sorry I am not online more.. I have been in this new country for one month tomorrow, and I went home to see my loving family and cat twice so far. Everytime i went there were major delays due to fog, involving a total of 10 hours delay and travelling to other airports… next time i will go home for a little longer and i hope that there will be no further delays. Continue reading

Thank u everybody for the kind blessings and love ❤

Made it safe to the uni, fight was 2 hours delayed because of fog, but all good ! Thank you so much ladies and gents for your love and kindness !! Up since 5am, will head of to bed soon! At my friends home and all went super exept for the flight delay xoxox

Next Stage in my Life Begins – Personal Update and New Direction for online Work – Laura 10 Sept 2013

Well.. will be moving abroad tomorrow night.. taking a plane.. gosh! it is such a small plane.. ah well.. i am sure it will all be fine.. will come back home once or twice per month to see my partner, friends and my lovely cat Indy .
Will stay at friends for a few nights, then move into my student accomodation. Won’t have time for much email, chats, or posts, as the training includes intensive uni classes, a masters and 24 weeks of work placement and prepartion of the work every night, and some 3 hours transport for those 24 weeks I think.
I may be off line for a few days once I move into my new accomodation, as the internet may not work straight away, I have some trouble with the company doing that for me.. but I hope it will be sorted out somehow. Continue reading


imagesWe went to see Elysium tonight with Matt Damon.. was kind of interesting.. reveals the cabal’s aspects pretty good: inhumanity, no value for human life or all life for that matter, using robots as police, using soldiers half man- half robot, soldiers going out of control and with serious psychological illnesses, cruelty, violence, hi tech being good or bad depending on who controls it, the gap between the rich and the poor, we always hear that the most rich people of the planet are building their space planes.. hum.. this makes more sense now … and also explains why the cabal no longer care about our lovely planet.

Donations Needed for September for the Website

Hi dear friends!
Once again I am asking you to support the website and my work if you can please.
I hope you can appreciate my work enough and support me to continue to keep the website running.
Looking for information, channeled messages and channeling is very much a time and energy consuming activity, and we all need to live and to pay our bills.
I am also relocating to a new country next week, in order to start a post-graduate course. I have no income what so ever apart from your donations at the present time. Continue reading

Sharing a short personal message from Higher Self by Multidimensional Ocean 4 Sept 2013

Sharing a short personal message from Higher Self by Multidimensional Ocean 4 Sept 2013:
We all have our life lessons to go through sooner or later.. some of us do it early, others do it willingly and consciously thanks to their spiritual work, others leave it to the last minute, when all seems too late and confusing, and nothing makes sense any more..
Have compassion for those around you who are in this painful situation, show them love, forgiveness and compassion, and only then will they be able to forgive themselves, and love themselves. Continue reading