Austrian Doctors Can Be Held Liable For Vaccine Injuries


Austrian doctors can now be held liable for vaccine injuries. This roots from the fact that a doctor is obligated to inform patients about the possible dangers and harmful consequences of the treatment.

Austrian Doctors Can Be Held Liable For Vaccine Injuries

Mag. Gerald Hauser, an Austrian lawmaker, recently grilled (read below) Johannes Rauch, the nation’s minister of health, on who is legally responsible for the COVID-19 vaccinations. According to Rauch’s comments, medical practitioners who obediently accepted the ministry’s “evidence-less” promises that the vaccinations were safe could very well be held accountable in the event that vaccination harm occurs.

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In particular, the Minister of Health’s responses reveal that doctors would be obligated to provide appropriate information about the potential dangers and adverse repercussions of the injections in advance so that individuals might make a “informed and free decision.” If they do not comply, medical professionals may risk fines of up to 14,000 euros. Rauch went on to explain the ramifications for doctors, citing settled case law with the Austrian Supreme Court:

“The doctor is obligated to inform patients about the possible dangers and harmful consequences of the treatment. There is also an obligation to inform about vaccinations. Before the vaccination is carried out, there is an obligation to inform the person to be vaccinated and—if this [person] is not yet capable of making decisions— one with legal representation in the area of the person entrusted with care and upbringing (legal guardian, usually a parent) about the disease to be prevented and the vaccination so that they can give consent to the vaccination.”

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Rauch, who imposed vaccinations for all Austrian citizens (and discreetly rescinded the requirement in late June), established that doctors must offer the information in order to defend the person’s decision-making freedom. People should be offered the information needed to comprehend the nature, significance, and extent of a medical action, including COVID-19 “vaccines,” according to Rauch. When asked what the implications are for doctors who fail to provide adequate information to their patients, Rauch responded:

“This question can only be answered to the effect that a lack of clarification [is] a violation of medical standards represent[ing] professional duties. This can be administrative and/or disciplinary, be punished, and result in legal liability consequences.”

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