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Higher Energies Guidance – A Message from my guides by Multidimensional Ocean 11 April 2015

images (4)It is important to listen to your inner voice at all times. Messages from Higher Self have several ways of getting to you. The best way is through your subconscious mind. This can happen in many ways. One of the best ways is during sleep, when your subconscious mind is in touch with your conscious min most. The message would then come in your waking mind as if out of the blue, in the middle of your work day or any other daily activities. Most people set those messages aside as if it was a useless fabrication of the mind or of the imagination. However, those are very important. The difficulty is to recognize what is imagination from what is a real message from higher Self. Continue reading

The End Times – Message from Higher Self and Guides by Multidimensional Ocean – 15 April 2014

10156111_10152118301004023_6802764114853387378_nAt the end of times such as are about to hit us large and wide, it is common for love to reign over the planet for all live beings, such as animals, humans on many levels.

This end time is a period where all is revealed to all souls that inhabit the Earth, big and small, human or non human, male and female alike, for the creatures of the land and of the seas.

This period of joy and love can be just at arms’ length for you all if you so desire. Many of you that chose to ascend will literally witness the Haven Gates opening for them within their heart. As always what is felt within is a precursor of what is to come in the material world and it attracts just that to you. So please do not underestimate your powers of manifestations, and how you can influence the final Earth’s outcome as a unity collective consciousness. Continue reading

Peaceful Vibrations – Message from Higher Self and my Guides by Multidimensional Ocean 11 April 2014

10153221_1437453169832941_2540512956305339607_nLaura: any other messages for my readers”

HS: yes of course ! We love you all very much and we wish you all the best in this global awakening that you are going through as a civilisation. We wish to welcome you already in a world where joy, peace and love are a reality as real as you can imagine. The perception of your world as violent and stricken by wars, famine, illness is the result of global fear created from scratch by certain entities who wish to keep the vibrations upon the Earth at its lowest peak. These type of vibrations feed those beings, they feed of fear, despair, anger and war.

The best way to counter act those is to spread love and light, and to keep peace and joy in your heart at all times.

We do not say those things lightly. So please do not give into fear, hatred, and violence when you don’t know what to do. When you feel pray to those emotions, you need to sit down, calm down, breath in the air, sense your feet on mother Earth, sense your body upon her, feel the moment and see yourself as you are in that state. Continue reading

Quick Message from MulitidiOcean and Higher Self -23 March 2014

Hi guys, just wanted to say I am sorry for not giving you much in terms of channeling over the past few weeks, especially from SaLuSa. I am so tired physically and mentally, that I am unable to say if I don’t get messages because of that, or is it just the fact that the higher realms are keeping rather quiet now? Anyway, it is going to be 2 more weeks at this rythm, with applying for jobs as wel… Continue reading

Message from higherSelf 8 March 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean – Experience

1620433_10152047602074023_12481643_nExperience every day on Earth as the true gift that it is. Experience all aspects of your being at anytime. It is not possible to experience yourself alive, and from above. Sometimes, or most of times, you are engulfed in your existence on the planet, identified with your life.
The expression of this can be joy, love, peace, but also stress, anxiety, work, anger and all rainbows of experiences available to you on Earth.
You have been experiencing many aspects of life on Earth over time. Again and again, you have incarnated into life in 3D under multiple forms, aspects, positively or negatively polarized.
The aim of those incarnations is no other than to experience all the facets of your being, of the One, which you are part of. Continue reading

You Can Live in Both Worlds – Message from SaLuSa and my guides 22 Feb 2014 – Laura Multidimensional Ocean

1970439_10152023877074023_467519914_nDear ones, we come again to salute your work and courage on Mother Earth. As we said in the previous message, many of you feel weak, tired, uncertain of the future, fearful. Many also have their life in danger, because of living in combat zomes, or for not having enough to fulfil your necessary needs.

We do all that we can to support you emotionally in many cases, and to have you with us as much as possible. For many of you, this is the life path that was agreed upon, or simply the consequences of karmic law. We have no right to interfere in your ordinary life and decisions for this life. You must experience what was agreed by your life planning.

We can offer you emotional and spiritual support to lighten your burden in many cases, but our duty is not to interfere with free, karma or life learning experiences in any way. Continue reading

Message from Laura’s Guides – 3 Jan. 2013

telepathic-peopleHi guys!
I usually receive daily updates during my day, either during meditation, or just while I do house jobs, or walk, or sometimes out of the blue in any situation.
The updates are usually about a deeper question that I have wondered about, or asked my Higher Self, or my guides.
Today’s message was about reality and the subconscious of humans.
The message said that whatever we wish to communicate to others, no matter the distance, we can visualize or tell them through telepathy. Continue reading

You are the Star – SaLuSa and Higher Self 6 Sept 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

q3tjjqobSaLuSa and Higher Self 6 Sept 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean
Dear ones, we come forth again to speak with your heart. We have noticed that many of you like to escape into movies or tv series. Please consider this: your own life is the best and only movie worth seeing and acting in.
You are your own hero, you are a true creator, you can improve your own life through the beauty of creation and of following your own dreams.
You do not need Hollywood to implant thoughts in your mind, you do not need the cinema to limit your possibilities, you do not need to have your dreams toyed with.
You are the greatest actor that will ever live, you are a light being experiencing matter, and through that you are experiencing attachments, dramas. Continue reading

SaLuSa on Shifting Solar Energies – 7 August 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean


Laura: Carolina just pointed out to me that I posted the title under the wrong date, which I have just corrected to August 🙂 ! ooppsy!!


SaLuSa on Shifting Solar Energies – 7 July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

The Energies are affecting you in a very positive way at the moment. We are always enjoying your planet blooming with people’s increasing awareness and joy. The extra sunshine is a spectacular event for us to watch, as the Sun is undergoing its natural cycle of polarity reversal, which is nothing to be nervous about at all, as it is a very regular event.

Around this time, there are extra radiations being emitted from the Sun, preparing for its polarity reversal. This energy is being dispersed over the planet in an even manner, and envelops the planet in a gentle soft blanket of light. Many of you are feeling its effect, and are feeling the effect of the magnetism changing direction, which can happen in the next 2 to 3 months according to the current readings.

This can also lead to headaches for some of you, migraines, sinuses being over sensitive, and a general tension around your own head and brain activity. This will be increasing as we are approaching the moment of magnetic polarity reversal. The Sun will not physically move, only its polarity will be reversed. There is absolutely nothing to be nervous about, as this is a very regular event taking place every ten to twelve years ordinarily. Continue reading


July 26, 2013

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Animals are in no way inferior to human beings, they are just different in the way that their connection to Source has not been severed from their conscious psyche. Unlike human beings, who have a third brain, called intellect, animals rely merely on their instinct.

This does not make them inferior to you however, human beings, because of certain choices that they have made or that has been made for them, have only a possibility of fully connecting to Source. This possibility has to be pursued through a life time of effort in order to return Home, to Source.


This relate to the so called Human Condition, when humans have separated from the other beings in the Kingdom of God. Humans have a different journey to that of the beings that you consider animals.

In a way, animals are perfectly balanced, and humans have lost their ways when compared to animals. Many Human Beings could set their goal to become as true of heart and pure as animals. Think of these words: has an animal ever lied to you? Betrayed you? Been dishonest to you? Has an animal ever tried to exploit you, or manipulate you? This is the kind of thing that we are talking about. Animals do not feel fear of death, hardly have a feeling of frustration, no ego, no vanity, no pride, no preconceived ideas, they allow things to unfold and adapt to what is available to them.


The animal genes have not been tampered with to the extent that the human genes have been tampered with at some points through time. Human genes are a mix of genetic material from all over the universe. However, that DNA was being downgraded from the original DNA strand for many reasons through time. The Fall of Atlantis is the last time to your human DNA was downgraded. Those directives came from the Higher Spiritual Hierarchy in order that you could cope with the task that you had at hand. Continue reading

Message for Twin Flames from my Guides 6 July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

947177_10151555175639023_1454024380_nDear Twin, this is a message from your other twin for those of you feeling lonely, unwanted, sad, and missing your other half.
We hear and know of your longing to be reunited with your true twin, with the one and lonely, with your other half.
This is the person that you turn to when you are alseep, that your subconscious mind refers to day and night, and compares your Earthly relationships with, and even your relationship with your first loved ones: your parents.
The twin flame love is all embracing, all powerful, all encompassing, all union and blending in oness.
Nothing on Earth can ever equal this true love, which knows no boundaries, no limit, no taboo, no forbidden games.
Your twin is always aware of you, no matter whether this person is on Earth or not, you are always connected and one in the higher realms. You are in constant communication whether you know it or not, and you can hear each other’s thoughts, you can feel each other’s unconditional and consdous love at all times, just stop and listen inside.
Your true twin is the one you have been seeking for a life time, when you meet a new person, your subconscious mind compares this person to your twin, and searches for the qualities in this new person which are comparable to your twins’.
This is the reason why you are more attracted to certain people than others, or sometimes for no apparent reason, other than the fact the that person’s energy and vibration resembles that of your true twin.
You have been searching for your twin for your entire incarnation, day and night, all the love that you give to a person is the love that you give to your twin and that you have received from your twin.
When you are hurt, tired, and discouraged, your subconscious turns to your twin for true comfort and true love.
Your twin is the source of your healing, of true love and joy, eventhough many of you on Earth may feel the need for getting on with your lives separated in the 3d sense and with someone else. In truth, twin flames can never be apart and are always a part of each other, even when separated by great distances, pain, hurt or sorrow.
Those tricks of the mind cannot keep your essences apart.
We love you very much, your guardian angels.
Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

Message from my Higher Self and Guides 1st July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean.

1000381_10151550053299023_1913574622_nMessage from my Higher Self and Guides 1st July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean.
Hi everybody, just wanted to share a few thoughts that were passed on to me from above today.
First of all, so many of us live in a world of fear: fear of disease, fear of poverty, of the ruling elite, of wars, of their controling arm (police, army, education system, health system, and many other institutions). This exercices such an amount of insecurty and anxiety for us, that we are more often than not hugely stressed and our body and life style no longer allows for us to relax very often.
Many others are drained by constant arguments and emotional tensions, and feeling to be treated unfairly by others, by society, by the person at the shop, etc.
There is a lack of respect propagating itself across the western world, due to the recent scandals, wars, economic collpase, so people are more and more unkind.
This message is for all of those who feel misunderstood, unhappy in this fast changing society, who can no longer find their feet and their peace.
Please give yourself the love that you deserve, the time and patience that oyu deserve, the kindness that you long for, and allow your heart to bloom in joy and laughters.
There is much to be uncovered yet, and we encourage you to explore everything that gives you hope and joy.
If you fear something, don’t be afrid to look deeper into it, and you know that human abilities are so great that everything can be overcome with each other’s collaboration, openess, and help.
If something makes you nervous, question it, analyse it, and gather as much information as you can about it, until you are happy and have discovered a solution.
Everything is possible, and many things are hidden from you.
“Seek and you shall find”
Laura Multidimensional Ocean
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