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Auroradreamflight for 2 – 4th May 2015

bigbangbriangreene500Auroradreamflight for 2 – 4th May 2015
We wish to see many of you onboard for this long weekend. We know that it is difficult to go on a dreamflight journey and to resume work and normal life the following day after you have had some revealing experiences during the dreamflight. Continue reading

FAQ for joining the Aurora Dreamflight

cropped-549107_355896694478487_489780586_nHi everybody. I have lost the password for my previous blog Auroradreamflight 2.0, so I carry on in this blog from now on with Aurora Updates.

I am regularly asked how to join the dreamflights, so here goes:

Once you have made contact with them officially, it is like signing up for it. so the ship or crew will meet up with you in agreement in 5d. so we don’t really know about it. they are 5 d so, it means no time or space limit. however, it is best to follow the procedure the 1st time you go onboard: Here is the link where the initial procedure is explained.. Continue reading

Message from Aurora for the Dreamflight Crew – 21st March 2015

Dear family from the stars and friends. We would like to welcome you back onboard our starship for another night of adventures on board.
This trip will be focused around nagivation of Aurora, we will explain about her propulsion systems, her interdimensional shifting, the physics behind her functionings, her personality and her story. Continue reading

Auroradream flght for 14- 15 March by Multidimensional Ocean

Auroradream flght for 14- 15 March by Multidimensional Ocean
Hi guys, tonight’s Auroradream flight will be dedicated to healing. Healing ourselves, our loved ones, and the planet. Try sending out the wish for that journey during the flight before going to bed and during meditation to the Aurora and her crew.
5th dimensional beings and spaceships are not limited by time and space the wat our linear minds work here on Earth. Everything for them is just one thought away, quite literally.
This process can be extended to healing, even for humans, when we are in our 5th dimensional bodies and form. We are all after all multidimensional beings and souls. Continue reading

Aurora Dreamflight weekend 6 – 8 th 2015

Laura: the Aurora crew has invited us to join them this weekend for another series of Dreamflight.
The main focus for the weekend is past lives romantic relationships, especially the failed ones that marked us most. This can be on various planets, so expect the unexpected ! Enjoy exploring ancient civilizations that you were a part of, weather it is on this planet or on others!

Have a wonderful Aurora Dreamflight

Wishing you all a wonderful night, and if you are going on the Aurora dreamflight, I hope that you will have a very revealing session!
Love is everywhere around us and within us! don’t forget that folks! It is what keeps this world together, it is the only thing that really matters. When you do something, try doing it with as much love and care as you possibly can this weekend, and with much consciousness, aka light!

Dreamflight shares

Hi guys. Had a lot of vivid dreams last night. We spent the night on top of a few buildings in Gaza defending offensives from Israel for the entire night. Our main mission was accomplished, but we know that more bombs will be coming over the next few hours.
We used drones to intercept and destroy Israel’s missiles in flight. My ex husband from Atlantis was there, a woman from my spiritual group was there also, my twin flame was there too I think. Continue reading

AudroraDreamFlight 26 July 2014

I got news that the Auroradream flight over Gaza was a nice success! Will head down there tonight again with my twin flame. Hope to see you guys there tonight too and bring love, joy and hope in the heart of the injured.
Also love and peace in the heart of those who despise Palestine. May they find inner peace and forgiveness for their doings.
Love you all ! See you later on

Journey into the Gate – Aurora Dreamflight for 27 – 29th June 2014

cropped-549107_355896694478487_489780586_nWelcome once again into the dreamflight program. We are glad to welcome you onboard the Aurora once again for the summer months. Our crew is in great need for a rest and they are so looking forward to meeting you again, to explore the Earth with you, to visit other regions of space with you, to take you home for a short trip, or just to swim into the Earth oceans with you and with the wild life of your beautiful planet.
This weekend we have decided to do a time travel exercise, and to take through different gates that link your dimension through other dimensions. Continue reading

Some clarification on the Aurora dream flights

cropped-549107_355896694478487_489780586_nThese would not feel like ordinary dreams, because they are not ordinary dreams. They would have for me a distinct feeling that goes deeper within, they would feel more connected to your inner being, inner life and they do not affect the same part of the brain as dreams. So it should be easy enough to recognize
The other thing that I wanted to discuss is that everybody is welcome in taking part, but make sure that you ask only God level of consciousness being to contact you for safety reasons please. Continue reading

SaLuSa on Aurora Dreamflight and Equinox Energies – 21 June 2014

2014-03-28-1287Dear ones, we come again on mass celebrating your Solar Equinox on your planet. This is the reason why we are showing our ships in the night sky to you more and more often. We like to think that we are welcome by most of you, and that seeing our ships in your skies, peacefully, would encourage people to project positive energy towards us, your star brothers and sister.
This time of joy around the Equinox is most welcome in most cultures, and planets as a time of culmination and outburst of joy. We feel like being part of the joy upon your planet at this time, with you, and hope to give you hope and encouragement.
We would also like to signal that the Aurora star ship is most happy to return for the summer months over the Northern Hemisphere. Continue reading