Twin Flames Don’t Hurt One Another – 29 May by Multidimensional Ocean

imagesI have found a lot of material on twin flames online, and people who tell me about their misfortunes with their twin, I am saddened to see how much misguidance is readily available on line, much of which has lead to people being traumatically hurt.
It is important to understand for me that very little twin flame material available is helpful and genuine. It is an experience that goes beyond rationality, beyond love, it bends all 3D rules, but is has nothing in common with usual man/ woman carry on in life.
In my opinion, twin flames are graduate souls, here on a mission. They are already evolved beings, with no karmic debt whatsoever with the world or with each other.

If you must take anything from me, is that twin flames never ever truly hurt one another, it is simply unthinkable.
The reason for that is that they are too closely connected and too evolved spiritually to ever really hurt one another. They are always connected in 5D and above, even if not connected in 3D. They are truly the one soul incarnated in the two bodies in 3D. They both know their life mission and have accepted it, and both are aware of the other’s existence from life planning. That is YES! They do know that from a very young age while incarnated on Earth. Usually there are certain terms for an actual twin flame relationship to take place while incarnated. Should one of the twins have broken their contract, there will be no relationship, they may still be able to do their work and even to unite in time.
If you find yourself being treated without kindness or love from your twin flame, my advice is the following: WALK AWAY!! THIS IS NOT YOUR TWIN FLAME! this is about something else. Never ever allow anybody, even if you think this is your twin, to do injustice to you, don’t find any excuses for it.Many relationships have similarities with twin flames, but it does not necessarily means that this person is your twin, or if he or she is, it does not mean that you must allow that person to treat you unkindly in any way.
There is running and subtle scary parts to twin flames union, and there are ups and downs at times, but these are due mainly to outer circumstances, fear, and opposing forces.
It does take time to get there, we are talking years. and remember, the sexual aspect is the final bit, if you jump into that first, you may not get the chance for a balanced relationship or union in sight.
This person is your mirror, he or she is the reflection of your positive and of your negative sides. It will take conscious work and true love to heal one another from what has taken place for you on Earth since you were born. It will even help heal aspects of you from previous lives.So a lot of issues and past lives experiences are going to be raised with your twin, not necessarily directly about these, you don’t need to speak about it with him or her at all. You can keep it to heal your heart
Just see what comes up, see what is, see where it takes you. A lot of time needs to take place between real healing takes place and the beginning of a relationship.
All these events need to take place, but it needs to be done with love, compassion, understanding, support. Never in a rude, violent, aggressive and unkind manner, never actual real pain, it will be a seeing and healing scenario. Anything beyond that experience is not right in my own opinion.
The twin flames do not need to go into a sexual relationship for this to take place, they do not need to leave their partner or family, there is no need for trauma or dramas. It will take place and you can witness it if you can be present to see it when it happens.Β 
There will be a lot taking place night time, in dreams and on the higher realms, where you are truly part of the One body with your twin flame.
Nothing is more important than your well being, balance and spiritual sanity.
Please do yourself a favor and let go of any unloving, unkind connection and you don’t have to agree with me, just think of it.
much love.

30 thoughts on “Twin Flames Don’t Hurt One Another – 29 May by Multidimensional Ocean

  1. unilibrium

    Thankyou for writing this, it is by farone of the more helpful articlesive read on twin souls especially the part that says “if one of the partners breaks the contract” , wow! Really hits home at the moment

    1. lauramultidimensionalocean Post author

      thank you dear unilnrium! yes, that part is something not usually spoken of by many.. i know because i was careful all my life not to break that contract, in order for a meeting to take place, and perhaps even more at some far away point in time.. who knows.. ? i have to admit that i had been pushed by external forces to break my contract with my twin by other men.. but i always listened to the little inner voice saying: don’t do it!! πŸ™‚

  2. furrera

    Couldn’t agree more! There is the runner and chaser dynamic but even as a runner, they should never mistreat another being or abuse them. Twin Flames are pure light and unconditional love. I read a few “examples” on line like you have and immediately knew there was too much abuse, mistreatment, and unhappinesses to be true TF’s.

    1. lauramultidimensionalocean Post author

      thank you for sharing dear funera!! I so agree about twin flames being true light, in particular understanding and caring for one another! πŸ™‚
      also, something that has come to my attention since i met my twin, is that there seems to be a myriad of light beings around us, helping us, and making the impossible possible !! ❀ ❀ ❀

    1. lauramultidimensionalocean Post author

      Hi Mathew, thank you for asking. I have no experience in the matter personally, so i usually only post on matter that i can verify myself.
      However, it is a very good point. I will try to see if my guides wish to comment on this for you in the coming days ❀ and if it resonates with me, i will post it πŸ™‚ !
      Peace and love to you.

  3. jlcmom

    I hope I can express this little revelation I’ve had about this.

    If I had to define the TF experience at this point, I would say that it is the physical manifestation into form, of a personal, internal Union that occurs with oneself. While a person is on that journey of Union, self-love, spiritual maturity, that gets “out-pictured” as one’s “other half” in real life as a person.

    The state of the “relationship” just reflects the internal state of Union within. The form presents situations and experiences that further spiritual growth. I don’t think there is a general answer to why certain individuals experience a TF in form. I don’t think it’s necessarily only for the spiritually mature. I just don’t know that for sure.

    If that’s the case, any TF relationship will just be a reflection of the level of internal spiritual maturity and the particular aspects or issues that the person is working on. Some will be unconditionally loving, and some will be very challenging, and everything in between. Only an individual person can know if it’s a TF relationship. And figuring it out for yourself is the reason the relationship is there anyway. There is absolutely no reason to even spend energy deciding that for another person — you just can’t know. I suspect every TF relationship is just an unique as each individual person is. Plus, the TF label is just a label, so we can’t become too attached to the label.

    What I can tell you is this: for a very spiritually mature person, love is unconditional. The love is there no matter what happens, no matter what is said or done, NOTHING can hurt the other, because it is impossible for them to BE hurt. This is kind of a circular thing, since the physical form of the “other” half reflects the level of maturity, and since it is impossible for one half to BE hurt, it is impossible for the other half to DO any hurting. It’s 3D thinking that has taught us “if he cheats or is mean or ignores me or whatever, then I am automatically wounded”. 3D requires that a “good” relationship looks a certain way. 3D has a lot of “shoulds”

    If you think of different levels of frequency, the connections between souls at a high frequency are never broken, yet we also sometimes interact at lower levels of frequency where there is conflict and it appears that connection is lost.

    FYI I just read all three of Paul Selig’s books, and they really, really expanded my understandings of a lot of things.

    just my thoughts…. πŸ™‚

    1. lauramultidimensionalocean Post author

      humm.. many thought.. sorry my actual experience is entirely different.. no need to over think it though πŸ˜‰ ! it is just what is … ❀
      i think the best explanation is for me that some souls chose to take human form into 2 human beings: one male and one female.. so not a lot of real TF are around …
      also, the actual individual is a complete individual on his or her own.. well.. not entirely though.. but. .. nough said ! πŸ™‚

  4. Michael

    Sometimes the runner may have serious karmic issues to release and can cause pain to the other twin. I don’t think simplifying by saying “If you must take anything from me, is that twin flames never ever truly hurt one another, it is simply unthinkable.” Earlier stages can be very painful. Yet, for me personally multi-dimensionally the process of love, through the love that cannot help but already exist, moves forward and continues to grow through unbelievable cycles.

  5. k sweet

    thank u for this article with all of my heart. sorry for the huge ramble i am about to do here, but it feels so good to my heart to have this kind of light shed on twins that words are pouring out of me.

    there is so much information about twin flames is so far from what my heart feels and when i read it, it all breaks my heart in a million pieces because of the darkness and pain described in these connections as being “part of twin flame love” – for me all that pain is what is not twin flame love. i guess i feel like that information about twin flames with all of the pain as being part of the connection comes from 3D perceptions of what is taking place. i too feel twin flames are such pure love and light that in the truth of the connection no harm or pain can even exist in the truth of the connection. i actually believe that our choice to walk away from or “let go of” these connections when we are experiencing them in the form of pain and unkindness is part of the growth process. i think it’s about saying “no” to what is not love as far as the behaviors and energy in the experience, while still having faith that the soul you feel within the experience is part of you in another reality. to me huge part of twin flames is learning that self-love must come first, and the disrespect and unkindness that most 3D relationships contain, is no longer allowed to “be” when you choose twin flame love. it’s about letting go of attachment to the old and unhealthy things humans call “love” and seeking and bringing forth true love. so we have to choose walk away from 3D experiences where we feel our twin, but the pain comes when our mind and ego try to make us think it means actually letting go of our twin, or that what we feel isn’t real.

    and i think that’s the gut wrenching parts for twins, and where so many of us connected to our twins get lost and confused, is in trying to explain or understand the connection we are experiencing within a “3D” experience. twin flame relationships are the most infinite and beautiful connections in the universe, so i think we feel pain and can’t find peace when we try to put this connection in any type of limited “relationship model box” – like trying to grasp that the soul is in “this single person in my life” or in “this single experience i had”. for me, i feel like i have always experienced my twin within experiences that cross multidimensions – and even through different people in my life – and it all makes no kinda sense to my mind or any reality i “see”, so trying to sort out what i’ve been through with what i feel in my heart by trying to “pin down” my concept of that soul within a linear understanding doesn’t make any kinda sense… and brings unimaginable pain. 😦

    when i read stuff about twins being with other people, or twins acting out karma, or twins running, or causing us pain – while i totally relate to it in my 3D mind and it could explain my 3D experiences with my twin, it just doesn’t feel true to my soul as those surface experiences are is really happening. i hope this makes sense, but i feel like these experiences where we “think” these things are happening – like where we think our twin is hurting us in someway are actually layers of multi-dimensional illusions we are being taken through to peel away the layers of illusions we have about ourselves and about love and life, and then when we get through these illusions, and when we fully reunite with our twin, these experiences we think we’ve had, or these harmful people we’ve felt our twin in, will all be illusions that will fall away as if they were never real, and the only thing that will exist is our pure love with our twin within a person and an experience that not only explains everything we “think” we’ve been through, but also releases everything we “think” we’ve been through.

    having that sort of “loose” understanding of it all is truly the only was i find peace with what i’ve experienced. our twin is part of us. so those experiences of separation being “real” would take away the one thing that feels most true to our soul. when you believe in the purest form of twin flame love, the idea of that soul taking the most intimate reflection of God’s love and tearing it apart with painful “3D” behavior goes against everything your soul knows to be true :\

    i do get some of what jlcmom describes, because i feel like the experiences we think we are having outside of us are a reflection of what we feel and believe inside of us, but i don’t resonate with the the “unconditional acceptance” idea about it all. i don’t mean that to take away from anything anyone else’s truth – i think a big thing to remember is that the “truth of twin flames” will be different for each and every one of us. but i did wanna share a little about the “unconditional acceptance” concept, because i see that alot in twin flame information, and i do feel i have a different perspective that may bring other people peace? to be honest i could never get that idea to resonate within me :\. i used to think there was something wrong with me or that i was stuck in ego and i need to “force” myself to “love unconditionally”, but to do that, I have to force myself to accept things that truly just feel wrong to my soul :\. it twisted me into this energy where to love another, i had to “un-love” myself. so as i’ve learned to kind of take everyone else’s version of things just as that, their versions. i’ve learned to listen to my own heart more as to what’s true for me. for me, i feel the purpose of those dark energies within the twin flame experience is not at all about “unconditionally accepting these painful things”, but more like what you describe in your article in that your twin wouldn’t even consider doing those things, and instead like i mentioned above, i feel like the twin flame connection is meant for me to decide to no longer allow, accept, or buy into the idea that these kinds of things are “part of love” – they just aren’t. abusive or disrespectful energy – cheating, lying, “running” – that kind of thing can only take place when there ISN’T love. so for me those experiences are i guess what i believe those layers of illusions i talk about above are – layers showing us what we need to purge from our being and beliefs, and where we need to grow into our own truth and self-love. and as we do that, as we refuse to accept or embody those energies, we become more pure in who we are, and more loving to our own soul, and as we become more loving to our own soul, what we see outside of us and how we experience our twin within another person will reflect more and more pure truth and love. so for me it’s not about accepting those thing, but going higher into a love where those things cannot be.

    so i guess i see it all like this…as hard as it is to “be separate” in my current reality i think i am experiencing, the thing i feel like i keep being guided to is to let go of attachment to anything i “think” is happening outside of me, and keep going deep into to my own heart and seek my truth, to keep learning to love myself more and more, and to keep seeking the most beautiful version of my own soul, and then and there is where i will find the truth of my twin, and then and there is where all my illusions will fall away, and the pure love i dream of will be. so underneath all of the pain i “think” is happening around me, it’s actually my twin’s soul guiding me through the darkness in the light where i will find him.

    i know i rambled quite a bit :0) but thank u for writing this, i feel like you’ve created a little place for higher energy of twin flames to be shared ❀

    1. Michael

      The Twin Flame energy comes from love from the source, God. It is essentially a multidimensional reality of an eternal nature. When there a so many incarnating today because of the planet’s ascension process issues happen on the dense physical plane. Some twins come to take on all kinds of karma, genetic, alcoholic, drugs, relationship and sexual abuse, etc.

      When this highest love of the beloved gets seeded in a twin’s heart the karmic type issues are greatly effected. My twin has actually showed up with another man to make sure I was aware of her individuality.
      These are very reactive responses. But, this pure beloved love can intimidate those that are not ready for it. From my end there has been torment.

      On the multidimensional level I am taught unconditional love. And the TF process is ongoing for me. If this was not a twin flame situation my responses would be different. But, for those truly in a twin flame process know in their being and their life this is big and cannot be hidden. You can never really cut the ties. This is because of the nature of unconditional love.

      In these denser humanely reactive psychological states, a twin can get hurt.


      1. lauramultidimensionalocean Post author

        Hi Michael. I would encourage you to question if this person is your twin flame to be on the cautious side, or is this a soul mate/ primary soul mate, which whom there may be many unresolved karmic issues to yet resolve.
        If twins unknowingly and unwillingly hurt one another, it is certainly not with malicious intent, or else, this is just not your twin…
        there is a lot more to a twin flame relationship than to any other relationship. the connection is always present, but it is a very loving, passionate, eliberating connection. it can be VERY VERY SIMILAR with a primary soul mate, or even in a divine relationship.
        However, the twin flame connection is the one that truly makes the walls fall, the ones where one truly goes down the rabbit hole, but with consciousness, love, kindness, and with a happy ending.
        Twin flames do not have karma between them, contrary to other relationships.
        I hope this helps, if it doesn’t, no problem. Follow your ❀
        Hugs. Laura

    2. Jelena

      Wow! I’ve been searching for this kind of information to sort of explain to me what I also believe myself, but haven’t been able to find anything like this online yet for the past 2 months or so. I truly believe that 2 people that share the same soul wouldn’t hurt one another. I’ve read so much online about the darkness and the pain and I honestly believe this is not what should be happening. I think when there is some sort of conflict it’s usually something you have to sort out within yourself. I truly believe in unconditional unlimited form of love without any label, it just is. Also that’s a great point about 3D VS 5D life & relationships – I believe that’s where the conflict can also arise because you can overthink something & try too hard to understand it from 3D point of view. I’m saving this for future use! Thank You K Sweet! ❀

      1. lauramultidimensionalocean Post author

        So happy that you have found this useful dear Jelena ❀ !! i fully agree. working on self does not have to be excruciating painful, dark.. those experiences are just wrong for TF in my opinon too. ❀

  6. k sweet

    thank u so much Laura ❀

    i love everything you are sharing here so much. what i take in from your words is that within twin flame love, we do not need to suffer in darkness to grow – twin flame love is a journey of growing in light. this has been the big crossroads for me in all of it… untangling myself from the things that cause me pain and realizing i am worthy of love, and love is the energy i can choose to follow. that's the part you are sharing about twin flames that i feel my heart is so starved for and that's the idea of love i've been so passionately seeking to hear from others as i've stumbled through all the other twin flame information. it feels so much better to my soul to say that yes, growing is something we will do forever, but with a twin flame, we grow and expand through love, not pain. i am little by little learning to love myself enough to let myself believe that and follow that kind of version of it all. thank u so so much, please keep sharing that light, i feel like for people like me on this journey who are seeking a new version of twin flames that's not wrapped up in the suffering that's described in so many places, it just feels so good to hear your light filled words about it all πŸ™‚

  7. Fivezenses (@Fivezenses)

    From my own experience with my Twin, he is in a WAY lower form of enlightenment, but also has a lot of karmic debt to clean up with other souls. But because he felt the need to hurt me, I felt the need to hurt him. When you let the ego control you, your higher self gets downgraded for your souls. My twin has too much to deal with that he keeps repeating things over and over again with so many people that it’s going to be his reason he’ll crash and burn this year. He lost his best friend in December 2012, his father in March 2013, and his uncle in August 2013. I could only do so much.

    Walking away is all I can do now. Cutting ties and letting him figure out why his inability to let all the pain go, the anger, and more is why we are not together. I’ve been told he’ll come back around later this year, he’s with someone that isn’t good for him, but it’ll be full of life lessons. He needs this right now. He needs to learn different types of love and the errors of his ways as a human, not as a soul. Not all twins who are human are perfect. We all come with some kind of baggage. It’s how we choose to deal with it and our twin that sets things up for us to learn and/or let go.

    I wish him the best of luck, I do. I feel sorry for his new girl. She should be with someone else that will love her correctly. But she is with him now, there is a reason for this. I smell karmic souls that have work together right now. She is also 28, was dating a guy for a year, then engaged to that guy for a year, married to that guy till this January, and now is in separated and trying to get divorced all the while with my twin soul.

  8. samantha

    My twin flame emotionally hurt me and yes he is my twin flame as channeled by mel brand. What we are dealing with is templating from our family line, the types of things we verbally cut each othet with is all from the family line we chose to clear.


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