Consultation with Multidimensional Ocean via email or Skype.

Please note that the consultations can take place via email, which is the quicker and cheapest.

If you wish me to answer via email, please be very precise in your questions, or in the context or background of your situation.

We can also do a consultation via Skype, which will take 60 to 90 minutes.

I am first of all a healer, and my aim would always be to give you control over your life and to understand what is happening around you. Many physical ailments come from past lives, emotional burdens, psychological trauma. I can only guide you to heal yourself, but you will be the person doing the healing.

I can also use my gifts to consult with spirit about your situation and channel messages to you from Spirit.

Please complete the consultation form below.

You can also offer a simple donation in appreciation of my research work and channeled messages, in order for the blog to continue working.

Thank you for your support.