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Hy- Brasil Beings and Dreamflight Shares for week of 19 – 26 April

images (1)Hi guys, please post your comments in the comments section or email me if you would like me to post them.

Ok, so as was recommended i did go over the procedure of last year and I went to bed asking to connect with Adrial or Ulrika and I asked them to take me to meet the Hy-Brasil people (as I find them a little impressive, I prefered to be taken to them by people that I already am familiar with like Adrial and Ulrika).

I woke up several times during the night, and my cat Indy was also being very active, wakimg me up in the middle of things demanding to be fed (very forcefully). She is not always comfortable when there are other beings around the house, and refuses to sleep in my bedroom for the past months because of this I suspect.

I recall thinking to myself when awake: oh well.. nothing is happening.. :( but just as I was thinking that, i was getting flash images of being on a Hy-Brasil ship and more images flowed in :) . So here goes. Continue reading

Aurora joins with Ulrika and Hy-Brasil teams by Multidimensional Ocean- 20 April 2013

558050_10151432189494023_1076441620_nLaura: Hi guys,

I have just received word from Ulrika from Agartha: we are all invited to join her and a few more on Agartha for a guided tour. And I would love to hear if any of you recall your tour tomorrow! I hope some of us do remember. It seems not many of us have much luck in remembering our Aurora dreamflights of late, including myself. Perhaps a reminder of the connection steps from the blog’s welcome note may help us remember? I must admit, I have not had any recollections in weeks.

Ok, so here is Ulrika for us:

Greetings from Agartha, this is Ulrika speaking to you once again. We have been contacted by Aurora and her crew recently and we would like to join in a few of your dreamflights. We are aware of the difficulties many of you have been experiencing recalling your dreams, and this is partly due to the sensitive nature of your missions, but also to the fact that Aurora is not coming in orbit around the Earth in person since the dreamflights have started again. Continue reading

Aurora Update for Saturday Night by Multidimensional Ocean – 9 March 2013

62159_10151354811619023_1975988439_nHi guys,

Just a quick note to say that for the Saturday night I am told there is a need for many of us to relax, to take it easy, to come back to our bodily tensions and in the now moment in general.


This is also need to remind our readers of the procedure to follow before contacting Aurora and her crew. A certain amount of letting go of the physical shell is required before going up. The same is true for our mental and emotional identifications. When we meditate and relax, we are letting go of the illusion of being a 3d Earth being and come in contact with the higher realms of existence. Meditation helps us sense the bigger picture, the higher energies and come into direct contact with our higher self. Continue reading

“On 21St Dec 2012”, from Captain Bashir, Commander of Aurora. Message channeled by Multidimensional Ocean.


Dear Earthlings and dear Crew!

We rejoice today in thanking you for your love and grace in being part of our blessed crew. We thank you for your assistance in our missions. The missions the Aurora crew is taking part are all sacred and ordained from above.

As member of the crew, you are being targeted more than once by the cabal’s last agents. You need to be aware of this fact, as the cabal is trying everything to prevent Earth’s Ascension and in particular the Galactic incarnated beings. Their tactics are divide and conquer, which is a tactic that they use to create wars and divide families.

We urge you to remain strong, as incarnated Galactic beings, your coming together, on a blog such as AuroraDreamflight has been and is continually attracting the cabal’s attention. This is the reason why we have requested of Multidimensional Ocean to make her blog private.

We ask you to respect the confidentiality guidelines in the future, concerning your crew’s comments as well as the messages received from us. You know our regular sources, to whom we give messages, and we encourage you to continue following these sources.

On another note, I wanted to personally congratulate the team on the extra-ordinary work you have done during the dreamflight of Saturday last. Continue reading

Letters from Bashir and Aurora Update 18 Oct. 2012, Message channelled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

Greetings! As promised I return with a new update on the evacuation situation in my own Home world and Galaxy. As you know the Aurora is a Galaxy Class Starship, which means that she can travel across Galaxies, but also through dimensions, including the time dimension.

After my last letter, we have perceived that many of you had expressed a certain level, of curiosity and compassion towards the situation actualized and developing on my home world. Of this I am extremely grateful and I thank you for your prayers and wishes. These were well received and your loved felt all the way to Lyra, my home Galaxy.

My friends and all those who have received your wishes, love and prayers have expressed an interest in your own situation. As a result, many of them would like to invite you to stay with us for the duration of our dreamflight this coming Saturday 20th Oct. So, all those who wish to visit Lyra are more than welcome to meet some of my friends. We would be honoured to have you as guests among us, so that we can learn a lot about you, and that you can learn a lot about us.

Those of you who prefer to remain around the Earth are more than welcome to remain on Earth stationary orbit, and some of my friends from Lyra will come on board Aurora to great you and speak with you. Continue reading