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SaLuSa and Higher Self 19th March 2017 – Divine Presence – by Multidimensional Ocean

Dear ones, this week seems to have been full of unexpected delays and disappointments for so many of you. The most sensitive ones have even been prone to many emotional upheaval , which has thrown you into deep states of frustration and anger.

Dear ones, while we encourage some level of challenge in your life, so that you cannot fall asleep for too long, we do recommend that you try to form a suitable environment for your living conditions, so that you have the opportunity to live life in a certain level of balance and that you are able to help those around you. How could you be a light beacon for others, if you cannot deal with your own emotions and negativity yourselves?

When one is prone to strong emotional identification, it is best to try to let go of it, as soon as you can remember who you are and why you are on Earth at this time. Walk away from arguments, strong attachments, and strong identification to your possessions and relationships. Continue reading

The light is within – Message from Higher Self from Multidimensional Ocean 13th August 2016

d00dc0f7a259d5251b982d70073e17f4The light is within. You always look outside, around, listen to the outer world, get taken by it, by the dreams it supplies to your head.

The only thing that matters is now, go within, as there lies all the deeper answers.

When you feel lost, confused and lonely, we ask you to stop what you are doing. Stop and take in the breath of the world, but take it from within. Take it from your tuned and weighted presence; take it with a few gentle breaths. The breath gives you life and strength to carry on, when your head tells you that you cannot longer endure. Feel the air enter your lungs, come in through your skin, we are all connected, here and now. Continue reading

Earth, Human Consciousness and a different force -SaLuSa and guides 19 April 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi everybody

At the moment my channeling is taking a different form. This is evolving into me receiving images and I type the description of the images. I can then zoom in some parts of the image or even of the scene evolving in front of my eyes.

Sometimes, a written message comes as well.

This is very efficient for personal readings, when someone has a question that they wish to ask. I contact the person’s guides or SaLuSa and I get a message for the person for the present situation and indications of the possible evolution.

I am trying to do this for general messages for the blog and for the planet. So I will focus on a question and relate the images that come. Continue reading

Higher Energies Guidance – A Message from my guides by Multidimensional Ocean 11 April 2015

images (4)It is important to listen to your inner voice at all times. Messages from Higher Self have several ways of getting to you. The best way is through your subconscious mind. This can happen in many ways. One of the best ways is during sleep, when your subconscious mind is in touch with your conscious min most. The message would then come in your waking mind as if out of the blue, in the middle of your work day or any other daily activities. Most people set those messages aside as if it was a useless fabrication of the mind or of the imagination. However, those are very important. The difficulty is to recognize what is imagination from what is a real message from higher Self. Continue reading

Message from Higher Self 11 March 2015

The truth about human nature is that it is a double nature. This is for the simple reason that humans are made of two parts: one that has a material body in 3d, that is from this Earth, made of elements from the planet, attached to a human family, to human values; the other part is not of this world, it is eternal, and its home is the star of our solar system. It can outgrow our own solar system and travel to other galaxies, and live for close to an eternity when compared to the length of a human life. This second being, many identify as the soul, has experienced many lives, very often on multiple planets, it had many lovers, children, parents, friends and enemies. Continue reading

Ask to Remember your Godly Powers for Manifestation – SaLuSa and Higher Self 26 July 2014

salusaDear ones, few of you know your real powers that you hold as divine beings. Many of you have renounced these power when you realized that humanity could not deal with this knowledge that every single one of you was a God in the making. While other renounced their powers temporarily for the duration of their life on Earth. Continue reading

All the aspects of ourselves – message from higher self 5 May 2013


All the aspects of ourselves – message from higher self 5 May 2013
Was somehow a surreal weekend, and not all parts were grounded for me.
Today I feel much stronger and able to function again.
Whenever I feel disconnected and lost inside, it is always helpful to just stup, sit down and recharge the batteries inside.
Take stock of the outside world, while connected within, so that I can be reminded of why I am here for and what this is all about.
Acknowledge all that you create, experience, dream of, think, feel and react to as part of yourself. It is all part of the big puzzle that you are.
You are creation, god and god spark, love, and expression of unwanted emotions at times too.
All that you feel is a part of who and what you are. There is not need to hide it from yourself or from others.
Sense the road ahead, sense the difficulties and challenges, and create you path among it all, with your heart, feelings, understanding and love.
Love is the path, creation is the result of it.
All higher natures and lower natures need to marry and meet within, acknowledge each other, not fight one another. It is possible to get it all work together, in harmony to serve the higher good, the path to love, unity, connection and Creation.
From Higher Self
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Continue reading

Heaven Opening Gates and Twin Soul Energies – Multidimensional Ocean with Higher Self – 18 April 2014

10277787_10152125246434023_7293117631471476662_nDear all,

After having had a few particular difficult moments yesterday and in particular last night, I had a breakthrough last night and this morning the whole world and grant scheme of things in the universe finally made sense. I could see beyond the energy of my loved ones, and literally see their angelic energies and presence.
It was a wonder moment of opening, awakening, realization, self-realization, and understanding the higher picture.
It certainly has been all worth going through yesterday ups and downs of the flow of waves and storms to come to this realization and understanding. I have no idea for how long will I be enveloped and protected in this veil of blissful communion with the world? But having the experience once in my life feels enough to be at peace for ever now. Continue reading

Peaceful Vibrations – Message from Higher Self and my Guides by Multidimensional Ocean 11 April 2014

10153221_1437453169832941_2540512956305339607_nLaura: any other messages for my readers”

HS: yes of course ! We love you all very much and we wish you all the best in this global awakening that you are going through as a civilisation. We wish to welcome you already in a world where joy, peace and love are a reality as real as you can imagine. The perception of your world as violent and stricken by wars, famine, illness is the result of global fear created from scratch by certain entities who wish to keep the vibrations upon the Earth at its lowest peak. These type of vibrations feed those beings, they feed of fear, despair, anger and war.

The best way to counter act those is to spread love and light, and to keep peace and joy in your heart at all times.

We do not say those things lightly. So please do not give into fear, hatred, and violence when you don’t know what to do. When you feel pray to those emotions, you need to sit down, calm down, breath in the air, sense your feet on mother Earth, sense your body upon her, feel the moment and see yourself as you are in that state. Continue reading

Quick Message from MulitidiOcean and Higher Self -23 March 2014

Hi guys, just wanted to say I am sorry for not giving you much in terms of channeling over the past few weeks, especially from SaLuSa. I am so tired physically and mentally, that I am unable to say if I don’t get messages because of that, or is it just the fact that the higher realms are keeping rather quiet now? Anyway, it is going to be 2 more weeks at this rythm, with applying for jobs as wel… Continue reading

You Can Live in Both Worlds – Message from SaLuSa and my guides 22 Feb 2014 – Laura Multidimensional Ocean

1970439_10152023877074023_467519914_nDear ones, we come again to salute your work and courage on Mother Earth. As we said in the previous message, many of you feel weak, tired, uncertain of the future, fearful. Many also have their life in danger, because of living in combat zomes, or for not having enough to fulfil your necessary needs.

We do all that we can to support you emotionally in many cases, and to have you with us as much as possible. For many of you, this is the life path that was agreed upon, or simply the consequences of karmic law. We have no right to interfere in your ordinary life and decisions for this life. You must experience what was agreed by your life planning.

We can offer you emotional and spiritual support to lighten your burden in many cases, but our duty is not to interfere with free, karma or life learning experiences in any way. Continue reading

Personal Update and Message from Multidimensional Ocean and Higher Self – 27 Oct. 2013

6a00d8341bf7f753ef019aff7a2985970c-800wiFeeling the energies of this Halloween in a particularly heavy way, most of it is for personal reasons and blockages I highly suspect.
The energies around me are heavy, dense, there is little light in the area where I have relocated on the litteral and on the figurative level.
Outside: constant layers of clouds, constant wet weather of various degrees, the buildings are all grey or of red bricks, old and run down by the weather.
Inside: this heaviness is affecting me in strange ways, being cut off from friends and family, partner and my cat. However, I find comfort in knowing that this is only temporary, and that it is something that the universe has arranged for me to do at this time for many, many reasons.
As the enerrgies change on the Northern hemisphere, so is the inernal mood for us. Continue reading