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Goldraytwinflames – Twin flames & Karmic Debt

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Goldraytwinflame – Twin flames Separation Grieving The Loss

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Goldraytwinflame – Signs of a Twin Flame Union

really good video about twin flames ❤

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Dolphin Love <3

Laura: Thanks to Laura F. I so love this! reminds me of the playfulness, speed, love and power of our cousins from Sirius ❤

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Who is Allendale?

a few people asked me who Allendale is.. he is the Higher Self of the Irish man speaking on this youtube with David Wilcock and Kerry Cassidy on this youtube video, he speaks from minute 30 to minute 1h 18 … Continue reading

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Experiencing Multidimensionality by Mulitidimensional Ocean 29 July 2013 (version2)

Finally got the video to upload with the message update !! for those of you who have seen the video with Indy, it is the exact same audio message! just to let you know, that you will be listening to … Continue reading

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SaLuSa 13th July 2013 – Further Considerations – Multidimensional Ocean

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