Ascension Update and channeling update – Message from SaLuSa and Higher Self 10 Nov. 2015 by Laura Multidimensional Ocean

communication-between-salusa-from-sirius-and-laura-tycoLaura: Hi SaLuSa, dear friend, guardian and protector!

I wish to know why are there less and less messages coming from you guys ? Is there a particular reason?

SaLuSa: Yes, dear one, there is! I have recently addressed Mike Quinsey’s health misfortunes, much of which were generated by darker energies, wishing for him to retire and who also did try to send him messages passing themselves as me. Mike is no fool and could tell the difference and prefers to withdraw from public messages under those circumstances, which we understand and support. Our power upon your world is only coming from above, and comes as subtle and gentle energy. We are somewhat limited in our actions upon your world as you already know, because it is your world precisely to love, protect and to use for your own growth purposes.

Concerning the decision on our part to give less messages, this has come about as we see the tremendous pressure and attacks carried out on our channels, who have been put through thin and thick in this life on many levels, which is best left undisclosed.

We also chose to let you find your own higher self guidance directly, rather than relying on channels to that intend.  We have always encouraged you to pursue the spiritual world and to know your selves. This journey is an individual journey for every single one of you, and needs to be taken individually, with others who are also on the same journey.

Although it is all inside of you, too few of you are connected enough within and to the higher planes of existence in order to make the transition into 5D a permanent one. This journey must begin with self, and once you have taken that road and know the journey, you can take others along with you, including Mother Earth.

In other words, you do have the divine seed in all of you, yet too many among humans lack the will to fully develop that seed into its full limitless potential and journey into divine universal consciousness. This can only be achieved by working on yourself with many others willing to take the journey together, in the physical presence of one another, and allowing for the higher forces to manifest through you and transcend you while this takes place.

In short too many have been relying on our messages, without making a genuine effort from within of connecting with the higher. Being dependent on channeled messages for comfort and encouragement without a true inner search is not helping the planet to ascend in any way. This is why we feel at this time that the human population needs to go within and find their true answers within with the help of higher self and the help of others on the same journey of self discovery and of service to the planet.

We have never meant that people rely on our messages to the point of not pursuing a spiritual path at the same time, yet, there has been too much complacency at times.

This is the true reason why we feel that our voices need to take a back seat position, and that humanity needs to lead the way into permanent Earth Ascension. After all, only you, as humans living on the planet can make the transition happen, it is not up to us.

We keep monitoring the situation, but we would like to resume our “observer” position for some time, until a better balance has been achieved towards the completion of Ascension by our human light warrior and light worker counter parts, along as any human whose heart is true, pure and dedicated to see the planet ascend into a higher level of existence.

With much love and light from your sisters and brothers from the Stars.

Thank you


channel Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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12 Responses to Ascension Update and channeling update – Message from SaLuSa and Higher Self 10 Nov. 2015 by Laura Multidimensional Ocean

  1. Reblogged this on Sirian Heaven and commented:
    Thank you so much my dear Laura and beloved SaLuSa ❤

  2. thank you for the reblog Unity !

  3. …great to hear from Salusa, in all honesty, I am definitely guilty of relaying on channeled messages, I take whatever advice or guidance my be suggested on the messages. I do love the updates and current events that are described in the messages as well. It brightens me up to hear salusa speak of whats going on and the comfort he gives us about the support from galactics. I am happy to have read his messages and those of other galactics, i really appreciate it. In a different light, i will take all I have learned from his messages..and carry on. it is excited to see what is going on around the world, sightings, celestial events, new discoveries etc. i most definitely feel like I have a partnership with salusa although weve never met or talked…(that i know of) – i saw my first saucer sighting right after reading a salusa message…it was so exciting i will never forget.
    I think it is a great idea for us to fly solo for a lil while. Ive actually thought about giving channeled messages a break but, it is one of my sources for news, and such. thank you laura and salusa, I am so very thankful for your messages and posts, thank you for your hard work.

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  5. vendo4151 says:

    Nice to see you back in the saddle again Laura, …… (I wonder when was the last time you were actually on a saddle?) .. 🙂

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  7. Vikki says:

    Just wondering if you have lost my email in your move. I have not seen anything from you for a while. I miss seeing your posts. Thank you for all you do.

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