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donation-canDear readers,

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It would be greatly appreciated and it is also needed. Going through some family health issues for the past few weeks, and I doubt that things will improve any time soon on that side.

Having financial help would help reduce my stress at least as far as paying the bills would go.

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FAQ for joining the Aurora Dreamflight

cropped-549107_355896694478487_489780586_nHi everybody. I have lost the password for my previous blog Auroradreamflight 2.0, so I carry on in this blog from now on with Aurora Updates.

I am regularly asked how to join the dreamflights, so here goes:

Once you have made contact with them officially, it is like signing up for it. so the ship or crew will meet up with you in agreement in 5d. so we don’t really know about it. they are 5 d so, it means no time or space limit. however, it is best to follow the procedure the 1st time you go onboard: Here is the link where the initial procedure is explained.. Continue reading

Awake on Planet Earth – SaLuSa and Adrial 22nd March 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean


What a blessing it is to walk on mother Earth’s soil in a human body, with the knowledge of an ascended master. In truth this is only a few steps away for many of you. Throughout your day, you can come back to your senses; experience you being alive above the planet. Come back to your soul, come back to yourself.
You need small little pauses throughout your day, when you can just experience the life force within your own body. Just stop for a few moments or minutes, depending on your time. Experience your body being carried away at high speed in the arms of Gaia, enveloped by an aura of bliss and love. Feel the caress of your higher-self upon your Earthly body, feel your heart beat in your chest, sense the joy of having a vibrant and healthy body. Rejoice for you are alive, and every moment in live is a new beginning for you and your loved ones. Continue reading

Message from Aurora for the Dreamflight Crew – 21st March 2015

Dear family from the stars and friends. We would like to welcome you back onboard our starship for another night of adventures on board.
This trip will be focused around nagivation of Aurora, we will explain about her propulsion systems, her interdimensional shifting, the physics behind her functionings, her personality and her story. Continue reading

Personal Impressions from Multidi Ocean 20 March 2015 Hi everybody!

First off, I wanted to share the feeling of this really heavy energies in the area. The Eclipse, Equinox, and Supermoon are a very powerful mix. In fact I had headaches the entire day, and so did many people who I worked with.
The day went well, although some energies were really heavy for many people that I know, including myself. It felt like being hit with a huge heavy hammer on the head, and the tension of the body was very intense.
At the same time there was a strange lightness to it all, or was it my guardian angels supporting me? I don’t know…
I also felt a little down and depressed during the week, which is unlike myself. I think it is down to overwork and family health and moods.
Many of my co-workers were very sensitive, as to myself, I have just grown allergic to one person in a more powerful way than usual.
I also fell a little up and down suddenly this week, for no apparent reason. This I feel is also connected to the energies upon us.
I feel that the energies are marking the change to lighter, brighter days and to a turning point for humanity. Deep down, I feel that there is a lot of good that is about to hit the planet and consciousnesses shortly. Continue reading

SaLuSa – A Brief Update on Events and Energies -15th March 2015

images (4)Greetings dear friends! We come again to you to give you a brief update on the current events and energies.
Firstly we would like you all to acknowledge that the situation on your planet is greatly exaggerated by the medias. We highly encourage you to filter through the news, if you are still listening to main stream news. Of course, we have encouraged people to open up their own news websites, and to post what resonates with them. Many of those people need your support and encouragements to continue at this time, or they will be moving on to a different type of work. A thank you comment is sometimes all that it takes to feel supported and appreciated and having the will to continue to go on for many light workers.
Events will precipitate very rapidly towards recognizing officially, and with the public support, that life on Earth is neither unique, nor exceptional. In fact, a time will come when your leaders will fully acknowledge more advanced civilizations in the universe and ask for their help regarding many aspects of life on Earth. Continue reading