Message from Sirius – Multidimensional Ocean 19 June 2016

Dear Friends from planet Earth.
I am Shakhaar from Sirus, on mission on Earth.
I am here to work with various spiritual groups on Earth in a human body. Just like you I am on a mission from Earth. The difference with some of you is that I get to go home to Sirius soon, as I am here for a short period of time only. Continue reading

Why is it called a Twin Flame ?

Hi guys, just wanted to share my experiences about my twinflame.
1 – this is the only person that I fell 100 % connected and understood. While we might not agree on things and have different experiences, and ideas about plenty of things, we always deeply understand and love each other in a way that nobody else can.
2 – we met for the first time at a spiritual weekend. At some point he was staring at me looking at me with litterally flames in his eyes.
3 – the most interesting aspect in fact and also the most singular is that burning sensation that I feel for him, and only for him. I have often wondered what was meant by the term twinflame, why was this term used, and what had flames to do with it ? Well apart from the obvious allusion to passion etc, the flames is a very real thing. Continue reading