Questions and answers from Sirius – channelled by Multidimensional Ocean 7th May 2016

Sirius_A_and_B_Hubble_photo_fullLaura and her Higher Self: I made contact with GlaXo, the pilot of the Sirian ship that I am connected with. Glaxo has indicated to me that he is not at the liberty of commenting on SaLuSa’s present mission and whereabouts. He just says that SaLuSa is still overlooking the changes on Earth, and is currently doing work between Earth and Sirius B. The nature of this work has not been specified at this time. GlaXo is aware of the fact that our messages are being read and decoded by people not very well intentioned to quote him directly. So he is using caution in his answers, and prefers to remain on the side of elusiveness and no specifics for now.

Question: what is First contact time frame? This life time for us or the next one? Continue reading

Birth of a new energy in the higher dimensions and twin flames by Multidimensional Ocean


Twin flames are such a blessing to all those around them that they bring a smile to everybody in their lives when they feel happy and blissful.

Indeed united twinflames are a real gift from above. Their energies blend as one literally, and it brings about the most powerful higer self being possible on the planet. Twinflames are part of the same higher-self, however when higher self and bodies of twin flames are truly one, it brings about literally a third being, it is like a birthing process between the higher energies of both individuals, it is a true re-joining on the higher spheres of existence. Continue reading

Available for Readings

Tony-OBrien-2013-Annular-Eclipse-063.1_1368344225_lgHi everybody!

I am sorry for being off line for the past few months. This was due to close family being ill, but one has been doing better lately. I was also busy and stressed with work, but these next few weeks, I will be a little more available.

So I thought that I could offer readings to those of you who are interested. I am afraid that I cannot offer my services for free, but if you send me an email, we can agree on a reasonable rate. Minimum charge would be of 30 anyhow.

You can use my email to contact me:

I will do a channel tomorrow or Sunday also, so stay tuned!

Love and hugs



Twin flames and primary soul mate role – by Multidimensional Ocean 24th Jan. 2016

Twin flames and primary soul mate role – by Multidimensional Ocean 24th Jan. 2016
Many souls have accompanied our soul self through various incarnations. We meet many past lives lovers and husbands in this life in order to balance out what still remains to be balanced.
The journey of love and forgiveness is a long and repetitive one indeed for us humans.
The primary soulmate is the one who you have shared most love and most karmic experiences. Now is the time for us to forgive and forget our primary soulmate.
It is also a time to welcome back into our life our twin flame. The love that is eternal will very quickly be rekindled between you and the need for one another will be obvious.
Via incarnations and in this life, many of the experiences in love that we had took place in order to prepare the work for healing the past with our primary soulmate. We have met many people that share a common energy with him. 

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