Available for Readings in August

crystalballHi guys, if you are interested in a reading with me, please email me at Lauratyco@gmail.com. My rates are reasonableπŸ™‚
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Reading update

Hi guys, a couple of you were interested in a reading. I will no longer be online after Friday for a few weeks, as I am moving home, and will not have internet set up for a while in the new place. So it will have to be either before Friday, or late September after that I thinkπŸ™‚ xo

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Twinflames, Take a Day out.. or two !

sun-leaves-green-leaves-background-blue-sky-sun-sunshine-sunrays-trees-43547538We live in a world of doing, seeming, appearances and pretense.
We keep forgetting who we our during our day, we get caught in doing, performing, acting, associations about the past, planning our future, etc…
It is important to make room and space for our life within during the day, but especially at the start and end of the day.

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Twinflames Joining in Spirit by Multidimensional Occean

62876_10151395106599567_1605581536_nHi everybody. I am going through a difficult sorting out situation with 2 soul mates/ karmic mates. After a few near twins experiences, meaning that they had similar energy with my TF, I finally met my TF in Oct. last year.
He wants to give me time and space to sort out my unfinished business with my soul mates, so we are not in touch for the past few months, although we do see our common friends regularly and we get updates from each other from them.
I guess he might be sorting out his own ongoing business on his side.
Just had the most amazing experience with him/ higher self tonight. It went on for over one hour!!
Last week, I finally made it clear (I think) to my primary soul mate / karmic mate that our story is over. Which was another dramatic/ traumatic experience for both of us.
Anyway, since, I have felt my TF higher dimension’s presence more often.
Tonight was yet the most amazing energy sharing experience yet.
The telepathic connection was the most powerful and clear ever. I could feel our higher self connect us physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.
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Part 2 Twin flame versus Primary soulmate by Multidimenisonal Ocean 14th August 2016

meeting-your-twin-flame-290x150Someone asked me how does one recognise the primary soulmate.

I have said a few things in the first part of this topic (click here: )

In addition to that I would say:

that this love theme between you can be present in your life for decades, without you actually having a love/ sexual relationship.

It is more on the romantic side, but definitively is sexual – not necessary 3D sex, but can also be higher dimensional sex relationship, which by the way are a lot more powerful and significant than 3D sex.

The feelings between you are as close to eternal as possible, as such they don’t go into the negative side of things. You may feel infuriated by this person on rare occasions, but your loving feelings for each other are so deep, that love between you cannot be broken. It can evolve and grow, and you can make room for other relationships for each other’s growth, but the love between you is ALWAYS THERE.

A very deep and powerful connection and familiarity with this person.

There can be a bit of an ego trip related to it, and a power game / struggle.

There can be a deep sense of possession and jealousy. This may lead to a stuck situation between you two for years. For example one may want to reunite or get married, but the other might prefer to remain free and experiment. This may leave the other bitter and resentful, wanting revenge, or to imprison the other primary. A certain sense of control is present. Continue reading

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The light is within – Message from Higher Self from Multidimensional Ocean 13th August 2016

d00dc0f7a259d5251b982d70073e17f4The light is within. You always look outside, around, listen to the outer world, get taken by it, by the dreams it supplies to your head.

The only thing that matters is now, go within, as there lies all the deeper answers.

When you feel lost, confused and lonely, we ask you to stop what you are doing. Stop and take in the breath of the world, but take it from within. Take it from your tuned and weighted presence; take it with a few gentle breaths. The breath gives you life and strength to carry on, when your head tells you that you cannot longer endure. Feel the air enter your lungs, come in through your skin, we are all connected, here and now. Continue reading

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Twin flame versus Primary soulmate part 1: your primary soulamate by Multidimensional Ocean 12th Aug. 2016

josephine-wall-oil-painting-569-6-1024x768Hi everybody! Time for the summer romantic twinflame / primary soulmate articles to come up.

Here is one of the ways one can differentiate between primary soulmate and twinflame love.

But first shall we clarify what is the role and function of your primary soulmate.

You have no secrets for your primary soulmate, and this causes a strong discomfort in many cases. You may experience at first the following things:

  • You are just not able to speak to that person, this can go on for years.
  • An unusual shyness around him or her.
  • You lose track of time around them
  • You just cannot function any longer in the usual and normal way when they are around.
  • You feel that your primary soulmate picks up on everything that you feel and think.
  • You may well feel that they would criticise you if you behave the way you usually carry on when they are with you.

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