Short words from Higer Self by Miltidimensional Ocean

Sometimes you just have that feeling nearing madness and desperation upon you. No way of shaking it. It just seems that nobody understand us, especially not our twin flame…
The only thing that gives me comfort when it is like that, is knowing that there are 2 beings living through this body: a moral one, made from this Earth and an eternal spirit, made from pure love and light.
Those two are incompatible most of the time, with opposite aims in life, goals etc… the important thing is to manage to keep both those being alive inside ❀

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GFL star ships

cropped-602353_465261976857756_332685255_n.jpgI miss my time onboard the GFL ships. I miss the support, command structure, sense of belonging, dedication and devotion. I miss the collective of a starship. The sense of camaraderie, danger, trust in each other.
I totally enjoyed the technology onboard too.
It is odd how much that sense of still serving, although I am based on Earth now, still exists within myself.
I adored the crazy stunts we used to pull when on those starships. I enjoyed the fast travel, and the feeling of watching over growing civilizations. The sense of not belonging to a planet, but of belonging on a ship, with a crew was very strong. The connection year after year and the bond with the ship and the brothers and sisters onboard was so strong that it was like actually being an integral part of the ship, the ship’s systems, the circuitry even, and connected to every single thought of the members onboard. There were litterally no secrets for each other, as we fully experienced being one on those higher planes.
Please share your own memories, or experiences of your life on a star ship ❀

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Dark Matter Sun – SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean

Dear ones, we come again to encourage you and to comfort you on your precious planet.
Two nights ago I spoke to Laura about the Dark Sun which is at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.
I showed her images of the most powerful Sun in our Galaxy, which is connected to all the existing suns in this Galaxy. Nothing and nobody has more power and influence than the Dark Matter Sun.
It is sending a lot of energy to our Solar system and especially to your Sun. It sends it healing, love and prayers. It is made of dark matter and anti-matter. A lot about this dark matter sun and its gravitational pull on the rest of the Galaxy is totally unknown even to us.
We do succeed in recording its radiations to the rest of the Galaxy and Universe with our telemetry and recording devices.

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A sense of inner peace and fairness – Message from SaLuSa 30th Oct. 2016, by Multidimensional Ocean.

Dear ones, we come again to your hearts to wish you to be true to yourselves while on this planet of yours.
Many great deceptions are the results of people accepting the views of those in power too readily. You have been trained not to question authoritative figures and the elite.
Please stop during your day and try to listen to your higher guidance, the one that comes from above. Please allow time for the higher guidance message to come to your heart, it is a slow process, if one is not fully opened.
These days, the focus is to keep humanity on autopilot mode for most of your life. In sleep mode, if you like. So you are kept busy, with your head under, as you say on your planet, with your head down.
You are made to feel fear for authority, fear to express your views, opinions and rise any questions.
You want to go through life unnoticed by those in power, and hope to be left alone, leading a mediocre life, without too much trouble.

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Twinflames and Relationships 24 Oct. 2016 by Multidimensional Ocean

401143_10150431365628931_1019086479_nTwinflames and Relationships 24 Oct. 2016 by Multidimensional Ocean
Twinflames are mostly not meant to be in a relationship. It is a life long journey that they are on, in order to make it in 3D in a relationship or twinflames union.
It happens quite a lot that twinflames meet once the main part of their karmic debt has been cleared or almost cleared. However, in many cases they will need to allow for time and space to close the final chapters of their books.
They will also need to work on their level of consciousness in order to overcome the difficulties that sets them apart. This can be one or several lives long issues that need addressing. A quick fix and a few sweet spoken words and good will, will just not do. Addressing the shortcoming however, and allowing for time may help. However, please understand that there is no guarantee, so have no expectations here. Continue reading

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The importance of protecting animals

14670899_1402816556402629_1659111564406058311_nThe soul of an animal is simple and pure for all of the same vibration to see and appreciate it. In many ways they are a lot more in touch with the real world, without the complications of the head. They are just heart and pure love. Look into those eyes and tell me what you see. I see compassion, intelligence, understanding, wisdom, kindness, love, but also sadness, hurt, doubt, fear and suffering. Blessed be the soul of all living being in the universe.

We need to protect life and animal life, as well as plant life. We must do our best to preserve our planet for future generations and for our own living conditions.

Much love

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October Readings !

Hi guys, since I am more or less back online now, I am in a position to offer readings again to those of you who are interested. Please drop me an email at: if you want to ask. Rates are just donations, so don’t worry too much about moneies. πŸ™‚

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