SaLuSa 6TH April 2020 by Multidimensional Ocean – Earth will carry you into Ascension with Her

Lying in a poppy field. Be fun to find a field will tall grass or ...Dear Ones, we are approaching a pivotal and critical point in the spreading of the light and our efforts will finally be shown for the entire world to be seen. We understand and sympathise with many of you who feel frustrated, ridiculed, mocked, who may even think that they are losing sense of reality. This is all part of the cabal tactic’s to weaken your believe and your strength. They are using all to tricks in the book. They are getting desperate and will soon appear to the entire world at their worst.

They are really starting to show their teeth, as it is said on Earth, and they are at their worst and most dangerous stage right now, as we speak. There are plans within plans, betrayals within betrayals. They are slowly turning against each other as a sense of hierarchy is slowly being lost amongst them, due to a loss of the usual channels of communications generally used. They now that many of you see through their games, so to speak, and are tempted to divulge publicly their true beliefs and get into an all war situation with the Alliance, using far worst weapons and technology ever seen before. They acquired these from their Negative Et Foundations and Relationships. However, they are aware that this would be a war that they will most certainly not win. Continue reading

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David Wilcock Update and transcript for essential news on 4th April video and Mass 4/4 Meditation!

David’s latest video of 4th Aptil 2020. A quick update is given by David before the global meditation

Things are going on behind the scenes.

Don’t be afraid of Donald Trump, there are many people behind him, and he can’t turn into a dictator, because this is not what it is about and he wouldn’t never be left, even if he wanted to (which he doesn’t!).

The Ascension is taking place now. The Great Awakening, the great revealing is the meaning of the Apocalypse. Continue reading

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Singer Duffy says she was drugged, taken to another country and raped

Thanks to Zee !

Singer Duffy: ‘I was raped and drugged and held captive’ 00:54

London (CNN)Duffy has revealed harrowing details of a four-week ordeal during which she says she was drugged at a restaurant on her birthday, taken to a foreign country and raped by an unnamed attacker.

In a post on her own website, the Welsh singer said she was making the details public in order to free herself of her emotional burden and help others who “have suffered the same.”
The “Mercy” singer, who first revealed her trauma in an Instagram post in February, started by warning readers that they might find her account upsetting and advised those unable to “take on someone else’s suffering” not to read it.
“It was my birthday, I was drugged at a restaurant, I was drugged then for four weeks and travelled to a foreign country. I can’t remember getting on the plane and came round in the back of a travelling vehicle,” she wrote.
“I was put into a hotel room and the perpetrator returned and raped me. I remember the pain and trying to stay conscious in the room after it happened.”
Duffy said she escaped by “fleeing” but did not provide details of how she got away, adding she “cannot remember getting home.”
The singer’s representatives declined to provide further clarification to CNN.
Duffy went on to say that she does not know how she had “the strength to endure those days” and that the perpetrator made “veiled confessions of wanting to kill me.”
She said she decided to tell her “dark story” after growing tired of “allowing the rape to become a companion.”
“I no longer wanted to feel that intimacy with it, a decade of that intimacy has been destructive. I had to set myself free. I have been hurt and it would have been dangerous to talk from that hurt place in the past, prior to feeling ready,” she explained.
In the post, to which she linked from her Instagram account, Duffy revealed that she had been warned that telling her story would mean the end of her music career.
“I have been very warned by some I know not to tell you what I am about to tell you. Some alluded that I would pretty much be finished in whatever chances I have to make music publicly again, some have said I would be scorned by the public, another said I would be called selfish that the rapist is still at large.”
But the 35-year-old said: “Deep down I do know it would have been a shame and done such an immense disservice to my existence to just delete myself and forget what I had experienced in music publicly.”
She added that she eventually told a female police officer what happened, after someone threatened to go public with the story.
However, she wrote, “the identity of the rapist should be only handled by the police, and that is between me and them.”
Duffy said she has spent “almost 10 years completely alone,” but now feels she can “leave this decade behind.” She thanked her psychologist for helping her through the trauma.
She concluded the online outpouring by saying she hoped sharing her story “brings me the smile in my eyes, the light in my life, that has been absent for just so long.”
“I can now leave this decade behind. Where the past belongs. Hopefully no more ‘what happened to Duffy questions’, now you know … and I am free.”
Duffy took home the best pop vocal award at the 2009 Grammys for her breakthrough album, “Rockferry.” Her second album, “Endlessly,” was released in 2010, before she retreated from the spotlight.
The following organizations provide confidential support to victims of rape and sexual assault:

In the US:

RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network: 1-800-656-4673

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK

In the UK:

Rape Crisis:

The Survivors Trust: 08088 010 818

The Samaritans (24-hour hotline): 116 123

Continue reading

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🎖️ Covert Ops Rescue: 10 DAYS OF DARNKESS

Our #POTUS delivers on his very important promise with regard to the Executive Order he signed combating Human Trafficking. God Bless all the Children! 💖👶🏼💙⚖️

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POTUS is set to fight Human Trafficking


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A Few Twitter posts so far …

Hi everybody,

here are a few twitter posts from today! I hope you enjoy the round up selection.




I wondered why did POTUS did a gross spelling mistake this morning… hurry ? rush ? doing two things at the same time… No parla English ?





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Benjamin Fulford 4-6-20… “Global System Collapse and Mass Arrests Proceeding; Reset Inevitable”

Kauilapele's Blog

New weekly report from Ben.

“The use of the pandemic or “infodemic” to collapse the current world power structure is proceeding smoothly, many sources agree. There are multiple reports of mass arrests of elites. Some of these can be confirmed by news reports of leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson being confined “because of coronavirus infection.”

“The world is also about to find out that Angela Merkel is Adolf Hitler’s daughter… Also, the White Dragon Society has contacted the U.S. Naval Base at Yokosuka, Japan to file war crimes charges against puppet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for his role in the Fukushima mass murder and other crimes.

“Medical martial law is taking shape as [U.S. President Donald] Trump called up one million reserves and recent military retirees to active duty. War is being declared on Mexican drug cartels, 5G networks have been turned off…

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Important Message from Pres. D. Trump on Twitter


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Sacrificing Children | Missing Kids | Underground Tunnels | MkUltra | Central Park

Caution ! The images in this video will be shocking to many of you

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