Log in works again

Hi everybody,


I was unable to log in for a while… but got a new laptop and i managed to log in again…. hourray !!

I will ask to receive a message at the weekend or even before if possible.

watch this space !!

Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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Heavy duty space storms by Laura Multidimensional Ocean Message from higher self and SaLuSa

Picture1Laura: I have received reports and questions from many Earth souls who are concerned about the current state of affairs either personally or globally. What is going on and can we get our answers from the stars ?
SaLuSa: dear ones, the situation that the planet is facing is rather serious. This is perceived by many souls, especially by the most sensitive ones, who are touched by these energies in a serious way. The feeling is one of an end of a cycle and a sensation of heaviness, and of lack of connection to all that is. You forget yourselves very easily at this time and are suffering because of this. Continue reading

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Available for Readings

Available for readings over the next 3 weeks. Please let me know if you are interested !

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SaLuSa and Higher Self 19th March 2017 – Divine Presence – by Multidimensional Ocean

Dear ones, this week seems to have been full of unexpected delays and disappointments for so many of you. The most sensitive ones have even been prone to many emotional upheaval , which has thrown you into deep states of frustration and anger.

Dear ones, while we encourage some level of challenge in your life, so that you cannot fall asleep for too long, we do recommend that you try to form a suitable environment for your living conditions, so that you have the opportunity to live life in a certain level of balance and that you are able to help those around you. How could you be a light beacon for others, if you cannot deal with your own emotions and negativity yourselves?

When one is prone to strong emotional identification, it is best to try to let go of it, as soon as you can remember who you are and why you are on Earth at this time. Walk away from arguments, strong attachments, and strong identification to your possessions and relationships. Continue reading

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SaLuSa and Higher Self 12 th March 2017 – by Laura Multidimensional Ocean

Dear ones, we rejoice at the rate at which most of humanity is waking up. Even though many of may not suspect so, much of humanity is seeing things the way there actually are. This is due to the hard work of many lightworkers on the planet. You are spreading light and love high above the Earth’s athmosphere and across the planet. Many souls are inspired by your work, dear lightworkers and ground troops. Many of you are working relentlessly night and day, without a shadow of a doubt that Humanity will prevail, that justice and fairness will last upon your planet. Continue reading

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Short words from Higer Self by Miltidimensional Ocean

Sometimes you just have that feeling nearing madness and desperation upon you. No way of shaking it. It just seems that nobody understand us, especially not our twin flame…
The only thing that gives me comfort when it is like that, is knowing that there are 2 beings living through this body: a moral one, made from this Earth and an eternal spirit, made from pure love and light.
Those two are incompatible most of the time, with opposite aims in life, goals etc… the important thing is to manage to keep both those being alive inside

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GFL star ships

cropped-602353_465261976857756_332685255_n.jpgI miss my time onboard the GFL ships. I miss the support, command structure, sense of belonging, dedication and devotion. I miss the collective of a starship. The sense of camaraderie, danger, trust in each other.
I totally enjoyed the technology onboard too.
It is odd how much that sense of still serving, although I am based on Earth now, still exists within myself.
I adored the crazy stunts we used to pull when on those starships. I enjoyed the fast travel, and the feeling of watching over growing civilizations. The sense of not belonging to a planet, but of belonging on a ship, with a crew was very strong. The connection year after year and the bond with the ship and the brothers and sisters onboard was so strong that it was like actually being an integral part of the ship, the ship’s systems, the circuitry even, and connected to every single thought of the members onboard. There were litterally no secrets for each other, as we fully experienced being one on those higher planes.
Please share your own memories, or experiences of your life on a star ship

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