Ascension Update and channeling update – Message from SaLuSa and Higher Self 10 Nov. 2015 by Laura Multidimensional Ocean

communication-between-salusa-from-sirius-and-laura-tycoLaura: Hi SaLuSa, dear friend, guardian and protector!

I wish to know why are there less and less messages coming from you guys ? Is there a particular reason?

SaLuSa: Yes, dear one, there is! I have recently addressed Mike Quinsey’s health misfortunes, much of which were generated by darker energies, wishing for him to retire and who also did try to send him messages passing themselves as me. Mike is no fool and could tell the difference and prefers to withdraw from public messages under those circumstances, which we understand and support. Our power upon your world is only coming from above, and comes as subtle and gentle energy. We are somewhat limited in our actions upon your world as you already know, because it is your world precisely to love, protect and to use for your own growth purposes. Continue reading

Twinflame question

does anybody else feel like their TF can read them like a book and see who you truly are behind all the layers ? I can literally not hide anything from him, and i have the impression that he can literally see what it is that i think and feel. I get the strong impression that he can see into my past lives. It is as if though he reads me like an open book. It is the most wonderful feeling in a way because nobody on Earth can understand me better than he can and respond to all my needs better than him! it is also a little bit scary, as my soul literally stands naked in front of him !


Hi guys ! I am wondering if any of you have seen your twinflame go on fire (figuratively of course), but i mean so madly in love with you, that you can almost see the flames coming from his heart and soul burning of love for you?
I only had this experience with my twin flame, other men came close to this state, but not quite so much.
I wonder is this specific to twinflames to have this kind of love that burns and cleans the soul ? When his being was burning in the flames of love, I was able to see in his soul, who he is/ was and what he means to me.
Have you guys felt something similar perhaps ?

Double Nature – Double Love intersts

Human beings all have two natures: positive and negative, spiritual and material, darkness and light, love and disharmony, old and new, past and present.
I have now come to realize that it is only “human” to have feelings for 2 beings, rather than one under those circumstances. Both sides of us get to have a say on the elected person of their heart.
Add on to that all that has to do with karma / unresolved business and we can now understand why marriage and monogamous relationships are such a difficult things. Twinflamesmatters

SaLuSa 13th September 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean

Dear ones, we come again to you with great news. The walls of illusion are falling apart for many humans, and we do not mean only for lightworkers.

The heavens are allowing more and more help to descend onto your planet. This is either to be born as physical humans, and also to help answer your prayers from the beyond.

There is much joy in heaven in our hearts over the global state of awakening of the human race. This takes place and manifests in your thoughts, hearts and feelings. We are aware of the change as this affects you in a great manner. Continue reading

About Twin flames incarnating in different waves

I am getting this : “twinflames do not have to incarnate together in the same waves, it depends a lot on your life mission and on the upholding your role. It also has to do with what you, and your twin have to individually work on in order to grow, and how you can both best help ascension and vibrations uplifting. contracts are put up together … and usually one of the twins would come down earlier in order to “prepare the ground” for the other twin. This is done in order to help the 2nd twin in the achievement of personal failures of the twin in previous past lives. So the 1st twin help manifest and GIVE (litterally) to the 2nd twin all the was missing in previous lives and that made the 2nd twin suffer such a pain that the soul cannot heal on its own, such a pain that the soul cannot deal with it … so the 1st twin needs to help the healing of that past “