A few posts over at Twinflamesmatters by me

Hi guys, twinflames are opening the way for all divine unions on Earth for future generations and are cleansing histories of their families, bloodlines, hereditaries, countries and ethnic groups.

This works for normal relationships also, at least up to a certain point if you are a twinflame !

Here are a few posts that i have at my other blog:

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Dealing with twin flame emotions 27 Aug 2015

2 –

The three waves of twinflames and their toles – channelled by twinflamesmatters on 28th August 2015.

3 –

The Faith of Twin Flame


There are other posts there on the same topic! so enjoy !! <3


Twinflames New Blog Opened

Hi everybody ! I have opened a new blog dedicated to twinflames. Here it is: https://twinflamesmatterscom.wordpress.com/
Please feel free to visit it on the topic of twinflames <3

Twinflames experiences can benefit to everybody, and to all relationships, so don’t feel that, just because you don’t konw if someone is your twinflame, the topic is irrelevant to you.

My twinflame and I are separated in this life for 17 years. So the blog focuses a lot on separation. However, we are both interested in re-uniting again besides the seemingly impossible obstacles.

Much love. Laura

Closing the Blog ? by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi everybody. After my weekend away it became apparent that I want to take a break from channeling. I have not consulted with SaLuSa or any of the other ascended beings, this comes from higher self and me for personal reasons.
So if you like any of my work in particular, i would recommend that you save it somewhere from the blog:

I may or may not put the blog back online at some point in the future, but the nature of my work will probably change from now on and I also need to look after my personal and work life a little more. Continue reading

SaLuSa 4th August 2015 by Laura Multidimensional Ocean – You are the ones who have to do the journey

a-goddess-central-angelDear ones, we wish to encourage you to go within when you feel doubt, fear or anger. There are many things at the moment that you feel doubts about: Disclosure, Energy, life on the planet, the animal kingdom, finances, etc.
We put it to you that this is food for your head and emotions, others would consider it as a means to keep you distracted by keeping your mind occupied by worries, endless debates, arguments, and power struggles.
This is all part of the illusion that the mind enjoys engaging in in order to distract from the deeper truths. The deeper truth and all the answers can be found within, when you are at peace, when your mind is calm and your emotions are settled. Continue reading

For Cecil, Jericho and all animals on the planet

I believe that all animals, wild life on the planet, in our seas and oceans, and in our skies should have the same rights as humans! Like and share if you agree please ! I know that it will be a problem initially in the food supply, but we can develop and eat lots of alternative protein sources, not involving slaughter houses!

Please sign the petition below from we are people: