Auroradreamflight for 2 – 4th May 2015

bigbangbriangreene500Auroradreamflight for 2 – 4th May 2015
We wish to see many of you onboard for this long weekend. We know that it is difficult to go on a dreamflight journey and to resume work and normal life the following day after you have had some revealing experiences during the dreamflight. Continue reading

Earth, Human Consciousness and a different force -SaLuSa and guides 19 April 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean

iss029e031157Hi everybody


At the moment my channeling is taking a different form. This is evolving into me receiving images and I type the description of the images. I can then zoom in some parts of the image or even of the scene evolving in front of my eyes.

Sometimes, a written message comes as well.

This is very efficient for personal readings, when someone has a question that they wish to ask. I contact the person’s guides or SaLuSa and I get a message for the person for the present situation and indications of the possible evolution.

I am trying to do this for general messages for the blog and for the planet. So I will focus on a question and relate the images that come.


Here is today’s question to SaLuSa and my personal guides. I wish to share the message with everybody.


Laura: What is the current situation with the planet on a psychic level. Where is the human consciousness heading to and are there any dangers right now for us and for the planet?


SaLuSa: We are glad that you are moving your channeling towards a different type of procedure and we are glad to help and to convey images, and words to explain further if necessary.



The Earth from space, it is surrounded by vortexes of clouds here and there. Some parts of the ocean are also taking on this spiral shape as a vortex. The planet is enveloped in this golden aura of light and love. There is a sense of a gentle movement and rotation that keeps everything alive. It is as if the Earth is rocking a child’s bed to calm the child down. She is very caring and loving, just like a loving mother. Her consciousness is in the field around the planet. She is almost looking upon herself as a detached and conscious being, independent from the physical Earth. Continue reading

Higher Energies Guidance – A Message from my guides by Multidimensional Ocean 11 April 2015

images (4)It is important to listen to your inner voice at all times. Messages from Higher Self have several ways of getting to you. The best way is through your subconscious mind. This can happen in many ways. One of the best ways is during sleep, when your subconscious mind is in touch with your conscious min most. The message would then come in your waking mind as if out of the blue, in the middle of your work day or any other daily activities. Most people set those messages aside as if it was a useless fabrication of the mind or of the imagination. However, those are very important. The difficulty is to recognize what is imagination from what is a real message from higher Self. Continue reading

Donations Needed for April Please!

donation-canHi everybody!


thank you so much for the donations in the past few months. March donations were real small (2 people only donated small amounts). So don’t forget that it is time for April donations now.

Also you have the opportunity to get readings done with me for another few days in exchange for donations (not music links or a simple thanks please :). ) Continue reading

Resurrection Message from SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean – 7th April 2015

images (3)Dear ones, we come forward again today with a new message. We wish to tell you more about the Sirian culture and history.

Many Sirians were connected with your Atlantis and Lemuria, but with your Ancient Egypt as well. We worked a lot on healing humans through sound and crystals on Lermuria and on Atlantis.

Later on, when those two civilisations joined with the South America and with Ancient Egypt, we helped our friends settle among the natives of those colonies. Many of us helped build temples and pyramids, and we also helped develop healing and medical treatments there.

In time, our friends died, and we left Ancient Egypt and the South American continent. Continue reading