Donations Needed

Dear friends, a few blog readers have asked me how to make a donation to my website and also in order to provide good hospital care for my father. Thank you so much for your kindness. Please see the link to make do a direct donation :

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The Illusion of the human reality by Multidimensional Ocean 19th June 2021

Life on Earth dates back to billion of years.

Life on Other worlds and planets dates to even more ancient times.

This is due to the Expanding nature of the Universe and of Life.

As living beings, the humans, along with the plant and animal Kingdom are inhabited by the Divine Life Force. Beings who were born and live on other worlds, dimensions, galaxies and planets share that common divine nature. All are part of the True One God of Creator, of Love and Consciousness. The Living God inhabits the worlds and his own creations as part of the expansion nature of Life also.

Indeed all are inhabited by the divine Light of Life. As such all living being and creature and creation deserves to be loved, cared for and respected. Even the minerals, the elements, planets, objects, which are also made of living matter. The difference is in the way that those beings experience time and consciousness.

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Prayers Request

dear Friends, my dad’s situation is desperate. Please pray for his soul and for a miraculous recovery ❤

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“They’re Lying To You”: If Science CAUSED COVID – what’s next?

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Vaccine Gold Rush: Do You Trust Gates?

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Message from the Light 5th June 2021 by Multidimensional Ocean

Laura: why are so many people and the planet going through such an incredibly unique difficult times for the past year ?

Answer: The planet’s suffering has been an ongoing issue for decencies, it intensifies more and more with passing time, and human passivity. Those without conscience and morals do not care about the planet and the life that it supports. They care not about love, kindness, simplicity and God. They wish to make up their own rules and set of conduct made up as suits them along the way. It is not a balance way of living in love and according to the laws of creation. Unfortunately those in power and who control behind the scenes are very crafted in the way of making up other people’s minds, and coming across as all knowing and powerful beings. The art of manipulation, deception, lies and deceit, fulfilling their needs without any remorse for the cost to other lives. This is not a natural situation that man kind is going through for the past decades, nor are the most recent events in epidemics a coincidence. Many of you are listening to their gut feeling and know very well what is going on behind the scenes, The question for you, as an individual is what are you going to do about it ? How will you help the light spread on the surface of the Earth, how you will react to the current on going events ? What will you give up in order to sustain your role as a light worker ? There are times when scarifies need to be made in order to uphold the truth and the light. It is all up to you, in your own hands. Many of you sign petitions, join a movement, meditate, blog, do videos, speak publicly, speak to their friends. You may think that you can only do a little, but it is the consciousness that matters most. Your own conscienceless and the human collective consciousness. Prayers are very helpful to the light, to angels, to ascended life forms from other planets and realms, to Jesus and to God. These are all light workers. You are the ground troupes, but you need to coordinate your work with the higher powers of the universe unseen. Call for their help, call for the light, in prayer, in meditation, in you heart and soul, with all your forces.

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Help for my dad

Dear friends,

I am sorry that I was not able to channel today.

Unfortunately my dad has been battling a serious infection, while he has diabetes. This has been a traumatic experience for my family and at this point, there is almost no hope at all, apart from help from God and higher forces to save his life.

I am asking you, if you could please send him love and healing energy and to pray God for help for us all.

I thank you with all my heart.


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Message from the Light 1st June 2021 by Multidimensional Ocean

Open your eyes to humans, to the world, to compassion, to love, faith and hope.

Be strong in your faith in the unseen forces of the light.

Receive the grace of God, of Jesus, of Holy Spirit.

Focus on the positives virtues, and it will attract more of those virtues. A real gift can be given when we ask for help from above.

Accept that resistance is also part of the path towards the light.

Forgiveness and hope are powerful tools of the Light. Don’t underestimate these powerful gifts.

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Message from the Light 30th May 2021 by Multidimensional Ocean

Laura: are we going through more difficult times ahead and what will help lightworkers get themselves and their loved ones through this time ? How can we influence the planet positively and work for the light in order to support the light and God’s will as light workers ?

Answer: Those of the light intuitively know what to do: pray, meditate, spread love around you, starting within your heart and peace of mind. It is in quiet times and calm that things fall into place. When at rest, free from social and karmic burden, even if for the time of the meditation, then try to align your day life and routine with the path of the light, for the light. It is in your heart that love, patience, truth, sincerity and freedom will grow, like a seed.

If and when you are troubled and burdened by the dark, go within, find support with the Spirit of Light, the spear of truth, the hand of God Creator of all living things. Rest assured that all that is unfolding is part of the greater plan to restore the light upon the planet. It is not in vain that you are on Earth at this time. You are here because you volunteered to help the light. You have been called upon by the higher powers to take part in this amazing Global Ascension. You knew that there would be countless difficulties You knew the risks ahead of being incarnated on Earth, and you all accepted and understood the terms; without any hesitation you decided to go ahead and fight the rampant darkness spreading upon the planet from within. Only incarnated souls can shift the human consciousness, therefore pass on the vibrations of love to Mother Earth, and help her ascend with you all. You knew that the dark would put great resistance for you, as Light representatives and Light Workers, and you all knew the risks and that there would be no time frame or guarantees at all, as this is in fact the first time that such a massive joint effort is made to salvage this pivotal planet, who has suffered countless attacks throughout time.

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Message from the Light by Multidimensional Ocean

MO: The entire world, myself included are in a state of fear and of fear because of the socio- economical crisis due to this medical state of emergency. Will there be an end to this situation soon?

Answer: This entire scenario is contributing to serving the good and for the awakening of the minds and souls to this Earthly experience and to fully comprehend your own power and trust in yourself, as light godlike beings created by the Creator God in his own image.

This can be transformed into an opportunity for your light to shine brightly over your work colleges, your family, and friends. The timing of its coming to an end is not foretold on this occasion, as many more souls still need to awaken and realize their own power and power of creation. The light will shine for ever and ever after and in the afterlife of those who need to leave the planet at this time.

MO: How can we keep hope and trust in a happy development to endure ?

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