Divine Light Within – Short Message from the Angelic Realm by Multidimensional Ocean – 25 Nov 2013



Everybody feels the attraction for the intriguing, the fascinating, the mesmerising, the front of the brain, the doing, the over-thinking. Some of you enjoy reading about how beautiful souls you are, which is true indeed, but we all already know that, so why enjoying reading about it over and over again? What would help everybody is the realization that these are all automatic responses to attractions.

When one responds to attractions instinctively, one no longer sees what is, one enters the illusion fully. To see the illusion, one needs to be present. This means being present in your body, be linked to your spine and to the higher energies running throughout your body. To be linked to life itself, for you are these higher energies, you are made of Stars and of the God spark.

By anchoring yourself in these energies running throughout your body, you can link and live your own divinity. You are representing the God energies on Earth, incarnated at this time into human form, but because of your connection in the moment to the higher energies, you will belong to both worlds: the world of materialism and the world of the divine at the same time.

This literal bilocation as it were, enables you to be the hand of God in the higher densities and in the lower frequencies. By honouring your connection with Higher Self and the divine light, you are bringing light and joy in the place that needs it, and needs you.

Be sure to make room for your light to shine in your life and to show you the direction that you need to take. Renew this light energy connection several times during the day, as if you were looking through binoculars to guide the direction of your day, and to guide your footsteps.

We are the higher energies of the Angelic Realm, we are by your side and we are you as well. Let these higher energy lighten up your body and your soul and you will feel the eternal bliss of the Creator as part of your own being.

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean


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7 thoughts on “Divine Light Within – Short Message from the Angelic Realm by Multidimensional Ocean – 25 Nov 2013

  1. what is the best & most practical way(s) to anchoring myself?
    please do kindly (& urgently) share
    thank you~
    -a truthseeker & starseed from Indonesia-

    • Hi Niki, thank you for your quesition. I am afriad I don’t have an instant solution. In my experience it is a life long journey of constant return to the body and the spine, or rather to the sensation of the energies running through my body and animate this body, which would be an empty shell without the divine light running through it. The best way i find is finding support from others by joining a spiritual group. it takes huge amount of practive and patience to try to be present in every step, at every breath, and during every thought. It is a good question to pursue. I hope that you will find supporting group around you. xo

    • Niki,

      This is a personal question. The answer lies within your own heart. Following the teachings of another will only lead to their doorway, which you cannot enter. If you are quiet in your mind and listen to your heart you will find what works for you. Seek only self (heart) awareness. This is where you will find all of your answers. But you must trust what you find, no mater how strange. Each one of us is unique. If it feels like peace it is worth exploring.

    • Hi Niki! I saw your request for some practical ways to anchor yourself, and I just wanted to share what is working for me. I’ve discovered the “gates” that are most effective in elevating my spirit so that I am one with all of heaven include worshiping through music, free talk (prayer) and being outside. My fellowship with God is increasingly nearing constant, full of gratitude for EVERY little thing, and becoming quite bold.

      I first started feeling the persistent and consuming energy of presence and simultaneous deliverance when I privately kept surrendering this life and asking God to use me as his vessel. Initially, when I struggled with “popping out” because of my consciousness of the presence of other people, I’d question my own sincerity. By working through many of my trust issues, I’m seeing compartmentalization in my life turn to congruency and consistency restoring trust in God and myself. Before I could anchor myself in the divine reality, I had to trust the divine reality.

      By “practicing” (anchoring) the use of my gateway tools (near constant chat sessions with God, music, nature) when alone, I was able to identify my authentic way of living and my role as a dual citizen of heaven and earth.

      Weekly, I attend worship with others, allowing me to gauge my progress of my own unity within. Do I worship the same as when I’m alone? Am I comfortable revealing my true relationship with God regardless of other’s opinions? It didn’t take long for me to notice my increasing stability, and soon thereafter, I started feeling my role of being a bridge linking heaven and earth. I could feel God’s grace, mercy, and love flowing through me to others. It then got to the point that I was able to sense all other worshippers as my future companions of heaven. I began seeing all people as one. It developed into a feeling of helping to lift the collective praise upward, and then, ultimately, I began to see others as my co-heirs to His Kingdom being built here on Earth right now. Soon thereafter, I became aware of receiving the Christ energy from fellow believers as well. In essence, ALL ports are open for bilateral traffic. The swirling of all of these energies has made it much easier to remain anchored.

      Another tool I us is to envision or encourage awareness of the presence of the company of heaven around me at all times. I might focus on the angels walking along side of me, Jesus dancing over me, Jehovah’s courtship of me in the night air as we dance, my head on his lap when I’m mourning, and one of my favorite realty checks (they’re all so wonderful) is his kiss on my cheek. At worship, I began sensing the presence of God directly above us surrounded by angels. From there, it has grown into prayers of helping to usher in the company of heaven for all to partake of.

      A couple other things that have seemed to help me include a wiliness to abandon my earthly perspective for God’s grander view. Additionally, responding to every conscious God thought (an apology I need to offer someone, helping a stranger, picking up a piece of litter, giving into an impulsive urge to hug someone or clean up a public restroom, letting someone else check out first etc.) makes it much easier for me to remain anchored.

      It is an ongoing, individualized process and focus, but the internal growth is undeniable. God is faithful in revealing and leading us to a shared divinity. His encouragement, affirmations, and assistance abound if we’ll just take one step toward him, the owner of bliss!

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