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Of Love Medicine



He is sweet to my heart, dear to my soul.

He is gentle power and song to my soul.

He is kindness embodied, cavalry to the rescue

He heals with a smile

Embraces with his hands

His body conducts the forces from above

Into this realm of sorrow, sadness and injustice

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To Have It Written Down

images (3)New couple, old couple, eternal pair.

New mission, old mission, all in the end is just the same,

Illusion of choice, of love, of freedom.

Illusion of life, and illusion of death.

Room full of souls entrapped in those human bodies.

Eternal souls with trapped memories,

Parts forgotten, some returning in a blur.

Eternal thick Midst, white smoke leaving the room. Continue reading


July 25, 2013

1002079_360192064102787_1189236847_nHi guys, I decided to dedicate a blog just to my poems and writings, no channelings or light work there, just poems and all aspects of the human soul. Just being me, typing what comes to mind, and doing some experimental writings. I hope you will visit the blog regularly. I may post one or towo poems here from time to time a a reminder of the blog’s exixtence. Here is the link:

The link is also on the side bar with the picture of the lioness with her baby in her mouth 🙂
This is my second one
An Iceberg Floating on the Horizon

Floating on the Horizon
Floating on the horizon of my mind, an iceberg.
It is heavy, white, and immovable.
It is solid, and nothing bothers it.

Nothing moves it, nothing would make it go out of its way.
I am here, in front of it, still, staring at it.
I am also immovable, i begin to reproduce its state.
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