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Caring and loving – A Short Message from Source by Multidimensional Ocean

12=1There is always a love connection deep within everybody’s heart, even when one is not fully aware of it. The love connection often comes from higher realms, via the higher self, and via non-incarnated beings of love and light.

The connection is easily felt throughout the day, provided that you, yourself are grounded within and connected to the higher spheres consciously. Consciousness is key to love unions. Love is easily felt from one being to another, it happens automatically in our ordinary state. This is why we feel a natural good disposition toward some people, and not so much towards others. It happens very quickly on a subconscious level. Continue reading

Fountain of Rejuvenation – Laura

mf-1179sAt the end of my meditation today, I was shown a wonderful water fountain. It was made of some kind of light pink coloured marble and stone mix, the water flowing from within was a pure crystalline blue and transparent.

I was given words along these lines:

The light lives within the human bodies.


One must see and feel one’s own light before being able to truly acknowledge the light in others and in all living beings. Continue reading

SaLuSa and Higher Self Connection from Now on — Multidimensional Ocean – YouTube



(please listen to the audio recording if you can for the complete message)

Update on Channeled Messages:

I am receiving more and more information from the Higher Realms, and at a faster and faster speed. I find that speaking and doing recordings allows me to say more than writing information down. People also feel a higher benefit from the voice frequency.

I will of course continue with written work as well, but will still do more audio recordings than before.

As a matter of fact I had agreed to do channeled work only until the 21st Dec. 2012 with SaLuSa and with other Ascended beings. I will still receive messages from above, but only when they contact me themselves, not the other way around.

I was even asked to stop my Aurora dreamflight messages in fact. The reason for that is to encourage people to receive their own guidance directly from Source, and their higher self. It is preferred that we no longer rely on channeled messages and be in a way “spoon fed” by the ascended masters. We can all directly get in contact with Source.

They would like to see more of us make contact directly with our Higher Self. Continue reading

Message from Source by Multidimensional Ocean, 22 Aug 2012

I would like to share with you the feeling and informations I have received this morning during my preparation for the day meditation.

First never believe that you are alone, lost or that nobody cares about what will happen to humans, planet Earth and to you in particular.

You all have personal angels, and guardian protectors assigned to your own person, these people watch over us day and night, they tend to keep us from harm’s way, by being able to transmit certain feelings and impressions to us. For instance, when it is best to avoid a person, you would find it impossible to speak to them for a multitude of reasons. There is no coincidence there. Continue reading