To Have It Written Down

images (3)New couple, old couple, eternal pair.

New mission, old mission, all in the end is just the same,

Illusion of choice, of love, of freedom.

Illusion of life, and illusion of death.

Room full of souls entrapped in those human bodies.

Eternal souls with trapped memories,

Parts forgotten, some returning in a blur.

Eternal thick Midst, white smoke leaving the room.

For a fleeting moment the fog lifts,

Memories and mission become one,

Peace at heart is found with the found again purpose.

Liberation and letting go takes place.

Tears poor down, memories flow in,

Future enters also into the consciousness,

Possibilities revealed to all.

Two strong pillars made to last.

Continuation and ending the mission is paramount.

All other considerations are secondary and expendable.

Mission must resume at all cost, it has for thousands of generations.

Both links in the chain will fulfil their rule once again.

Guardians and peacekeepers

Through time, planets, black holes, civilisations.

Renew your powers of love and your love for humanity.

The mission never ends in truth.

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