Of Love Medicine



He is sweet to my heart, dear to my soul.

He is gentle power and song to my soul.

He is kindness embodied, cavalry to the rescue

He heals with a smile

Embraces with his hands

His body conducts the forces from above

Into this realm of sorrow, sadness and injustice

He is music to the soul of men

He is music to my gentle heart

He is inspiration, power, and beauty.

He is light into the darkness,

He is the son of God on Earth,

He is the one who can save this planet with our help.


He is calm and storm at the same time.

He is peace in the heart and ignites the love flame

He is deep and mighty.

He is a unique soul energy.

God protect him always, as you would your only son.


Multidi Ocean

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5 Responses to Of Love Medicine

  1. tina says:

    Who is the poem about? Salusa? Can i ask what is your relationship with him exactly. Are you guys lovers? Im just very questionable. What was it like when he merged his consciousness wiht yours? Sounds like a romance to me. I question this because why would a being that advance want to be romantic with a human woman. Isabel said he proposed to her! Just asking because he was in my apartment a few times and spoke a few words to me. It wasnt any were near your connection, but im hurt because he ridiculed me through you. The messages when he said some people this and some people that, he was talking about me, which made me feel insignificant.
    So now i feel insulted and i also feel worthless and unliked. Thats all im not trying to be negative if your having a blissful experience thats good i guess, just keep in mind hes not loving and nice to every body, maybe he doesnt like Americans i dont know. Take care. Love Tina

    • Hi Tina,

      this poem has nothing to do with SaLuSa at all. no worries. I channel him because he is one of my main spiritual guides from Sirius. Nothing else really. He is a guide and Archangel from Sirius, which is a planet where I lived in a life long time ago. I also worked for the Galactic Federation for a long time, and this is my Earth assignment in this life, but the GF are helping me and guiding me through my work on Earth. There is nothing romantic about it, it is very different from human relationships. it is like a huge loving and caring family. πŸ™‚

  2. tina says:

    Loving and caring family? Then why does he Ridicule me some times? In 2011 he said why do you look down when you walk? Were watching you on our screens. I was so self conscious and feeling so ashamed of myself also feeling they can come into any room in my apt, even in the bathroom, i asked have you seen me naked? And he replied you agreed to this before you incarnated.I am a very modest woman and dont like the fact that my privacy was open to others from another planet. Does this bother anyone else? I feel uncomfortable and judged. An angel would not do that to a human. I have had 4 years of struggling worse than at any other time in my life. I have been on a spiritual path for a long time, the Mother came to me when i was 5 and taught me how to meditate, this life has been very challenging like many others, i dont appreciate being criticized by Salusa at all. A year or so ago i said out loud when is the currency reset going to happen, i want to be free, and i heard a male voice scoff currencies hu. I was disturbed by this. So i just asked because i want to put in perspective who and what are there motives for all of this. I am hurt and i walk around now feeling ugly and un loved. Thank you for responding. He doesnt want to talk to me. Love Tine

    • yes I agree with you Tina about what you are saying. however how can you be sure that you are talking about SaLuSa and not someone who wishes to pass himself for him? What you describe does not sound at all like the beings that I am in contact with. I would get the house checked for ghosts, or something like that. Best of luck ❀

    • I too can’t see beloved SaluSa in what you told about this being. SaLuSa loves all beings and would never scoff at you or another human and he would also not judge anybody. I asked SaLuSa and he told me he has never been in your appartment. I know from own experiences that there are beings who pretend to be him or any other lightbeings too. Please be careful and clean your apt. energetically. Use the violet flame or smudging or both.
      And yes, I will marry SaLuSa when I am back home. He is my husband in all eternity and we have been married since eternity. Only my own descending to 4D in preparing for this incarnation makes it necessary for us to marry again as it would not be seemly for me in my social position on Sirius to live with him without being his wife.
      Much love to you ❀

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