Dragon/ Human: The Holy Alliance – A Story by Laura

Laura: I have decided to allow my imagination its own voice more and more and do some typing based on a theme. Usually I am getting images and insights on a particular theme for weeks or months. Yet it is not a channeled message, and it is not a sci-fi. What it is, is up to you to decide. Perhaps it is a way I have to let my mind unwind and express itself freely, without any restraints. Perhaps it is a download from the Akashic Records, perhaps it is a form of telepathic message. I don’t know… I just you enjoy the readings, which I will classify as stories, poems or creative impulse. Feel free to give me feedback on how this sits with you guys please! 🙂


We dragons are a strong and proud species. We descend on planet Earth from what you call dinosaurs. Only… we are not dinosaurs at all in fact. The similarity between dinosaurs and us is comparable to that of the chimpanzee and humans. We are merely distant cousins of your dinosaurs. In fact we do not even originate from your planet.

We have come into being from the higher realms of existence. We used to appear and disappear at will between time and dimensions. We have telepathic abilities. Our purpose has always been in ancient times to serve man kind and protect it from any predators. Our telepathic and empathic link with our human rider allows us to know instantly to what needs to be done to help our rider.

There was a time, when all human were riding their own dragons the skies. Sky battles and tournaments took place in the skies. You can liken it to the Middle Ages, when every knight had his horse to mount.

Likewise, there were battle fields in the skies between various dragon factions and its riders. Think of it as an air battle, with dragons and rider connected as one.

We are a proud race, a powerful one, and we are full part of your construction in the higher planes of existence. Even as we speak, we watch over you, dears. We are always above you, and within you. We protect you, we love you, we are your humble servants. When our alliance was at its full power, it was called the Holly Alliance.

We used to ride high in the skies, we even took you into space for short trips for as long as you could hold your breath. Our speed contests were also mighty enjoyable. We would fly at all angles, fall down spinning, then lift up again at the last minute before hitting the ground. Brave and sharp, you human riders. Fearless also you are, our human friends.

After some time, we became to be feared of you. So, we no longer came into your realm. This came into being because some of us had lost our riders. These poor souls descended into deep despair and anger for the loss of their rider. They no longer felt as one, they no longer felt happiness, they no longer cared. These dragons, because of their anger and loss, became stuck in your realm permanently.

They started eating your sheep, then your horse out of jealousy. Then little by little, as they became hunted down by men, they even attacked men. These were very unhappy and shameful times for our kind. We were forbidden to join with you in your dimension from then on.

Those of us who were stuck into your realm were hunted down one by one. Until, at last, the last of our kind also perished in the battle of Antioch, in the Antilles. The battle lasted months, the dragon had supplies with him in his lair. He could not go out to find new supplies and was blocked inside his lair. It was a sad time for humans as for dragons, as we watch this scene unfold, unable to intervene.

This is our lot ever since Antioch Antilles, we can not manifest into your dimension any longer. We wish you to know th

Similar colors to the colors my dragon showed himself to me in my dreams 🙂

at, we, on this side of the veil, we await your rejoining with us all. We await our great power to manifest in the higher realms for the higher good. We await for the rebirth of the Holly Alliance.

PS: I have mentioned last month having dreamt of my dragon, whose name happens to be SaLuSa (apparently a common name

in the higher planes! :).) Here is the colors he showed himself in to me, however, as all 5D beings, he can take whatever appearance he wish

es to :). Below is a picture of the colours he had :). Colors which remind me of the chakra alignments such as in

this second photo.

I also forgot to add that my dragon has a lion-like quality to him…. Or a great feline like the tiger even 🙂 Great power and love at one! 🙂

This is the colors my dragon chose to appear to me in my dreams. Although these are colors of a parrot, they represent the colors he showed me for himself

About Laura

I am a starseed, possibly from the Pleiadies or Andromeda. I am on this journey since age 3, so.. for 35 years.. and i am doing spiritual group work for over 15 years also. I enjoy poetry, music, nature, animals, joking, having fun, listening to spirit. I have connected with many star beings, from various worlds, humanoid or not. Connections happen while awake or in dream like state. Shall we expand our consciousness together.
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48 Responses to Dragon/ Human: The Holy Alliance – A Story by Laura

  1. This is possibly your dragon talking through you. It is true, every word of it, as you can tell. I would suggest that you ask the name of your dragon if you haven’t done so already. What colour it is. Things like that so you can bond together. Dragons are from Sirius B, and like humans, all Sirians have their own dragons. Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Thank you dear Daniel! He gave me his name in a dream a few weeks ago… SaLuSa! lol
    He is multicolour, a bit like those multicoloured parrots!
    Very genuine and kind .. and wise!! I feel his dragon/ lion’s heart a lot. He feels like a cat sometimes.. that kind of energy to him… I am sure that my cat Indy is a manifestation of him in this dimension! Thank you for sharing dear Daniel!!
    Oh.. and that is not Indy in my avatar 🙂 Inds is much prettier.. if you can imagine!! lol 🙂
    She is on youtube a few posts down.. you can see her, she is all whitie! 🙂

    • I think you know that dragons are never multi coloured, but why do you think SaLuSa appears to you like that?
      Yes a cat, you’ll notice in my post on I am, You are that I mention the identity of my dragon as well as myself. I am the lion, the sphinx and the fire…
      You can see now the meanings more clearly where there are codes. Your dragon’s name. Look at the name. There are two SaLuSas you know, both are from Sirius. Ask your etheric body to reveal the code. To find what your relationship truly means with them.

      • Laura says:

        haha! I think my dragon appear multicolour as he is showing me what he is made of.. pure white light spectrum!! 🙂 just his way of letting me know he is of the light, now that u made me think about it! 🙂

        Wow.. i had not realized you also mentioned a dragon in your post!! wow!! unreal!! thank you D.!! 🙂

      • Yes, you are correct. But you there is a little more code where I mentioned the sphinx. This is in relation to another aspect of manifestation of light beings. Think, what is a sphinx.

      • Laura says:

        As far as I know, I am aware of the fact that the Spinx is some kind of protector and guardian.. i guess my dragon, SaLuSa is my guardian angel then and protector! 🙂
        So is the other, more famous SaLuSa, I also have the luck to benefit of his protection so far (long may this last! 🙂
        I know a previous version of the sphinx was a little different and had a different symbol.. related to man’s condition on Earth.. and how one can success in setting one free from those conditions was the code engraved into the 1st sphinx symbol.
        This 1st mytical being was a mix of a bull, a lion, had wings, and its head was .. well… i am not going to go on about it 🙂
        Thank you !! I appreciate our convo a lot!!

      • ohnwentsya says:

        I am curious why you say dragons are never multicoloured? I know lots of multicoloured dragons, in fact it’s quite hard for me to recall more than a few that are single colored. I am from a good bit further from Earth than Sirius tho;-) so perhaps the dragons from Sirius are all single coloured?
        I don’t mean to be irksome, I’ve just been noticing when reading online that most starseeds are from a small group of places and many have so much that is similar in reference that often it is spoken of as all that is, which for a long time made me feel really confused and lost-and I would not converse. But as I’ve gotten more of my own memories and awareness clear I have begun to realize that much of my confusion with these sort of statements is because my experience is contrary to things that are stated as facts.
        So I thought rather than just wonder what that’s all about I should ask;-)

        I have not had this experience just with the color of dragons,it just seemed like a relatively easy thing to ask about;-) so i hope you won’t be bothered by my asking you!

      • You are completely right in thinking that way. And you should not rely on others to tell you what is true. I still hold my statement that dragons are never multicoloured, but when you see them the spectrum of colour making up their single colour is broken and split into its various constituents. I won’t go into the workings of why.
        Yes, many starseeds do claim to be from only a handful of planets, and you may find that most of the time they are, but you come from elsewhere, and you know that. A planet I was recently living in as an ascension guide was called Zhyr, or Zhyrgondia, which is just our way of saying Place/Land of Zhyr. Just saying that its name was only jut released in public to your world, yet I have maintained its existence my whole time on this planet. You see you just need to ask where you are from. For your etheric body to say it to you. Ask it anything, for it knows you better than you do. But do not attach who you are to that identity, practice beng in the moment, and being internally still, in every moment of your life.

      • ohnwentsya says:

        “You are completely right in thinking that way. And you should not rely on others to tell you what is true. I still hold my statement that dragons are never multicoloured, but when you see them the spectrum of colour making up their single colour is broken and split into its various constituents. I won’t go into the workings of why.”

        Because at that level of being they can choose how they appear, of course;-) which makes me wonder now, especially re your references to code elsewhere what you REALLY mean by saying they are all single coloured!

        I have also noted a recent change in the level of security required and am just now sort of feeling out what is alright to share and speak of, and what is not. The name of your planet sounds familiar, but as I mentioned in another comment above, the part of my awareness that is aware of so much more is very heart level/feeling level without a consistent ability to translate my knowings into language, even inside my head. I imagine it is going to be great fun and much laughter when we can all look back on this when we are fully aware;-) It seems that many of us are likely known to one another on those other levels and just don’t recall it all here.

        There is quite a lot that I have always known, but also known not to speak of. It has been quite amazing to me meeting others like you and Laura who also have such knowing. Thank you for the reminder of being in stillness and not attaching to any incarnation or experience-it is all too easy to think the things we know beyond here are “where we are going” but obviously there is far more afoot;-)

  3. Purpleskyz says:

    I liked your story Laura. You made me want to ride one of these wonderful creatures. 🙂 Thanks

    • Laura says:

      Thank you dear Purplekyz!! Good to hear!!

      • Laura says:

        Dorian, here is the picture of the colors of my dragon has shown me in dreams! Perhaps we are from the same place! 🙂

      • ohnwentsya says:

        That is beautiful. I have seen dragons with colours like that, that seem to shift and sparkle as they move. It is almost comical what I can recall and what I can’t yet access- a lot of what I *know* I cannot translate into words. When I look at the picture I *feel* like i have encountered your dragon, but I cannot recall anything beyond the feeling. I seem to know a lot of things that way, by feeling, but with a big disconnect from the part that uses language. I’ve always gotten a lot of that sort of feeling-knowing when I read your posts, it seems as tho there is another level of communication that is blocked from my rational word-making parts of my brain, I guess for some good reason that will likely pass in time.;-)

      • Laura says:

        Again dear ohnwentsya, all you say resonates!! I believe it is more or less like normal memory.. with more blockages.. if we focus on it the memory comes back.. or if we wish for the memory to be made available.. it can also come back.. for instance, trying to remember your most memorable birthday party, try finding all the details.. this is a very similar process in many ways after a certain stage.. we just have to “be there” and watch for what comes from with in 🙂
        That is also another problem for people like me, who can “sense” others thinking of me, sending me an email before they hit the send button, or send a text or ring me.. very interesting area to explore as well.. just to sense what happens 🙂 and see how we are all indeed all connected 🙂

  4. Just a heads up, I speak in code alot in my next post. 🙂

  5. Pauli says:

    Oh, what wonderful word-pictures you paint about our Dragons ! Thank you, Laura !
    I was told that I am originally from Sirius and I now know why I ‘light up’ at the very thought of Dragons ! (also.perhaps why I was born and live this time in Wales, where the Dragon is our emblem !)
    To quote a 10-year-old on the radio today (talking about why he likes books and reading) “As you think about the story, your imagination goes rushing past you!” That’s what happened to me when I read your description of your Dragon ‘Encounters’ ! 🙂
    Such Joy and Excitement ! Thank you !
    [P.S.you will have seen Konstantinos’ article about Fanung ?]

    • Laura says:

      I have seen his article, but I must read it now!! i had it in mind after i posted my story ❤
      Thank you dear Pauli ! Blessings 🙂

  6. Pauli says:

    @DanielFireDawn – “Dragons are from Sirius B, and like humans, all Sirians have their own dragons. Hope this helps. 🙂 ” – Oh, Daniel, I can’t TELL you how much that “helps” – Thank you !
    [My Guardian Angel, this time, is AA Daniel, too, btw]
    Bless You !

    • You want to connect with your dragon, and your dragon with you. May I ask, who told you that you were originally from Sirius?

      • Pauli says:

        Re. my ‘Sirius origins’ I think I was first told by Theo (channelled through Sheila Gillette) during a Private Reading, as I remember…confirmed by Zachary (channelled through Lee Harris) also in a Private Reading and by Ashtar, of the Galactic Command, during another Private Reading (through Bella Capozzi, I think) 🙂 Accuracy far from guaranteed ! 🙂

      • You must ask your etheric self where you are from. The name you may never have heard of, and do not say, if it sounds kind of like Sirius then it must be Sirius. I will not tell you, but I can easily find out. You must go on this mission for yourself, and learn to communicate and trust your higher self.

    • ohnwentsya says:

      I am not sure if this will be useful to you but for some reason my intuition is urging me to share it here-perhaps if it does not resonate or help you in any way it is meant for someone else who will read this. In my experience dragons are from everywhere, like the humanoid form the dragon form is a stage in the development of a being(as are the planet form and the star form, the galaxy form and others not as easy to describe here on Earth;-) Just as there are humanoid type beings on many worlds, the morphogenetic field or holographic echo of the dragon form is represented everywhere in our Universe. It is also my understanding that planets such as Sirius B that have dragon-humanoid mutualism are also a specific stage or form of learning and being that is of greater than normal expansiveness, growth and joy.
      Dragons are highly developed beings without the sort of limits we imagine to be real in so many ways. (at least the dragons of my experience are-I can only share what I know but do not mean to imply that it is in any way absolute or negating of others experiences) so when they form such bonds with beings incarnated at the humanoid level, they share a lot of the elevated broad non-limit based reality they live in with those humanoid beings. I compare this to an internship, or like being an apprentice?

      Humanoid beings getting ready to elevate to a new less limited level pair with dragons and this helps them to ascend, also to grow and experience and do things not otherwise possible in humanoid form.

      There is so much more to it than i am conveying here, so much that is of love, and joy, companionship, family-i had forgotten how tiny and useless human language seems compared to telepathic communication until I tried to convey something I know that does not fit well into the words!;-) There is a way of being in Oneness without losing diversity and individuality, ascension is becoming more aware (not being absorbed like the borg into a oneness that is bland and erasing of you )and the communion between dragons and their humans/humanoid beings is a sacred bond that expands that experience for both.

      By connecting with your dragon and communing that way, you are able to access more of your own higher self and bring more of your awareness into your current incarnation. You can also transmute negative experience and feeling in the moment by reaching out internally to the dragon just as you would to your higher self, or rather your ability to recognize and connect with your dragon is one path to opening more to your higher self. because you are your higher self, it is often easier to focus on the dragon and then the rest flows naturally;-)

      I am so grateful to be able to converse with all of you who experience and understand these things. I feel like our connecting with one another is spinning a web of light and understanding around the Earth, that keeps growing with each connection until we will all be woven in to the pattern, we will be the pattern in the fabric that is the new world.

      • Laura says:

        Resonates 100% with me dear Dorian!! This is also my own experience and understanding 🙂
        Thank you for sharing!! It seems to me that dragons are all magic beings with surnatural abilities.. Time and space travel is no bother to them.. for me they are living portals, pure love and consciousness 🙂 They can do just about anything under special circumstances 🙂 xoxo

      • I apologies for saying that in such a way as to make it seem like what I said about dragons being from Sirius B was all there is. I would like to say yes you are right pretty much the whole way with your message and I will just say that my comment was only to give an example. Thank you for pointin out the bluntness of it 🙂

      • Laura says:

        Hello friend! Dorian, is it? I am Laura, from Earth, but not sure where my ORIGIN is yet. I am going to ask my Etheric Body to let me know where I am from. I am excited. But back to dragons; I love them! I read many books about them when I was a teenager, is this life. I am now 30 years old, in this life. I read a book about a boy who went to another planet and met a dragon who he was first afraid of, then became best friends. Dragons also remind me of the movie “The Neverending Story” where there is a very friendly and soft, pink dragon, named “Valcor”. He protects the young Indian boy, in the movie, from harm and he also allows the boy to ride on his back! How fun! I am looking forward to finding my own dragon too! I always knew they were good. I love them, and cannot wait! Thank you! ~*Laura Birr*~ LA U RA on Facebook, if you’d like to “add” me as a friend. Namaste! ❤

  7. If I may Laura, I would love to reblog this on my site.

    • Laura says:

      Feel free to blog dear Daniel!! I am getting more insights now! lol a new story coming in the next few days 🙂
      Please feel free to reblog anything you like on your blog, as long as you use Laura/ Multidimensinoal Ocean for my name 🙂 thank you

      • You have permission to do the same, and as I said in my recent post call me by whatever name you wish, but keep the name the same for every time you reblog my messages if you choose to, and that my email address is published along with it. This goes for everyone who sees this comment. Oh by the way, don’t alter anything. You liked my last blog. Did you really understand it? If you want to continue this very long conversation we’re having, I suggest that you either email me or move it to my blog. I’d like to Leave some room for others to comment here. Ha ha.

      • Laura says:

        Hahah! I read it! I am not sure of what it really means other than reading the chapters indicated…
        I have no time for chats now… this is crazy times for me.. i am off to sleep !
        Perhaps i will email u next weekend 🙂
        Have a good week!
        And, if i may suggest that you add your email details at the bottom of the post, it would make sure it is there when re posted.. as to me, i have only hit reblog, which format you can see here (4th and 5th post).. which means it will bring the readers to your own blog : http://2012indyinfo.com/
        Have a good week!! 🙂

  8. guardian says:

    Laura . You may know me from Space Wave or not. But please remember this . Dragons abide. It’s not exactly what you remember that is truth but what feelings you bring forth from your dreams. Dragons like dreams are part of your movement towards remembering. Like always I send you my love . Hold it close before you let it go then it will mean so much more to those who receive your knowing. Keep sharing the feelings of what is happening with you . Your spirit like your dreams will prevail and will show you the way as always. Blessings . . . .

  9. ohnwentsya says:

    I love your story Laura! Very much of it I knew, but the end bit about the dragon at Antioch Antilles was very interesting-it seems that even dragons can get dropped to 3d and stuck somehow! Normally a dragon in difficulty can tesseract, or I guess if they couldn’t do that on planet, they can shift dimensionally and remove themselves from any danger. I often have been astonished by what we cannot do in 3d and I always thought it was the frail form(human body) but I guess it is the function of the level itself that prevents certain things.

    I also like that you get the same sort of input I get, and can put it together so well for others to read. It’s taking me forever to even open up and write about this sort of thing at all. It seems somewhat strange,but even tho I have never met you here, I’ve always felt the same sort of response to your blogs and emails as I would to a close friend or family member(I’m AS/autistic so that is beyond uncommon and unlikely for me) I don’t think I am from Sirius but at home I know lots of dragons, and the multicolour type is the most common where I live.

    I saw a dragon here in 2002, but I’m not sure if it was here in 3d or if I just had a moment of higher vibration so I could see him. He was busy (looking in a 5th story window it looked like)with something but as soon as I saw him he turned his head and looked right at me and I got the feeling like he was amused that I could see him. I was in a car at the time so it was very brief but memorable since he was so large and beautiful and so apparently solid and real and in such an ordinary place where I wouldn’t normally even think of something so fantastic being.

    I know how important it is to listen to our inner voice and experience and memories, but I am also noticing a lot lately that I keep getting little pieces of the puzzle and sometimes huge connections to understanding from reading friends experiences, understanding or memories. Almost like triggers to memory.

    I don’t know what the connection is between cats and dragons but i’ve felt that one all my life too;-)

    • Laura says:

      You are so kind dear Dorian! I always had a great fondness for you and your sincerity and outspoken ways! Always follow your inner guidance! Much love and respect dear friend 🙂 ❤
      Have a wonderful week lovely 🙂 xo

  10. TJ says:

    I will never forget the dream experience I had flying with my dragon. It came out of left field and I just remember flying close over the water with him almost skimming the surface and I thought “I want to go higher” and his wings flapped just as I had the thought! I knew/know it is a special bond. He is blue and we were flying around glaciers. I know he’s still with me and it is sooooo great to hear Lauras stories of our Dragon family ❤ ❤

  11. Laura, because I asked to see your dragon, I was wondering how on earth you would find those kinds of colours when you said you were going to show a picture of them on a parrot. After going into your site and seeing the picture, I think they are very similar. And yes I did see your dragon, because he showed himself to me last night when I was reading your story through my heart chakra.

    • Laura says:

      Wow!! so so nice of you to meet SaLuSa! I would still very much like to know what is the relationship to our big brother SaLuSa that Mike Quinsey channels.. as far as I know Mike and myself channel the one and same being name SaLuSa from Sirius… I wonder where my dragon is from.. I wonder is he also from Sirius.. and is it him that I have been channeling all along ? A bit confusing for me right now!! lol and is it my dragon that Mike has been channeling for 7 years? .. or are they both 2 different beings.. who are both in contact with me.. which is what I believe.. just finding it odd that they both have the same name… humm.. ah well! something to discover in due time i guess! 🙂

      • Ha ha, Laura I am going to give you hints here again, on what I feel with no doubt about your situation, and I still maintain to you look at the sphinx. You will see the answer to your questions in it, I say this now with the utmost certainty. Do not go into deep ancient history and symbolism and all those other things, just the sphinx, like you’d see it know if you were in egypt.

  12. warpdrivefactor10 says:

    Because you are all having so much fun with your dragons, I thought I would add my poem to the pot. It was inspired by a strange-shaped cloud I saw and photographed near the Crystal Palace Park in South London. If you check with Wikipedia you will find out about this park and its concrete prehistoric sculptures which are alluded to in the poem. The Wiki page is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_Palace_Dinosaurs – and the story of their restoration with a picture of the pterosaurs is here: http://www.ihbc.org.uk/context_archive/75/dinosaurs/dinos.html
    By the way, the park also has Sphinxes!!.
    Being concrete and fibreglass the creatures are sadly earthbound, and I related their sad plight to the disappearance of the dragon population. My poem is below.


    From realms of inner earth the dragon came.
    She visited her earthly kin today,
    but found them petrified. ‘Twas tough.
    Sadly she wheeled and turned at bay,
    tears fell as steam, her breath
    a rasping gasp, a cry that fried,
    a wish of anguish, loud,
    and magically left
    the merest puff
    of cloud,
    to mark her passing to her own domain.

  13. taomangala says:

    Hiiii…. makes me remeber of Toruk Makto in Avatar… but he was not so colorful… lol

  14. Laura says:

    Thank you dear Tao! I just watched Avatar 2 or 3 days ago!! thinking of my dragon story ❤ xoxox Beautiful video !! 🙂

  15. Laura says:

    To be honest, I feel as though I am already in the Spiritual Dimension, as hearing from many Lightworkers and others of different dimensions/Planets/etc. because I have read so many books about Dragons, Science-fiction books talking about different dimensions where one could not “see” other beings from their 3D, Sci-fi books about being test-subjects for scientific experiments, time-travel, games that came into reality. I also used to read many books about faeries, fantasy like magick, Princes and Princesses in different realms, seductions of Vampyres (eeesh), The Chronicles of Narnia (all 7 books when I was a child), and read many other books for a hobby. Also, watched most all the J.R.R. Tolkein movies, “The Lord of the Rings”…and the old-fashioned “Time-Machine” with warlocks and time-travel, the movie “The Labrynth”, and so on and so on. I believe my imagination, as well as with all of you, have created and are manifesting these beautiful things into our reality and are all interconnected…either from our dreams, intuitions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and the list goes on! We are excited. I cannot wait to meet you all with warm wishes and love. I am truly grateful to meet many who are speaking with me NOW, out of LOVE. Namaste. Namaskar. NamaS*KA*RAM *~Laura~* or LA U RA on Facebook. Love to all!

  16. Virgilio Shu says:

    I have this feeling of missing them so badly, I want to hug them with mighty love!

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