Twin flames and primary soul mate role – by Multidimensional Ocean 24th Jan. 2016

Twin flames and primary soul mate role – by Multidimensional Ocean 24th Jan. 2016
Many souls have accompanied our soul self through various incarnations. We meet many past lives lovers and husbands in this life in order to balance out what still remains to be balanced.
The journey of love and forgiveness is a long and repetitive one indeed for us humans.
The primary soulmate is the one who you have shared most love and most karmic experiences. Now is the time for us to forgive and forget our primary soulmate.
It is also a time to welcome back into our life our twin flame. The love that is eternal will very quickly be rekindled between you and the need for one another will be obvious.
Via incarnations and in this life, many of the experiences in love that we had took place in order to prepare the work for healing the past with our primary soulmate. We have met many people that share a common energy with him. 

Before you meet the twinflame, perhaps 2 years before or so, it is possible that you also meet an identical energy to your twin flame, but things should not be allowed to develop as you would expect because .. well. this is just someone whose energy is almost identical to that of your twin, but he is not your twin. He is only preparing you for the love that awaits you and shows you the way to the highest levels of love and consciousness.
When you meet your actual twin flame, you will feel it in ways that are beyond doubt and that you knew since your birth planning.
Enjoy the reunion. ❤
Multidimensional Ocean
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7 Responses to Twin flames and primary soul mate role – by Multidimensional Ocean 24th Jan. 2016

  1. Meghan says:

    Thank you! ❤️

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  2. Catherine says:

    So wish it would happen…

  3. Tina says:

    Dear Laura, in my spiritual journey i was told many years ago from my Guru who is an ascended master a divine incarnation of the Mother, said when an aspirant is on the spiritual path they should not get involved in any intimate relationships it hinders there progress. In 2011 Salusa said to me not to get into a relationship, as the enlightenment journey is intense and these relationships can actually harm us, especially if there is conflict or verbal abuse or even subtle negative reactions from the other.In these intense times were at a heightened level and can feel other peoples energy and thoughts if there not loving it is very damaging it can send a person into depression and these times are brutal people are loosing there jobs, there getting sick etc. I understand your message of bringing in more love into ones life and ex lovers from the past but there have been so many from 1000s of life times its too much.One of the channeled messages from the Sirians said your are on Earth to evolve spiritually dont look for a lover dont try to find your twin so now im confused im not trying to be negative. Funny Salusa showed up in my apt too after reading his messages, i was shocked and was not ready for it i dont like were i live i felt embarrassed. The messages were so beautiful it effected me emotionally, i didnt think he could see me, my Guru never spoke to me telepathically or visited me this way. I was flattered but embarrassed at the same time, these things are challenges for me and very difficult i hope i wont be misunderstood again im very sensitive. Another thing can you hear my thoughts because your answering my questions i say to myself.When your close to enlightened beings they give you there light a person will advance spiritually must faster so you are blessed. I started my spiritual practice 1996 and it was much harder to advance back then and ascended masters were not visiting we had to work very hard to bring light into our lives, your generation is lucky. Your lucky the masters support you they tell me im negative and this is tearing my heart apart. Nice message it would be great to have this much in my life.

  4. vendo4151 says:

    Any Twin of yours is a friend of mine. … Although the idea of two of you is a bit frightening … 🙂

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  6. harold says:

    No entiwndo ni mierda

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