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Twinflames, Take a Day out.. or two !

sun-leaves-green-leaves-background-blue-sky-sun-sunshine-sunrays-trees-43547538We live in a world of doing, seeming, appearances and pretense.
We keep forgetting who we our during our day, we get caught in doing, performing, acting, associations about the past, planning our future, etc…
It is important to make room and space for our life within during the day, but especially at the start and end of the day.

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Part 2 Twin flame versus Primary soulmate by Multidimenisonal Ocean 14th August 2016

meeting-your-twin-flame-290x150Someone asked me how does one recognise the primary soulmate.

I have said a few things in the first part of this topic (click here: )

In addition to that I would say:

that this love theme between you can be present in your life for decades, without you actually having a love/ sexual relationship.

It is more on the romantic side, but definitively is sexual – not necessary 3D sex, but can also be higher dimensional sex relationship, which by the way are a lot more powerful and significant than 3D sex.

The feelings between you are as close to eternal as possible, as such they don’t go into the negative side of things. You may feel infuriated by this person on rare occasions, but your loving feelings for each other are so deep, that love between you cannot be broken. It can evolve and grow, and you can make room for other relationships for each other’s growth, but the love between you is ALWAYS THERE.

A very deep and powerful connection and familiarity with this person.

There can be a bit of an ego trip related to it, and a power game / struggle.

There can be a deep sense of possession and jealousy. This may lead to a stuck situation between you two for years. For example one may want to reunite or get married, but the other might prefer to remain free and experiment. This may leave the other bitter and resentful, wanting revenge, or to imprison the other primary. A certain sense of control is present. Continue reading

Twin flame versus Primary soulmate part 1: your primary soulamate by Multidimensional Ocean 12th Aug. 2016

josephine-wall-oil-painting-569-6-1024x768Hi everybody! Time for the summer romantic twinflame / primary soulmate articles to come up.

Here is one of the ways one can differentiate between primary soulmate and twinflame love.

But first shall we clarify what is the role and function of your primary soulmate.

You have no secrets for your primary soulmate, and this causes a strong discomfort in many cases. You may experience at first the following things:

  • You are just not able to speak to that person, this can go on for years.
  • An unusual shyness around him or her.
  • You lose track of time around them
  • You just cannot function any longer in the usual and normal way when they are around.
  • You feel that your primary soulmate picks up on everything that you feel and think.
  • You may well feel that they would criticise you if you behave the way you usually carry on when they are with you.

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Why is it called a Twin Flame ?

Hi guys, just wanted to share my experiences about my twinflame.
1 – this is the only person that I fell 100 % connected and understood. While we might not agree on things and have different experiences, and ideas about plenty of things, we always deeply understand and love each other in a way that nobody else can.
2 – we met for the first time at a spiritual weekend. At some point he was staring at me looking at me with litterally flames in his eyes.
3 – the most interesting aspect in fact and also the most singular is that burning sensation that I feel for him, and only for him. I have often wondered what was meant by the term twinflame, why was this term used, and what had flames to do with it ? Well apart from the obvious allusion to passion etc, the flames is a very real thing. Continue reading

Twin flames and primary soul mate role – by Multidimensional Ocean 24th Jan. 2016

Twin flames and primary soul mate role – by Multidimensional Ocean 24th Jan. 2016
Many souls have accompanied our soul self through various incarnations. We meet many past lives lovers and husbands in this life in order to balance out what still remains to be balanced.
The journey of love and forgiveness is a long and repetitive one indeed for us humans.
The primary soulmate is the one who you have shared most love and most karmic experiences. Now is the time for us to forgive and forget our primary soulmate.
It is also a time to welcome back into our life our twin flame. The love that is eternal will very quickly be rekindled between you and the need for one another will be obvious.
Via incarnations and in this life, many of the experiences in love that we had took place in order to prepare the work for healing the past with our primary soulmate. We have met many people that share a common energy with him. 

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First Meeting – All Timelines coming together by Multidimensional Ocean

Cinderella-Castle-1440x900-wide-wallpapers.netLong trip coming to an end for Princess Mastio of Malavia and her entourage. On the way they travelled with another noble convoy on its way to the Chikks Castle for this big festive gathering.

The Chikks Castle was built on a battle ground, but time had transforms the pain that those fields had experienced into blossoming fertile grounds, full of trees, flowers and pastures. The Castle’s domain was vast and situated at the heart of the biggest trading centre in Europe. Continue reading

Twin Flames Breaking the Walls of Limitation

Twin flames meet, and may even be friends, lovers for some time. Some even marry and share their lives together eventually. But if you are anything like me, you would probably like to know more about twin flames obstacles and what keeps them apart.

Most of the time, another person is in the way, or even two other people might stand in the way, or at least it would appear that way. Do not be fooled by illusion when it comes to twin flame love, it is a very real love, in fact the most genuine love that can ever be on the surface of the planet. It is stronger, greater and more genuine than the love of mother and child, it is a physical bound, as strong as the one between mother and child. It is the purest kind of love, and a truly divine and blessed one.  Continue reading

Twin Flames Tail – 15 November 2014 by Multidimensional Ocean

event_252690572The intensity that twin flames experience is difficult to describe. It is a need to connect and rejoin as the one soul. It feels as if the soul is split up in two parts, and also as if you have two lives, two families, two hearts.
At times the need to reunite is very powerful, and it feels as if one can no longer go on living in a separated state and life style. Continue reading

Twin Flame Update by my Twin Flame Usakhar – 29 July 2014 – Multidimensional Ocean

28059_1782897618515914_1754034648_nTwin flames share a lot in common in the higher realms. They share a lot of unbelievable love in terms of 3D love, but they also share their lives. That is past lives, present lives, parallel lives, and future lives.
They support each other for each challenge and difficulty in all and always.
They also share their thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences. There is literally no secret that can be kept from one another. Continue reading

Twin Flame Update – 25 July 2014 – Multidimensional Ocean

imagesJust wanted to share a few insights I have experienced for the past few days with my twin flame.
First of all, the best time to experience the connection with your twin flame is when I am in between those states of being asleep and awake. You know, the time of the day when you are about to awake, and something is pulling you back into dreamland. I can experience my twin pulling me back into shared dreams with him.
The connection then is very direct, pure, simple, and strong. Continue reading

Twin Flames and Sex – 17 July 2014

Yab_Yum_Yantra_webtagFor twin flames, it is not uncommon to trigger multiple shivering ongoing orgasmic waves a just by:
1- being in each other’s company
2 – being physically near one another
3 – exchanging fleeting gazes at one another
4 – thinking of each other
5 – telepathy (no matter the distance apart)

In fact twin flames don’t need to kiss, don’t need to touch or to have sex to experience continuous body shacking waves of mind altering orgasm. Continue reading