First Meeting – All Timelines coming together by Multidimensional Ocean

Cinderella-Castle-1440x900-wide-wallpapers.netLong trip coming to an end for Princess Mastio of Malavia and her entourage. On the way they travelled with another noble convoy on its way to the Chikks Castle for this big festive gathering.

The Chikks Castle was built on a battle ground, but time had transforms the pain that those fields had experienced into blossoming fertile grounds, full of trees, flowers and pastures. The Castle’s domain was vast and situated at the heart of the biggest trading centre in Europe.

Princess Mastio and her entourage remained at the Castle for 3 days and 2 nights. Princess Mastio’s chambers were spacious and warm, with luxurious furniture’s. No expense was spare in order to make her feel warm and comfortable for her stay. Her mads had their own chambers next to hers, so that she could call upon them if necessary.

As she arrived in the ballroom, she was greeted by her long time friends and relatives at the Castle. Conversations were royally elegant and many happy faces were seen by her. Prince Roland who had arranged for her journey finally arrived at the Castle. He was announced shortly before entering the ballroom. She never met him before, although he gave her precise directions as to what was the safest route to travel and what party to join in order to ensure her safe arrival. She was looking forward to being introduced to him formally and to thank him in person for his care in planning her journey in perfect safety. His attention to detail and care impressed her greatly and the fact that the prince himself would take such care to guide his hosts for this celebration was compelling. Prince Roland was King Laurus’s cousin and she expected a man of a certain age.

Her travelling companions Count Williams and Count Michaelo rushed to welcome the Prince upon his entrance, she followed them. As they pronounced his name, she could feel a great sense of respect, reverence and perhaps somewhat of fear in their voice. The counts stopped and greeted the Prince, she stopped in front of a table and looked at the Prince. He looked amazingly young, elegant, making no ceremony, and seemed irritated at his lateness tonight. He greeted his 2 friends with a discreet smile and a nod of the head, then turned towards her. His glance lowered to cover her whole body, but he made sure not to look at her face, and without a word, he walked away from them. She was very surprised at his behaviour and even slightly upset at his lack of ceremony towards her especially. She had wished to be formally introduced, but the Counts were not given much of an opportunity for that by him.

She joined another group of friends and decided to ignore this incident, hoping to get another opportunity to thank him, when he was in a better disposition during her stay. Her friends chatted of things that seemed insignificant to her, but she smiled and did her best to seem interested. Her mind kept wondering if Duke Medici was going to come to this gathering. She did not expect him to be back from his journey so soon, but she kept looking around the room. The Duke had asked her hand several times over the years and she had finally half agreed to it, in her mind it was just a matter of time before she would say yes to him on his marriage proposal. She had spent many lives as his wife, and the Duke was determined to have her by his side in this life also. He has been pursuing her over ten years on this matter. Her mind kept thinking of that life with him, when she was his second wife, and his first wife got her murdered while she was pregnant with his child. She kept reliving the knife piercing her belly and she could hear the child’s cries still now. The memory of it all was horrific in truth, but the Duke was determined to redeem himself towards her and to have that child after all these obstacles. In that life, he had his first wife and children by her murdered, so he was paying that debt in this life to them all.

All those memories kept making her feel somewhat vulnerable and fearful in many ways. She was only beginning to unravel the extent of this karmic debt. With this in mind, she turned her back on her friends to scout the room looking for the Duke. As she turned around, she found herself facing Prince Roland a few meters away from her. He was as paralysed staring at her, unable to take his eyes away from her. She looked back at him with curiosity and also surprise. Why was he staring? As she looked into his eyes, she received a shocking memory of her and who she thought was her first husband. They were entangled in a passionate love scene. For a moment she was wondering whether he could also see the same pictures that had popped up into her mind, if they were looking at the same scene together. As this scene arrived uninvited into her mind, she wondered if the man in her daydream was the Prince or her first husband. The Prince realized that they were both staring and he turned around, smiling at her discreetly and shook his head as if he was trying to wake up from a dream, or to shake off that image of passion from his own head.

Suddenly she spotted an old friend, the Duke Antony of Kerrynia. She was really pleased to meet with the Duke of Kerrynia here on his own without his wife. There had been a brief romance between them in previous lives and the Duke had expressed his renewed interest in the princess several times, however, the princess had a long term favourite at the time for some years, and would not allow herself to renew that past life romance. It took many years to the Duke to forgive her and finally this was the first time that they had met in almost 3 years.

Their reunion was pleasing, the Duke glanced upon her, and she came to salute him. His men left him as she arrived near him, they did not want to impose on what seemed to be a meeting generating much interest for the Duke. He blushed when she came near and they embraced as old acquaintances do. He was so pleased to find here there, their conversation was exciting, but she had to leave as the King entered the room, and they all sat to their designated places for the evening meal.

The meal took place without incident and afterwards, everybody gathered in the King’s chambers for a late conversation and a little music. During the night the Princess dreamt of Antony, they were in her palace working together. In another dream, she dreamt of her old friend Dreya. She missed Dreya’s presence and had wondered why she had not come. In the dream, Dreya was in a room with brown walls, this room was full of people, and Dreya was telling Mastio that she was there, eventhough she was not physically there.

The following day, there was another reception and she was standing by the buffet with her friends. Mastio put down her glass and turned around realizing that the Duke of Medici was not going to come, when again she met with the Prince’s gaze upon her. Once more he was staring at her, but this time with even more insistence and intensity. Once again, she was captivated by his eyes, and looked deeper at him, and realized how beautiful his face was, and how a smile could make him look so kind and incredibly gentle. Her heart was beginning to warm at the thought of him, as a memory of him started to come into her mind, but she could not place him exactly. Who was he in relationship to her in previous lives? Had she met him before at all? Again, he suddenly seemed to awaken from a dream while he was staring at her, and walked away.

The afternoon was reserved for various political and economic meetings. She thought that she was needed with the King to discuss the situation on her planet and her land, so she followed King Laurus to his chambers in company of many others. She sat in the only place remaining available to her, which was just in front of the Duke of Kerrynia, which surprised her, and as she tried to avoid his glance. Having dreamt of his the previous night, she felt somewhat embarrassed of him, and looked at the person sitting next to him, who happened to be the Prince Roland himself. Well there was no escape from him this time! He welcomed her glance with an ironic smile and the meeting began. As she sat there, she began to feel an immense flow of positive energy in the room. She had never experienced such a thing before, and was surprised at how different the atmosphere was different from similar meetings on her own planet. Several times she noticed that the Prince was looking at her with an increasing interest, which once more really surprised her. She was beginning to get embarrassed at the Prince’s liberty of looking at her openly in public with the most fascinated eyes.

The positive energies in the room started to have effect on her and she could relax entirely, opening up to the flow of white light between the group of people. Suddenly she realized that she was sitting in the wrong room, as this was not the meeting she was supposed to attend and made a mistake. However, she also noticed that the room had brown walls and then deducted that perhaps indeed she was supposed to be in that meeting, regardless of any other arrangements made for her.

Many spoke, and towards the end she explained her main issues to the King, the King accepted her point and made concessions towards her planet. These decisions pleased her. As she expressed her gratitude to the King, she stumbled upon the Prince’s look once more. This time his eyes and soul were simply on fire. Every single word that she said touched his soul and being and sparked another flame in his heart. It was as if time had stopped and they were experiencing past, present and future all at the same time in this present moment, in the now. She had never seen anything like that before, no man ever looked at her with so much interest and fire. It was as if his whole being was ignited with passion and fire for her. She jumped on her seat when she looked at his fiery eyes, and as she could see strings of his past lives appear. She could see a few aspects of him through time, he was one of those immortal souls, learning and living through time and eons. He souls was as ancient as hers, and it was no coincidence that he understood her so well.

During this meeting, she had a few telepathic interactions with him. He was aware of Antony’s affection for her and previous links. The two of them were friends, and there was no sense of rivalry at all between them. Roland became fully aware of her pain due to the situation with the Duke of Medici, and he smiled at her and declared to her via telepathy: “This is why I am here. I am here for you now. This is why I am here. I am here now.”

As she tried unsuccessfully to contain her surprise, suddenly the Prince asked for permission from his cousin the King and spoke directly and openly to the Princess. He supported her decisions to his cousin, and offered greater advice and help than him. She kept looking at the King as if to verify that he agreed with the Prince, and he kept nodding at her, as to reassure her that she was hearing all the support that the Prince was offering was real.

She meant to thank the Prince for his repeated help, but she was unable to move or speak. Her planet had experienced major floods and starvation and famine were wide spread. The Prince was offering much needed help, and she was not even able to thank him. She was petrified and overwhelmed with gratitude. Even more surprising was the Prince’s voice, which used intonations and expresssions that only she would use. He kept talking at the meeting to her in front of others, showing publically in front of all present how much he cared for her. She was simply lost for words. She smiled and nodded to him in acceptance of his offer.

The rest of the evening involved the Prince trying to talk to her, but she could not pay much attention to him, as she considered herself to be almost the Duke of Medici’s future wife, so she could not be seen in public in gallant company with someone else. So she did not even dare looking at the Prince, as she feared the consequences of them being seen in public so closely. She did find him interesting, but remained with her friends, rather than responding to the Prince’s attempts at engaging her in conversation with him.

The following morning involved her having breakfast at the royal table, and the prince not leaving any more doubt about his interest in her. He asked to do the same work concerning planetary food supplies as the Princess did the day before, the Queen accepted his help, but said that the Princess Mastio was assigned to a different meeting for the day, which shocked him and he made no secret about his disappointment and began to show signs of protest towards the Queen. He stopped himself from speaking against being away from her and in protest; he removed one layer from his top at the table in front of the Princess, so that she could see his muscular body be drawn in front of her eyes. His allure and posture revealed him being such a free spirit, which she greatly admired. She also admired his determination not to be put down by the fact that he was not allowed spending their last few hours together in each other’s company.

At this very moment, she could also not take her eyes away from him and his magnificent body. His ginger hair was her ideal, his smile and shoulders were infatuating. It was as if she stopped breathing and as if the moment had stopped. Nothing else mattered in the world, not the Duke of Medici, not the Duke of Kerrynia, not her current consort. None of these men mattered. There was a definite sense of knowing the Prince from a previous life or adventure at least, she was experiencing a very intimate moment with him, as if the air that they were breathing was only being shared between the two of them for those few moments of absolute togetherness, even though he could not look back at her this time, as he sat in front of the Queen and Court. At that time, she knew that he knew that she was not available so to speak, but that nobody could deter him from being together. No Duke, no Queen, no King, no fate, no past lives, nobody. He was in love with her, he had revealed his feelings towards her the previous day by offering much needed support to her lands, he had done so in front of the entire Court, for all to know.

The last hours soon arrived, and she realized that Lady Pleia had a very strong interest in the Prince. She often sat with him, and engaged him in conversation. She often asked for his help and directions which he gave without any pleasure. Mastio interrupted a moment between the Prince and Lady Pleia where the two were sitting on a bench, he had his arm extended towards her, and she sat next to him, at the tip of arm, his fingers almost touching her. She sat there with her arms crossed, sulking like a child, and neither of them were speaking. It was like a still portrait. It looked as if the Prince had extended his arm in order to make her understand that he was leaving her go, and she stood there in disbelief, like a child not getting her favourite ice-cream on a day at the beach. The princess did not mean to intrude, so she passed them by, without looking at them.

 Few minutes later the two women met and lady Pleia was barely managing to hide her displeasure. She asked the princess when was she coming to the Castle again briefly and did her best to be polite. The Princess sensed a certain amount of contempt and disdain coming from her.

Time for the final meal arrived, and the Prince was being cut up in that food supply dispute that the princess found so difficult the previous day concerning food supplies to outer planets of a neighbouring solar system on Androsis 6 and 7. The Matriarch of Androsis 6 was ordering the Prince around just as she had ordered the Princess around on the previous day. The Prince looked at Mastio conveying to her his expression of lack of patience with that Monarch and a general feeling of being entirely fed up with that Lady. Mastio found this amusing and kept looking at him, as he was looking over systems charts, with the Monarch giving him orders. When the Monarch finally left him alone, Mastio came closer to Roland and smiled at him. As she past him, he was still wearing that white light tunic that allowed you to guess his body’s every muscle. She came so near to him, that she was able to hear his thoughts very clearly and to pass her own thoughts to him very clearly. She could hear herself say to him in her mind: “I want to be in your bedsheets”, to which he responded by looking her in the eyes and pointed to the fact that they were being watched from all corners of the room.

Later on, when he judge it safe for her reputation not to be seen in his company too friendly, he approached her a few times and tried to talk to her, but everytime someone would come with important matters for either of them. Eventually he just gave up, and walked towards her trying to take her in his arms and kiss her, but she sensed him come too close to her, and had to sit on a table in order to avoid him. He stopped, and whispered:”oh!” timidly to her and turned around the way he had come towards her.

The last meal arrived and the musician played a wonderfully melancholic tune. Her thoughts flew back to Dreya, and she could feel tears pouring down her cheeks. She felt that Dreya knew a lot about her own destiny and past, and wondered what was the dream of the brown room about, and she wondered if she could break off her engagement to Medici in order to pursue the Prince. She felt totally confused and could not stop her feeling sorry for herself.

The music stopped suddenly, Viceroy Dickens said a few words about angels and humans, which she found very touching. In the absence of the King for this last meal, people stood up and left very rapidly. Mastio stayed behind thinking, and the Prince left the room to say goodbye to others. Suddenly Mastio felt like running away rapidly and thought about going to him so that he would understand to follow her back into the dining room. She walked up to him, and he followed her back to the dining room, but the staff was already taking the tablet apart, so they could not have the privacy that she wanted  to clear things up.

Her uncle came to her and hugged her, then pushed her to hug the Prince, but she got very nervous and walked away from the room, without giving him any other look. He waited for her outside the car, but she was accompanied by friends and her ladies. He looked at her, hoping to catch a glance from her or a waving goodbye, but she could not allow herself that much, fearing that Medici would attempt on his life, if any rumours about them had reached him. He stared at her, as her car was pulled away, and she never turned her head around, never looked back.

Ten days later, following sleepless nights and remorse, she decided to write to him. She still could not commit to anything, in case someone else was reading the letter. But she had hoped that he would understand her words as she meant them, and that he would understand how much she enjoyed his company and help, to wait for her, because she wanted to see him again, and straighten things out with Medici before trying to move closer to each other.

He replied only a few words: “Thank you for your kindness. Until next time … “


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3 Responses to First Meeting – All Timelines coming together by Multidimensional Ocean

  1. vendo4151 says:

    Interesting story Laura. I am assuming that you wrote it. There are so many characters coming so fast that it was a bit of a struggle for me keeping it all straight. I didn’t realize until you used the word “planet” that this wasn’t a traditional sort of fictional or mythos “earth” story, … 🙂 …. After that, I figured you must be the author.

    Nice job, … it held me

    • yes, i wrote it 🙂 Glad that it held you. there should be more parts to it in a few weeks hopefully. so gald taht you enjoyed this !! hugs. laura

      • Kat says:

        Oh. Yes
        Beautiful story . . It was their HS who connected. I feel when mind is unconscious seeing only surface it’s hard to recognise on that very deep level.
        Thank you author . Great job . Can’t wait to read more. 💙

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