SaLuSa 24th May 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean

Laura: Hi SaLuSa. Many times people ask me how to lead a spiritual life and what is their path for this life. Can you help us with a reply please?

SaLuSa: The most important thing is to lead a balanced happy life. One needs to do daily physical exercise, such as walking in nature; daily meditation is also a very important part of leading a life based on spirituality.

Spirit is always present in our life, however it is so in various degrees. Bringing on the light of conscious love into your life is no small matter, especially in front of adverse living conditions created on your planet. Many of you are either overworked, or have a low self-esteem due lack of work or unfulfilling work.

The thing is that for as long as you can keep spirit part of your life, you will never be alone and lost. Spirit helps you connect the dots and will help you keep faith and love in your life, no matter the outer living circumstances.

Everything is truly connected in life and it is in the spirit world. All dimensions are connected, all beings and even galaxies are connected. Never believe for one moment that you are alone, or misunderstood. All living beings sense much at a subconscious level, everything is known at once, you just have to listen from time to time. Listen inside, as we are all part of the one being and his love is upon us all entirely and permanently. We as living beings, but also star and planets are part of the one being. We are part of the One being, as atoms and cells make up the body of a human being. We are on the inside of that being, so we cannot see what this one being looks like on the outside.

As part of the one being, we are connected and linked by invisible forces and have a common bound between us, although our interests are not always the same depending on what function we perform as part of our creator.

On many levels we all serve the one creator, and contribute to spreading love and wisdom within that one being.

As a matter of fact there are always three forces at play in our universe: a positive one, a negative one, and a reconciling one. All dramas and wars evolve around those three forces.

The process of seeing those forces in action and at play is what matters most, rather than the winner of the outcome. This is why we encourage you to not become identified with the outcome, but rather to be fully present in the process of whatever you are doing.

Many of you await the Ascension process to take you away from the planet and to set you free from negative forces. This will happen, but many of you, as ground crew must take part in the Ascension process. This is the reason why you are here, dear ground crew. You must play your part in bringing light upon the planet and spread love above the entire planet from within the human consciousness.

We love you very much and stand by your side every day.

Thank you, SaLuSa. Channel: Multidimensional Ocean

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