Music – Lemurian Home Coming-Regreso al Hogar Lemuriano

Beautiful Lemurian Music, that really helps me center and come back in the moment and to experience my own body and my own life… which is a few million or billion years old (-_^)… I hope it helps you let go of the strong and darker energies as it is helping me.
Thanks to Maria Isabel Henn – Laura

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4 Responses to Music – Lemurian Home Coming-Regreso al Hogar Lemuriano

  1. elga13 says:

    Dearest Laura![?] warm Greetings to you…OMG .what a awesome Gift you send to me. thank you, thank you, thank you,,,the Music,,i never heard something so beautiful,the Pictures wow,,Tears streaming down my Face as i write to you…all this Emotions,,from the deepest Sadness to the highest Light..Memories,,Longing,,longing to go Home to my Motherland,..that is the Beauty i like to live in the new makes me realize the Connection,,the Oneness that i feel with Everything,that i melt and merge with Everything..and the Music..its like i dissolve into the Vibration and Frequencies and flow and become one with the Universe,,,all is in Color and Sound and Love… Thank you Laura,, i embrace you with all that I AM,, [?]

    in Love and Light[?]


  2. I am so glad the music helps you both and hopefully others too as it has helped me. ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Debi says:

    Most Beautiful <3<3 ❤

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