Third part of the Baltic Sea Anomaly Inspired Story – 26 May 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean

367695,xcitefun-underwater-portraits-3Chapter 3:

previous chapters 1 and 2:

The Xockon managed to grow an air bubble around her body and to materialize the medical hologram Galu in order to assist her. Nadina asked Galu to materialize an oxygene tank and a wet suit for her. Galu did this after attending to her injuries, but was at loss concerning what had happened to the ship.

Galu: “I am not finding any markings of this planet and solar system, accessing ship’s data. Oh.. I see… I see.. I see.. so you need to get out of here Nadina. Let me get you what you need to access the surface. No! better than that! I can materialize you on the planet’s surface from here. Don’t move! I will be here should you need me again. Best of luck! “

Nadina protested, but Galu had no time to hear her out, as the water was breaching the Xockon’s systems. He just had enough time to transfer his program onto her space suit and to materialize food supplies along with shelter and independent power supply on the planet’s surface. He also managed to lock down the ship’s engine’s room so that the water would not do any further damage there. He would be able to return to the ship and provide more 5D printing and beam it to the surface if needed. The Xockon’s lock doors were very robust and designed to easily handle such pressures from their home world.

Nadina was now standing on the planet’s surface, as Galu had the good sense of materializing them on stable elevated ground. She recalled Galu to assist her sending a distress beacon to Deyava’s head-quarters. It was a one way signal, and they would not be able to know if the signal was even received, but it was a chance that she had to take.

Galu: “See! You need me in those types of situations! Bad idea to remove holograms from patrol ships. We will be spotted in no time for sure! The beacon will reach Deyava in a few minutes and they will dispatch a patrol ship to retrieve us in no time. I have also managed to pull out a map of the area from the Xockon’s brief glimpses at the surrounding upon entering the planet.”

Nadina: – you have earned your share of electrical power for the day Galu! No doubt about that! And if you can get that beacon to Deyava, I will personally program you an attractive female hologram for you on our next ship! I promise!

Galu: – now, now, now! Are you implying that I would be unable to attract the appropriate hologram mate to join us on missions?!! Because if you are! I have to remind you that I can change my physical appearance at will, and unlike your organic bodies, we holograms do not need to diet and exercise in order to look attractive to our companions!

Nadina: – Correction! I need to provide you with a common sense program and a silent mode option! We’re done here!

She pressed a button, and Galu’s hologram disappears.

Nadina suddenly felt the wind and cold cut through her space suit and adapts the suit’s temperature to a more comfortable temperature. She puts on her space helmet and starts setting up camp for the night.

As soon as the beacon reached Devaya, they sent a patrol ship to get commander Usamar to rescue his wife. Usamar and his friends are now on route to the beacon’s coordinates. The small solarfly class ship has a crew of 5 men, 3 women and a space cat! The Serenamar is an independent biological space ship, with a few hologram’s of its own. The ships had its own hologram named Ciderallia. She made the crew more comfortable with the idea of having a self aware intelligent ship. Ciderallia made it possible for the crew to interact directly with the spaceship in a way that was easy and made the crew comfortable.

Cloé was the ship’s captain and was Nadina’s best friend. They fought together in the Coalition defending a neighbouring planet from the Emporium. Onboard there was also Nadina’s husband from a past life. Riko was the onboard medical officer, when he heard that Nadina was possibly injured and in danger, he volunteered to rescue her. His feelings for her are not a secret to anybody, except to Nadina. The past 15 years have been a roller-coaster for him and his wife. Finally 5 years ago Nadina got married too, and his hopes of continuing his past life marriage with her sank at the bottom of his heart when that happened. He preferred to keep his feelings for her in check, as he has always seen Usamar and Nadina as a well suited couple. However another side of him kept interfering in Nadina’s love affairs and she ended more than once romantic liaison because of Riko. Malcolm was the second officer. He was also a carrier soldier with very little morals in appearance. This mission was just a waste of time as far as he was concerned. If an officer was stupid and dumb enough to get herself and her shipmate in a desperate situation, then too bad for them! She obviously made the wrong call. This was just a waste of time for him as no Emporium’s cybermen were supposed to die on this mission. The rest of the crew were however happy to mount a rescue operation mission to much of his dismay.

As soon as Nadina’s camp was spotted from orbit, she was beamed up onboard the solarfly space ship. As her life signs were weak, she was beamed directly to sick-bay. She was unconscious again, almost frozen. She was left in regenerative fluid to recover while a new set of coordinates were being entered by Malcolm in the Serenemar. Destination: the war zone around the Emporium planet in order to get some of those cybermen killed to end the day on a positive note for him too. Nobody knew that this was not supposed to be the target destination, not even Ciderallia, as all were around Nadina fluid tower base to monitor her life signs. Usamar was patiently waiting for her to open her eyes, but he had no idea how serious her condition was. In short: she was in deep unconsciousness land, with no immediate hope of coming back. Cloé was monitoring her progress in the fluid tower, or rather the lack of it and knew that there was no hope of getting her back in the next crucial few minutes. On the other hand, the longer she was out of it, the less diminished her chance of survival.

Ciderallia: – Riko, she is not responding to any of the treatments that we have tried so far.

I am accessing Galu’s data base. She was out in the cold for almost two days. Severe head injury caused her to bleed internally. You must go in at once to bring her back!

Riko: – Ok! Gimme 5 minutes here!

Ciderallia: – we don’t have 5 minutes! Get your sensor suit on and get in the submersion tank NOW! She has the same brain wave pattern as you, and there is an existing bridge between you already for some reason. I never knew that! I would ask the husband to go in, but it would take too long to explain to him! It looks like you two are 100 % compatible already! Holly Molly! What is this about?  Go now!

Usamar: – what is this about? Wo wo wo! I don’t know what is going on, but he is not going near my wife! You hear me Riko!? No way! I don’t care if you have to…

Cloé injected him with a sedative so that Riko could act quickly without any interference.

Riko connected the electodes onto his suit and to his head. Put on a breathing device over his mouth and prepared mentally to reconnect with Nadina on a direct energetic- spirit and intellectual level for the first time in over 12,000 years! He was afraid of what he would find deep down in her subconscious mind. He knew that he would have to go through Nadina’s memories of their past life. This was the 100 % compatibility bridge between their minds and energetic frequencies that Ciderallia was speaking of. He would have to make a similar journey into his own memories and somehow make them connect with Nadina’s ones in order to show her a way out of deep coma. He would literally have to go through her memories of them from a past life on Gaia, he would have to relieve through all their life together with her, so that he would be able to gain her trust again, and show her a way out of coma. Once the link with her past life was established and trust was regained on both sides, he would have to explain to her what condition she was in and how to make her come back. He knew that this would stir a lot of emotions on both sides, and what is more, everybody in the spaceship would be able to see and follow their work together. Luckily Usamar was sedated; otherwise there was no chance of doing this. Usamar would rather have her dead than going through what he would perceive as a breach of trust and abuse. But the truth was that Nadina was too precious for him to even consider losing her now. The army would never agree to letting her die without any attempt to bringing her back.

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  1. Helloteke says:

    Fascinating. Script for a film at some stage…?

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