Awake on Planet Earth – SaLuSa and Adrial 22nd March 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean


What a blessing it is to walk on mother Earth’s soil in a human body, with the knowledge of an ascended master. In truth this is only a few steps away for many of you. Throughout your day, you can come back to your senses; experience you being alive above the planet. Come back to your soul, come back to yourself.
You need small little pauses throughout your day, when you can just experience the life force within your own body. Just stop for a few moments or minutes, depending on your time. Experience your body being carried away at high speed in the arms of Gaia, enveloped by an aura of bliss and love. Feel the caress of your higher-self upon your Earthly body, feel your heart beat in your chest, sense the joy of having a vibrant and healthy body. Rejoice for you are alive, and every moment in live is a new beginning for you and your loved ones.
You are on Earth for many reasons, but the main one is to learn that you are part of a one and single being. That being is so big and powerful that it’ body is made up of many starts, and constellations. Planets are like electrons in a manner of speaking, and humans are part of that unique being. Humans have the unique possibility of growth into suns thanks to the love and consciousness that they can harbour within their consciousness.
As an awakened and conscious human being, your power is quasi-limitless. You are in contact with the forces above you at all times, and they are with you at all times. The only thing is that, as Earth humans, it takes a shock to wake you up to the fact that angels, archangels and other ascended masters from the entire universe are walking by your side.
You are connected with what is above your head to the infinite and to what is under your feet, dear ones. You are the most wonderful intermediary between the cosmos forces of universal love and light and Mother Earth. You are a flute, a wonderful musical instrument passing on vibrations and harmonics to Mother Earth, and to the Cosmos. You are constantly receiving and transmitting information in both directions.
Much knowledge is also communicated to you through your dreams from the higher spheres of existence. This is the reason why we are happy to see you take part in the Aurora dreamflight and other similar dreamflights experiences. Much is communicated to you during your sleep directly through your sub consciousness by us. In fact, many times, we are playing in your dreams information coming straight from the Akashic records, especially when it concerns your own lives and experiences.
Be aware of your dreams and of the messages that we are communicating to you, try to act on the messages that we pass on to you and not to forget them as soon as you awaken.
With all our love, know that we love you all very much.
Thank you, SaLuSa and Adrial
Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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9 Responses to Awake on Planet Earth – SaLuSa and Adrial 22nd March 2015 by Multidimensional Ocean

  1. furrera says:

    Reblogged this on furrera's Blog.

  2. This is wonderful, thank you ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. Miranda says:

    Beautiful, encouraging message. Thanks! Love you too very much. Miranda.

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  7. Chi Ni Ra says:

    Being reminded of we already know can be a powerful thing to learn. Thank you for sharing, and dare I say “perfect timing”? lol! 🙂

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