Message from Aurora for the Dreamflight Crew – 21st March 2015

Dear family from the stars and friends. We would like to welcome you back onboard our starship for another night of adventures on board.
This trip will be focused around nagivation of Aurora, we will explain about her propulsion systems, her interdimensional shifting, the physics behind her functionings, her personality and her story.

For those of you who are not that interested in that aspect of the journey, we can offer you a trip on any off world of your choice during the dreamflight. We know that the majority of you would love it to permanently move to a new planet, to leave the Earth and her heavy history. We understand, but that we cannot not yet offer to you. All that is possible is a breath of fresh air during dreams through your astral body.
We have also received a great number of interest in the history of human evolution throughout time, and in your own personal growth history through time, planets, and universes. That will also be made accessible to many of you tonight.
We hope to meet many of you on-board and that you will enjoy the journey!
Love to all human souls Earth, Aurora and drew
Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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3 Responses to Message from Aurora for the Dreamflight Crew – 21st March 2015

  1. Miranda says:

    Thank you dear Laura and Aurora crew for this message and opportunity! With the deepest love, light and grattitude to you, Miranda.

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