FAQ for joining the Aurora Dreamflight

cropped-549107_355896694478487_489780586_nHi everybody. I have lost the password for my previous blog Auroradreamflight 2.0, so I carry on in this blog from now on with Aurora Updates.

I am regularly asked how to join the dreamflights, so here goes:

Once you have made contact with them officially, it is like signing up for it. so the ship or crew will meet up with you in agreement in 5d. so we don’t really know about it. they are 5 d so, it means no time or space limit. however, it is best to follow the procedure the 1st time you go onboard: Here is the link where the initial procedure is explained..


They made contact with me while meditating for it the 1st time. Adrial and someone else came to me in person during my meditation, i kept drifting off to sleep during the meditation. and everytime i was drifting to sleep, i would see them in dream, and we would continue our conversation during my night sleep also. they explained a lot about all the things that were happening, and how it all worked. Basically I was dreaming of the same 2 people explaining how the dreamflight worked for the entire evening and all throughout the night, and i did wake about about 5 times or more in total.. it also fell wonderful meeting them, a definite welcome home from them, and a very emotionally positively charged event in my life that i will never forget I hope it makes sense ❤

Happy Dreamflights everybody, although at times, the dreamflights have shaken the heck out of me, but I am happy to go back for more revelations regularly !

Love to everybody!



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