SaLuSa – A Brief Update on Events and Energies -15th March 2015

images (4)Greetings dear friends! We come again to you to give you a brief update on the current events and energies.
Firstly we would like you all to acknowledge that the situation on your planet is greatly exaggerated by the medias. We highly encourage you to filter through the news, if you are still listening to main stream news. Of course, we have encouraged people to open up their own news websites, and to post what resonates with them. Many of those people need your support and encouragements to continue at this time, or they will be moving on to a different type of work. A thank you comment is sometimes all that it takes to feel supported and appreciated and having the will to continue to go on for many light workers.
Events will precipitate very rapidly towards recognizing officially, and with the public support, that life on Earth is neither unique, nor exceptional. In fact, a time will come when your leaders will fully acknowledge more advanced civilizations in the universe and ask for their help regarding many aspects of life on Earth.
However for this to happen, Earth’s civilization still needs to grow in consciousness as a whole, and to push for public disclosure at the earliest convenience for your chief of States.
They are aware of the growing desire for disclosure to be made public, and in a way, this would lift a weight of their consciousness too. However, the general conscientious is still leaning towards secrecy as this is convenient for governments to run black projects and to act in the greatest secrecy without asking the general public for a vote on space laws.
This state of affairs will not continue for ever, as more and more of you make open contact with the beings coming from other planets and other galaxies through varied states of consciousness, in sleep, or via telepathy.
Space Program Activists and Whistle blowers need your support now more than ever, as this is a vital turning point in the history of your planet.
For ascended beings, such as us, it is possible to travel back and forth on the timeline, and see what is going to occur on your planet in the long and short term if things carry on a particular trajectory.
This time, and we are telling you this as a fact, is a turning point in your planet’s history. The planet herself needs your support, your love, your prayers, as much as activists, whistle blowers, and bloggers. We cannot insist enough on the importance of the months ahead of us. We are very near the tipping point in consciousnesses, and in the people taking back their power from careless and selfish governments.
Should your planet miss this opportunity in energies for transparency and disclosure, the next opportunity will not present itself for a very long time, possibly not in your life time.
The present energies are pushing for a general wake up call among you. These are heavy energies, but they will act on many of your as a needed shock in order to awaken. It is now vital that you take regular intervals throughout your day to come back to who you are, and why you are here. You will find your answers within dear ones, as always.
Great events are just around the corner, so make sure that you help trigger those events, by focusing inwards, meditations, being balanced and in a state of love, supporting the planet and sending good wishes towards all those in needs.
The gift of compassion is one of the greatest gift that exists in the Universe.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and await as always to hear from you via telepathy. We are very connected with many of our ground crew on Earth, some of them have no idea that they are on a mission to Earth and don’t belong to the human consciousness until now.
This is the beauty of our work, being able to raise vibrations from within the human consciousness itself by combining energies together with you.
Thank you.
Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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9 Responses to SaLuSa – A Brief Update on Events and Energies -15th March 2015

  1. Thank you SaLuSa and Laura ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Thank you for this message.

    • I really would like for disclosure, ( don’t like the word) to happen soon..or in our lifetime. I hope the consciousness of all humanity is leaning for some type of change. Here in the U.S. at least where I live, seems like folks want something different and are tired of the same system. I really don’t want anymore of the BS to continue any longer, black projects, lies from NASA, ughh!..

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