Personal Impressions from Multidi Ocean 20 March 2015 Hi everybody!

First off, I wanted to share the feeling of this really heavy energies in the area. The Eclipse, Equinox, and Supermoon are a very powerful mix. In fact I had headaches the entire day, and so did many people who I worked with.
The day went well, although some energies were really heavy for many people that I know, including myself. It felt like being hit with a huge heavy hammer on the head, and the tension of the body was very intense.
At the same time there was a strange lightness to it all, or was it my guardian angels supporting me? I don’t know…
I also felt a little down and depressed during the week, which is unlike myself. I think it is down to overwork and family health and moods.
Many of my co-workers were very sensitive, as to myself, I have just grown allergic to one person in a more powerful way than usual.
I also fell a little up and down suddenly this week, for no apparent reason. This I feel is also connected to the energies upon us.
I feel that the energies are marking the change to lighter, brighter days and to a turning point for humanity. Deep down, I feel that there is a lot of good that is about to hit the planet and consciousnesses shortly.

I have the inner knowing that something has been brewing for a long time, and time to consume the stuff and enjoy it is about to arrive.
For those reasons mentioned above the Aurora is telling me that there will be no dreamflight tonight, however there will be one tomrrow and they will send a message down tomorrow for us.
I would love to hear from your impressions of the week please ! heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon
Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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3 Responses to Personal Impressions from Multidi Ocean 20 March 2015 Hi everybody!

  1. Arayana says:

    Thanks for sharing! I got the same kind of headache, like somebody hit me in the head with a hammer. I hope we get help with this. Also, I barely got any sleep last night (this never happens to me). I was feeling a lot of lightness last night and yesterday but today I have been feeling the heaviness so far.

  2. I seem to get tension headache when there is a full moon. I felt this one…somethings up though.. The days feel strange, it helps to be amongst friends or family

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