Healing Love Energies Taking Place Now – Message from Aster by Multidimensional Ocean 21 Feb 2015

Alt_sovereigns__BR_85451 (1)Laura: this is the higher self of a friend speaking. I wanted to share what he shared with me tonight.

Aster: I wanted to talk about pain and suffering moving away from many of Earth humans lives at this very moment. Pain is lifting “en masse” as we speak, it leave your body, your cellular memories, it leaves your imagination and your souls.

This happens because the power of love on the planet is increasing exponentially. Love is enveloping your souls, your very being, your bodies. The air caressing your earthly bodies, and allowing it to rest and relax at a deeper level. Let your body be one with love, be one with the divine, and allow it to heal from all past and present hurt.

As this takes place, the planet’s energy vibrations are rising, and many beings of lower vibrations will not be able to sustain this level of intense love for much longer. Many are dying suddenly, while some are making almost miraculous recoveries thanks to the healing that is now taking place.

Many souls are upset at the same time on Earth, as they are losing grip severely of their stern and austere world. This happens as the fear that they once exercised around them no longer can have any power over those that they once considered as their “inferiors”. They can no longer hold their ground with their old tools of fear, confusion, manipulation and deception.

Love is healing souls right now, it is healing the planet and it goes as far as healing some other parts of the universe in a similar predicament to the one on Earth.

Love embraces, caresses everybody and everywhere. You can either embrace it and welcome it, or you can fight it and deny it.

It is time for forgiveness now. Time to forgive your own mistakes, your own hurts and pains. Time to repair the past and come together as one dear friends. Open your heart to these blessed energies from above that are sent to us for our greatest salvation from the centre of the Universe.

My human counterpart is going through some vital transformation at this time. His heart is healing and opening to the loving energies around him. He radiates love and compassion, he sees his life and himself as it is. He now sees the real world.

With the arrival of these new energies, you will very often find yourself to be almost as innocent as a new born baby and as children. You, as a race, will no longer be enslaved to the needs and demands of sex without love, of manifestations such as lust. You will finally see the difference between pure and true love and lust on a collective consciousness.

This is a time to forgive your ancestors any past mistakes, your parent’s mistakes as well. You don’t have to understand their mistakes or love them, just accept them and pardon them their past errors.

For those of you who have loved ones being ill, send them love for the next days, as this will help them recover and welcome the loving energies of the galactic planes.

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3 Responses to Healing Love Energies Taking Place Now – Message from Aster by Multidimensional Ocean 21 Feb 2015

  1. This is a wonderful and encouraging message! Thank you both ❤

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