Goldraytwinflames – Twin flames- Will The Runner Ever Permanently Return?

goldraytwinflameI find this video so amazing GoldRay Twin Flames ! Since I was a child I have been aware of almost all of the things that Mel is talking about in this video! and I am so grateful for having someone else being aware of this and speaking about it from experience !! 

6 thoughts on “Goldraytwinflames – Twin flames- Will The Runner Ever Permanently Return?”

  1. I was wondering if numerology numbers had any importance between twin flames. They say the number 11 and 22 are present in twin flame compatibility. Or is this just another fantasy made up belief through humans trying to make sense through the mind instead of our hearts.

  2. I thank you for creating this site and sharing your experience. It is helping me greatly so I am sending love and gratitude. I have recently had the experiences you speak about. For most of my life I have ‘felt’ my twin and have been experiencing the things I needed to prepared me for this. (I could write a book) At 58 I had given up on ever finding this person that I felt since I was quite young. I have never heard of twin flames until today while pouring over astrology sites to try to understand what has taken place, and for some reason your video popped up, not an accident I’m sure. When my twin and I met we immediately went into what I thought was an altered state due to some chance psychic phenomenon….we were together for a mundane task but clearly something else was happening. It changed both of our lives immediately. I wept daily for three months. The sexual energy was overwhelming but not on a physical plane….we routinely make love when we are not together. We are together in the ethers in seemingly every moment. We are both undergoing intense transformation on a heart and soul level. The unconditional love has inhabited the core of my being. I am at peace. I know we have a long journey ahead. Thank you for your service.

    1. your words touch me greatly onecompass. thank you. I did not do the video, it is posted from goldenraytwinflames’
      youtube channel and facebook account. I love their work and share it from time to time on my blog. I am so happy that you left the comment, i have been experiencing the exact same things. Much joy, love and happiness to you both. Laura

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