Love and Joy by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi everybody!

I have received a short message from Source/ Higher Self yesterday evening. Messages clearly said:

“Fill in your lungs with air, with all the atoms, particles and molecules of this world. Let them penetrate your being, let them penetrate your soul. Allow them to increase your presence here, things look much, much clearer when looking from above.

Allow your body to be filled with the energy of higher love. Let your presence expand and have volume in this 3D world. Allow the higher bodies and 5th dimensional elements to permeate through the illusion of 3D, the illusion of separateness, of loneliness, of fear.

Let the divine light guide your life and your soul through these challenging times.”

I have to say that after this experience, I feel myself to be in a much better place, within, now. All seems to come into place since, even while I have been sleeping.

Pure Magic!

Love and light

Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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