The Well Deep Within – Message from Spirit- Multidimensional Ocean

Meditate regularly and listen to your deeper silent voice.

Find calm, stability from within.

When you are at peace, open to the Multiverse.

From there you can experience the ocean of emotions and thoughts boiling within, acting like a storm on your mind, taking your mind in all directions at once.

Only when you find balance within, can you experience listening with the help of Higher Self. At those moments your Higher Self and your human self are one. The share one breath, one body, one mind. Then you can truly see, listen and experience being human consciously.

Stop judgement of yourself by other people’s standards and expectations. Only you can truly know your life’s path and mission. Similarly, don’t judge others.

Accept that we live in a world of illusions, just like a movie or a theatrical play. It is not reality. Spirit and love is always all around us, it is our state that is closed up to the spirit world. It is always around us, caring for us, guiding us. We are just too busy to be sensitive to it and forgot how to listen, our eyes have closed to that world from a very young age, by external conditioning.

We can become attuned to it again, just as we become like little children again.

Let the love and light flow into your heart, in acceptance and gratitude.

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About multidimensionalocean

I have always known that I am a starseed, however I only consider myself as a lightworker for the past few years. The idea had never occurred to me before that I could somehow contribute to the Golden Age. I have been contacted by SaLuSa from Sirius with ArchAngel Michael (also known as Ashtar on Earth) while living on an isolated farm. Archangel Michael appeared as a blue flash of light a few times while I was watching videos about UFOs. Then he appeared to me with SaLuSa. Their presence was like the Sunlight in my home. There was also an entire fleet in the field behind the farm, camouflaged as clouds. Their presence is always telepathic, but also sometimes they send me images of themselves, or I can simply hear them with my 3rd eye or intuition. They saved my life at least once, and I had 3 small crafts above my house after an accident at the house, of which they warned me about during a channeling, and they guided me about how to resolve the situation and warned me about the outcome and the reason of the accident... I was also contacted by another group of Galactic Family: one Arcturian being, one Andromedean, and a beautiful lady green reptoid from Sirius B. I had asked to make Contact and they have responded to my call during my sleep. They communicated with my telepathically, while I was in a state of lucid awareness. The green lady was with me for about one week, even at work and in my car at times. These were all absolutely magical experiences. Over my life, I spoke to our Star Brothers and Sisters a few times from their spaceship and once one of their spaceshifting spaceships wanted to land on my lawn, but I had to insist that they didn't and explained that the neighbours would'nt understand. They agreed and shapeshifted into a flying leave and went up into space, after having taken a positing of about 5 meters in front of my window, and I could even see the silhouette of the being at the window. I do meditations and consultations on demand. Please feel free to contact me on Laura

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