Ascension Portals by Mulitidimensional Ocean with SaLuSa 31 Oct. 2014

communication-between-salusa-from-sirius-and-laura-tycoDear ones, we come again to tell you about Ascension. We are pleased to announce that the Ascension is well underway, although the main stream media would have you believe otherwise. The radio and television waves are full with violent stories, spreading negativity and fear. The best way not to engage in them is to stay away from such programs.
Focus on growth and love, dear ones. Learn to spread love and kindness around you and give it to others without second thought.
We would like to tell you more about the Ascension process now. There are already places upon the Earth that have partly ascended into the higher vibrations of love, peace and charity. We call those places the Ascension portals of Earth. Other also call them stargates. No matter what label you chose to give to these places, know that they do exist and that the energy of those places is very different from the energy on the rest of the planet. These are areas of peace, love and joy. Continue reading

Past Lives Reminescences – by Multidimensional Ocean

Hi everybody!

A few people have been asking me about my past lives, so I am posting this from my 2012IndyInfo website. I hope that you will enjoy the reading :) . Laura

Past Lives Reminescences
Laura – Private TAUK with Higher Self – 5 Dec 2011/12/05 – Pre Egyptian Life

Laura: Good evening. I thank you once again for answering my call. I had the most amazing set of visions last night, and this morning. And with it came also a set of knowledge, which took me a few hours to verify last night on Egypt. Would you explain about the process?

. Continue reading

Forces of Nature are around us to help and to provide Love – 27 Octobre 2014.

imagesDear ones, we are happy to come back to your heart and to your mind. We look forward to feeling your heart expand when you are reading our messages.
We come forward today with a short message of love and support for the coming Halloween. Many of you feel on a depressing slope these days as the lack of light makes souls on the Northern Hemisphere long for sunshine and happiness to come back. Continue reading

Allow your intuition to be heard – Message by SaLuSa and Multidimensional Ocean 17 Octobre 2014.

6a00d8341bf7f753ef01543308372e970cDear ones, We look forward to the messages we give to you, and we enjoy monitoring the way you receive these with your open heart. Their purpose is mainly to give you hope, courage and some insights into a realm that many of you yet have to enter and discover.
It is known to us that the reality that you now experience appears a hash and crude. It is very easy to be stuck in it fully and to experience it as the only one truth. However the truth is almost out of reach for you most of the time, due to the fact that you are attached to a human body and that the soul has many blind spots under those circumstances. Continue reading