Twin Flame Update by my Twin Flame Usakhar – 29 July 2014 – Multidimensional Ocean

28059_1782897618515914_1754034648_nTwin flames share a lot in common in the higher realms. They share a lot of unbelievable love in terms of 3D love, but they also share their lives. That is past lives, present lives, parallel lives, and future lives.
They support each other for each challenge and difficulty in all and always.
They also share their thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences. There is literally no secret that can be kept from one another. Continue reading

Dreamflight shares

Hi guys. Had a lot of vivid dreams last night. We spent the night on top of a few buildings in Gaza defending offensives from Israel for the entire night. Our main mission was accomplished, but we know that more bombs will be coming over the next few hours.
We used drones to intercept and destroy Israel’s missiles in flight. My ex husband from Atlantis was there, a woman from my spiritual group was there also, my twin flame was there too I think. Continue reading

Ask to Remember your Godly Powers for Manifestation – SaLuSa and Higher Self 26 July 2014

salusaDear ones, few of you know your real powers that you hold as divine beings. Many of you have renounced these power when you realized that humanity could not deal with this knowledge that every single one of you was a God in the making. While other renounced their powers temporarily for the duration of their life on Earth. Continue reading

AudroraDreamFlight 26 July 2014

I got news that the Auroradream flight over Gaza was a nice success! Will head down there tonight again with my twin flame. Hope to see you guys there tonight too and bring love, joy and hope in the heart of the injured.
Also love and peace in the heart of those who despise Palestine. May they find inner peace and forgiveness for their doings.
Love you all ! See you later on

Aurora Dreamflight 26- 28 July 2014

Aurora2Hi guys! I have not exactly got a message, but Aurora dreamflight will be happening this weekend for those of us who want to go!
I have made a request to them to help the situation resolve between Gaza and Israel,. I want to work on that tonight.
I think anybody gets to work on / with whoever they wish to do this weekend!
So have fun!
ps: and of course.. me being a little bit of a sucker, asked to be with my twin flame lol
Have fun everybody !
Love, Laura

Twin Flame Update – 25 July 2014 – Multidimensional Ocean

imagesJust wanted to share a few insights I have experienced for the past few days with my twin flame.
First of all, the best time to experience the connection with your twin flame is when I am in between those states of being asleep and awake. You know, the time of the day when you are about to awake, and something is pulling you back into dreamland. I can experience my twin pulling me back into shared dreams with him.
The connection then is very direct, pure, simple, and strong. Continue reading

There is only one influence that matters – Message from SaLuSa and Higher Self – 24 July Multidimensional Ocean

salusaThere is only one influence that matters – Message from SaLuSa and Higher Self – 24 July Multidimensional Ocean
Dear ones, we are glad to connect with you once again. In this time of confusion over the planet, many of you feel at loss and don’t know in which direction to turn to.
Many feel in disagreement with others, many feel at loss for words and fear for their future.
Dear ones, we come forward tonight to tell you that there is only one approval that you should seek, and that is the approval of your higher self and of your own conscience if you can connect in truth to that influence. Continue reading