Link to my Radio Show of last week on What do you REALLY WANT !! :)

New Education Podcasts with The One People Oneness Radio on BlogTalkRadio with The One People Oneness Radio on BlogTalkRadio

Online Education Radio at Blog Talk Radio with The One People Oneness Radio on BlogTalkRadio

1150376_563049687127578_1706670341_nHi guys! just wanted to share with you the link to the blogtalk radio show I did with Tammy Super and Amy last week. Continue reading

There is only one influence that matters – Message from SaLuSa and Higher Self – 24 July Multidimensional Ocean

salusaThere is only one influence that matters – Message from SaLuSa and Higher Self – 24 July Multidimensional Ocean
Dear ones, we are glad to connect with you once again. In this time of confusion over the planet, many of you feel at loss and don’t know in which direction to turn to.
Many feel in disagreement with others, many feel at loss for words and fear for their future.
Dear ones, we come forward tonight to tell you that there is only one approval that you should seek, and that is the approval of your higher self and of your own conscience if you can connect in truth to that influence. Continue reading

Back for a while

Well back from an amazing long weekend away. So tired that i spent most of the day relaxing, walking and sleeping. Nice to be home, all together for a week. Then I go off for a whole week to my spiritual group.
It was so good to sense the power of a work group working as one with spirit. The loving, caring, supporting, accepting presence of the energy we generated was present at all times with us during our 4 days.
Missing it already, but it is always part of who I am
Being a multidimensional being is an amazing business! totally awesome!

Away to my Spiritual Work Group till the 22d July.

spirit_lifeI will be away till next Tuesday to my spiritual work group. I have been with that group since June 1998, so over 16 years now. Although this is going to be the 1st time I will see everybody since last July (2013)! So I do look forward to my time with them.
It is always amazing to work for a sustained period of time with people sharing the same searching goal in life. Continue reading

Someone within facebook that deletes lightworkers accounts

Someone within facebook that deletes lightworkers accounts, it happened to another facebook friend of mine on facebook 2 days ago too.. all her 5000 friends and 800 followers gone..
Same happened to me two weeks ago: they deleted my facebook account the 3d or 4th time that facebook is doing that to my account in 3 or 4 year, and they deleted my groups that i had under the same account too.

Only facebook could have known what facebook groups I had created under that previous account.

My new facebook account is: Continue reading

Twin Flames and Sex – 17 July 2014

Yab_Yum_Yantra_webtagFor twin flames, it is not uncommon to trigger multiple shivering ongoing orgasmic waves a just by:
1- being in each other’s company
2 – being physically near one another
3 – exchanging fleeting gazes at one another
4 – thinking of each other
5 – telepathy (no matter the distance apart)

In fact twin flames don’t need to kiss, don’t need to touch or to have sex to experience continuous body shacking waves of mind altering orgasm. Continue reading

Twin Flame Observations – 15 July 2014

1496658_627511824009999_6555780177066038251_nIt is possible for one of the twins to consciously block the other.
This process is possible when one cuts oneself off from spirit / higher self.
The connection is always there between the twins, but it can be ignored, blocked off consciously or not by either of the twins. Continue reading