ET Abdutcions…. why?

Hi guys, got a message from Higher Self this morning about ET abductions. Especially the ones that relate to sexual experiments. I was told that most of the abductions are scary to humans, because they are done by ET. Most of the people abducted are starseeds, and it is in their life contract.
The reason for that is that an embryo of alien ET can be implanted into a carrier mother and participate in the planet’s vibration upliftment.
There was a second part to this message, but i have forgotten it, as Indy had to go to the vet for vomiting a lot in the past 48 hours.
Please send her light, love and healing

Short Message from Higher Self – 29 Aug. 2014

Distance is irrelevant when it comes to communication. Just because you are away from your loved ones, it does not mean that they stop loving you.
You can tune inside and have instant news from them anytime. Telepathy and heart connection works from anywhere in the world, as well as if they were right next to you.
You can still hear and feel them with your heart and with the help of your higher self.
Tune in and listen in at anytime. Information is always at hand.

Short Note on Unconditional Love by Multidi Ocean 26 Aug. 2014

Short Note on Unconditional Love
Love is free to give and to receive. It does not require ownership, questioning. It can move freely from one person to the next or from the past without any rule at all.
It is the gift that can save humanity and it is a gift for all to enjoy.
We learn to open up in matters of love from one lover to the next. Continue reading

No More Free Channelings by Multidimensional Ocean

Dear friends,

next week I will go back to studies and to work.Therefore I will no longer get the chance to post channeled messages from SaLuSa or Higher Self for free on the website.

The readers’support has been very poor for the past year. Last month there were only 20 euro donations and non for August. Nobody can possibly survive on this sort of money, therefore I need to go back to working full time to support myself and my family.

If I take time to channel in the future, it will only be private channeled messages to paying readers I am afraid.

I will keep blogging occasional posts on 2012IndyInfo and short messages from spirit on my personal blog from time to time.

Thank you to all my readers for your continuous and ongoing support and love.


Message from Higher Self 22 Aug 2014 by Multidimenisonal Ocean

hqdefaultThis is a time for many of you where you come to realize what is lacking in your life, but most importantly into your own soul.

The reason for that is not to for self blame or feeling sorry for yourselves at all. As you know just seeing what is needed for you is the 1st step towards fulfilling your own needs.
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