Channeling Uncensored : a conversation with SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean 6 Dec. 2014

Channeling Uncensored : a conversation with SaLuSa.

Laura: tonight I was asked by SaLuSa to channel for him and to let my fingers type without pause. He said I can ask any question that I wish for and to let it flow, as there is a rather large piece of information to download. So here we go folks!

Laura: how many ET species are involved with the Earth at the moment? And for how long has this involvement been taking place?

SaLuSa: currently there are about a dozen different species having various types of business with various Earth governments. Interstellar ETs are more dangerous to the humans, but also more vulnerable, because of the lack of knowledge of this planet’s history. Interstellar species rarely get involved with this planet. The species dealing with your planet are mostly from the local cluster of planets in proximity of your solar system. Continue reading

Twin Flames Breaking the Walls of Limitation

Twin flames meet, and may even be friends, lovers for some time. Some even marry and share their lives together eventually. But if you are anything like me, you would probably like to know more about twin flames obstacles and what keeps them apart.

Most of the time, another person is in the way, or even two other people might stand in the way, or at least it would appear that way. Do not be fooled by illusion when it comes to twin flame love, it is a very real love, in fact the most genuine love that can ever be on the surface of the planet. It is stronger, greater and more genuine than the love of mother and child, it is a physical bound, as strong as the one between mother and child. It is the purest kind of love, and a truly divine and blessed one.  Continue reading

Atlantis Descendants

We are the descendants of Atlantis, therefore we carry over many of their past mistakes and are repeating those. One example is the tendency that the vast majority of us has to always live in the head. We always plan ahead, think, judge, review the past to improve, evaluate, reflect etc…. It is important however to live connected to the whole, and by that I mean to the whole body, which will lead to being connected to the whole planet, and to the whole dimensional ladder.

Twin Flames Tail – 15 November 2014 by Multidimensional Ocean

event_252690572The intensity that twin flames experience is difficult to describe. It is a need to connect and rejoin as the one soul. It feels as if the soul is split up in two parts, and also as if you have two lives, two families, two hearts.
At times the need to reunite is very powerful, and it feels as if one can no longer go on living in a separated state and life style. Continue reading

Turning humans into machines

Turning humans into machines
I find it painful the way companies and institutions try to turn workers into mindless and souless machines by giving us endless useless tasks to do, endless paperwork to do, and ignore our emotions and feelings, by cteating an athmosphere of constant fear and stress for all to work and live in. It is litterally hell… sending much love to all of you who are working for the big slavery machine, enslaving the human race to work, and to ignore our true nature, for the sake of production… my world… the supposed economic crisis is turning the world into a living infoerno.. and we know who is behind this crisis…

The Antlantean Heart

Hard to Believe that a civilisation so advanced technologically and spiritually disappeared off the face of the Earth without a single trace is it not? There is a lot of the Atlantean heart that remains in all of us I feel. We know that energy canot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. Therefore, Atlantean energy, even if no longer present in the materiel on the surface of the planet (that we know of anyway … but I believe this not to be accurate), much of that time, soul and teachings stil resides inside of us, in our heart, in our essence, in our soul, in our bodies.
The civilisation of Atlantis never died and never will. we are their descendants.
Also a part of the Atlantis spiritual group knew that death is only a make believe thing, but that there is no real ending to life, but that it is just a natural cycle of letting go. Many of them actually Ascended without a trace in the 3D world, and some left the planet. They fully knew that Atlantis still lives, their heart still lives