Eternal Unconditional Love

The magnetic interactions with my twin flame / primary soul mate is just so amazing… it keeps igniting and re-igniting always. Just such a beautiful man inside and outside Eternal love light, sparks, magnetism and so much unconditional love between us.
It is never selfish, possessive, but always forgiving, caring, protective, helpful, conscious, unconditional, and meaning the best possible outcome, as well as all forgiving

To Have It Written Down

images (3)New couple, old couple, eternal pair.

New mission, old mission, all in the end is just the same,

Illusion of choice, of love, of freedom.

Illusion of life, and illusion of death.

Room full of souls entrapped in those human bodies.

Eternal souls with trapped memories,

Parts forgotten, some returning in a blur.

Eternal thick Midst, white smoke leaving the room. Continue reading

The Greatest Secret

The greatest secret of all times, the one that is a lot more important than football matches, that any main stream media cares to report. WE ARE NOT ALONE, NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL BE!! I was born carrying this information in my cellular memory. I was born knowing that there were thousands of civilizations, knowing about the fact that there are building on Mars and on the Moon that we left behind. Don’t be fooled by what main stream wants to turn into: we are all so much more than the buyers that our rulers see us only as. The main thing in life is not to have a job, to pay our bills, and to buy into brain washing media. The main of our lives is to rediscover who we are. That is the thing that nobody else can do for you. This journey of self-discovery is the awakening process that we all need to experience sooner or later, This journey is the awakening of consciousness.
Much love.

ET Abdutcions…. why?

Hi guys, got a message from Higher Self this morning about ET abductions. Especially the ones that relate to sexual experiments. I was told that most of the abductions are scary to humans, because they are done by ET. Most of the people abducted are starseeds, and it is in their life contract.
The reason for that is that an embryo of alien ET can be implanted into a carrier mother and participate in the planet’s vibration upliftment.
There was a second part to this message, but i have forgotten it, as Indy had to go to the vet for vomiting a lot in the past 48 hours.
Please send her light, love and healing

Short Message from Higher Self – 29 Aug. 2014

Distance is irrelevant when it comes to communication. Just because you are away from your loved ones, it does not mean that they stop loving you.
You can tune inside and have instant news from them anytime. Telepathy and heart connection works from anywhere in the world, as well as if they were right next to you.
You can still hear and feel them with your heart and with the help of your higher self.
Tune in and listen in at anytime. Information is always at hand.