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Conversation with Higher Consciousness on the Remembering the Future – Multidimensional Ocean 29 May 2013

Laura: I would love to have more clarification on the experience I had today. To describe it best it would be like someone recalling a life changing moment with affection and joy, looking back at a difficult cross road into … Continue reading

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Let Go of Any Old Beliefs and Expectation- SaLuSa channelled by Multidimensional Ocean – 13 May 2013

Dear ones, I am pleased to see how much your light work is increasing, even in face great difficulties and challenges. Don’t let go of hope, of the light, for this is when you need it most, in order to … Continue reading

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Letting Go with Grace – Multidimensional Ocean

When everything pulls me at the front of the body, the front of the head, the front of emotions, and throat… remember we also have a back. The back is the seat of the spine, where the life forces circulates. … Continue reading

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Laura – Channeling and News from Now On and Thank you for your Love and Support !!

WOW !! Thank you for your kind replies dear friends from blogs and facebook!! ! you have helped me understand a few things about my work !! I am not sure what to do right now.. i am guided to … Continue reading

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