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Peace is Vital at This Moment – SaLuSa 1 June 2013 – Multidimensional Ocean

Dear ones, we salute your brave courage during this period of intense awakening across your planet. The cabal is doing all it can to tighten its grip around you and break your spirit. However, the people have the courage of taking … Continue reading

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Conversation with Higher Consciousness on the Remembering the Future – Multidimensional Ocean 29 May 2013

Laura: I would love to have more clarification on the experience I had today. To describe it best it would be like someone recalling a life changing moment with affection and joy, looking back at a difficult cross road into … Continue reading

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Energy Update – 25 May Eclipse – Multidimensional Ocean and SaLuSa

Overview May marks an important change for many of us on a personal and on a planetary level. Many of us can feel unsettled, uncertain about the future, and feel the veil of the unknown in a more oppressing way … Continue reading

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The Ascension Road by Multidimensional Ocean

Cry not if this is the end of one road. Don’t feel sad if the goals you have set for yourself are not reached Forever know that your path has been planed and guided from above The journey is long … Continue reading

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Aurora joins with Ulrika and Hy-Brasil teams by Multidimensional Ocean- 20 April 2013

Laura: Hi guys, I have just received word from Ulrika from Agartha: we are all invited to join her and a few more on Agartha for a guided tour. And I would love to hear if any of you recall … Continue reading

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SaLuSa on Peace by Multidimensional Ocean – 17 April 2012

We are pleased to see your discerning and filtering of information being more and more reliable. Your conscious awareness is increasing to great heights and soon we hope that many of your brothers and sisters will come to understand and … Continue reading

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My Higher Self on Saturn, Jupiter and Europa by Multidimensional Ocean – 15 April 2013

Laura: Have we as humans ever lived on Saturn, Jupiter, Io or Europa? Higher Self: we have yes indeed, not under physical 3d form , mind you. Although the conditions on the gas giants were more “friendly” towards organic life … Continue reading

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