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On Telepathy and Dreams – MultidiOcean 19 March 2014

 Hi guys! Just wanted to share a little about my experience wtih telepathy for the past few years and see if any of you share similar experiences. First of all, I have mentioned dreams lately and communication through dreams. This … Continue reading

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Important Question on Futur Book Writing – MultidiOcean

Hi guys, what has come out of the mystery man story, after having talked things out with a few friends is that I need to put some of my experiences, ideas, memories in writing. It seems right now that I … Continue reading

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My Declaration of Independance

Loving the planet and everybody ! Feeling life and love all around. The Planet’s pulse and breath, Like that of any other living being. I am me, the me that I have always been A little more experienced and patient … Continue reading

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My memories of being Sekhmet in Ancient Egypt 12 Jan 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

First off I am sure that other people think that they were also Sekhmet, and it may well be. I was told I was her by a psychic friend a few years ago (Dreamwalker) and as I looked into her … Continue reading

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About me ! – 12- 12- 2013 – Multidimensional Ocean

Hi guys!  A few people have asked me on private questions about me, my channeling work and technique, or had other discussions. Usually, I don’t have enough time to have one to one email with people and friends. This is … Continue reading

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