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Donations Needed Urgently

Dear friends, I have been going through the most horrendous time of my life for the past 8 weeks. It has been one catastrophe after the other, including: illness, moved home twice (and still not happy with the second place), … Continue reading

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SaLuSa Full Moon Message 15th Oct 2016 via Multidimensional Ocean

Dear ones, it has been a long time since we communicated with you. We needed to see how much of our teachings and prayers remained with you, even though we did not send you any message for a prolonged period … Continue reading

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Urgent prayers and donations needed

My partner’s mother has just passed away after months of suffering. She had several strokes. She died today. Please send us prayers and love. If you wish to support financially with the funeral and my relocation (because of gas leak … Continue reading

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Internet issues for past month

Hi everybody ! Back online.. well.. more or less. when I moved house one month ago, i had no idea that i still would not have home internet one month later.. so i am on mobile internet from home… as … Continue reading

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Twinflames, Take a Day out.. or two !

We live in a world of doing, seeming, appearances and pretense. We keep forgetting who we our during our day, we get caught in doing, performing, acting, associations about the past, planning our future, etc… It is important to make … Continue reading

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Twinflames Joining in Spirit by Multidimensional Occean

Hi everybody. I am going through a difficult sorting out situation with 2 soul mates/ karmic mates. After a few near twins experiences, meaning that they had similar energy with my TF, I finally met my TF in Oct. last … Continue reading

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Part 2 Twin flame versus Primary soulmate by Multidimenisonal Ocean 14th August 2016

Someone asked me how does one recognise the primary soulmate. I have said a few things in the first part of this topic (click here: ) In addition to that I would say: that this love theme between you can … Continue reading

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