BBC: 2 in 3 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the UK are among the vaccinated; 87% of hospitalizations are among the vaxxed


Thursday, October 07, 2021 by: Arsenio Toledo
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Image: BBC: 2 in 3 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the UK are among the vaccinated; 87% of hospitalizations are among the vaxxed

(Natural News) Mainstream media outlet BBC has accidentally admitted that at least 66 percent of confirmed Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the United Kingdom are vaccinated individuals.

On Sept. 24, the BBC released an article reporting on the COVID-19 situation in Wales. The article is titled “COVID-19 in Wales: A third of positive cases are unvaccinated.” It points out that only 13 percent of COVID-19 cases that required hospitalization were unvaccinated. This means the remaining 87 percent are either partially or fully vaccinated.

The BBC’s article even admits this in a later paragraph, where the mainstream media outlet states: “Although 80 percent of patients have been double-dosed with a vaccine, public health officials said this is not evidence that the vaccine is not working – and that vaccines keep 95 percent of people out of hospital.”

That claim comes from Public Health Wales (PHW), the main arm of the government-controlled National Health Service that oversees health regulations in Wales.

PHW claims that without vaccines, the number of people who would be hospitalized due to COVID-19 would be far greater. (Related: Nearly 90% of young people in the UK already have antibodies for COVID-19, thanks to natural immunity.)

At the time PHW’s report came out, Wales had 19,140 cases of COVID-19. Just 33 percent of cases – or 6,321 people – were unvaccinated. The partially vaccinated only represent 4.5 percent of cases – or 868 people. The fully vaccinated represent 41.2 percent of cases, or 7,878 people.

The vaccination status of the remaining cases is unknown, but given the latest vaccination data from Wales, it is likely a majority of these cases are partially or fully vaccinated.

PHW’s latest COVID-19 vaccination data for Wales shows that 70.1 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, while another 4.9 percent are partially vaccinated.

Fully vaccinated succumbing to COVID-19 all over the UK

In Scotland, public health authorities have only recognized 616 COVID-19 deaths coming from fully vaccinated individuals since the start of the country’s mass vaccination program.

In an attempt to cover up vaccine deaths, public health authorities have argued that the fully vaccinated deaths were not caused by the vaccine but by the lack of lockdown restrictions.

On Aug. 9, the Scottish government removed virtually all of the country’s COVID-19 restrictions. Now, Public Health Scotland (PHS), one of the main health regulatory agencies in Scotland, claims that nearly two-thirds of all COVID-19 deaths among fully vaccinated Scots occurred in the six weeks after the lockdown ended.

According to PHS, 380 of the 616 fully vaccinated deaths were recorded in the six weeks between Aug. 14, five days after Scotland got rid of most restrictions, and Sept. 24.

Linda Bauld, professor and chair of public health at the University of Edinburgh, argues that vaccine deaths are to be expected and that they should not raise any concerns regarding the vaccine if only the most vulnerable age groups are affected.

“It is probably that there is some waning in the population among older age groups. But I think the biggest factor here is that you’ve just got a lot of double-vaccinated people who are vulnerable,” she says. “When you have nearly 100 percent of people fully vaccinated in these older age groups, the serious cases you’re going to see are going to be in these older age groups and some will die from it.”

Bauld compares the situation to the fact that people who are fully vaccinated against the flu still die from it every winter.

Learn more about how mainstream media outlets like the BBC are attempting to hide the number of fully vaccinated people dying from COVID-19 by reading the latest articles at

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