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Dear friends, something is happening.

The entrenched front of the makers of corona is crumbling and dissolving. And that is because the power of US. The power of humanity is greater than the power of those on the other side, the inhumans.

Humanity with emotions will always prevail over digitalization and artificial intelligence.

I say this after the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee has, since its inception on July 10th 2020, heard testimony from more than 110 highly-respected experts from all over the world on the questions of how dangerous is the virus, how dangerous are the anti-corona measures to human life and health and to the economy, and how reliable is Drosten PCR test underlying all these measures worldwide.

Well, in the meantime, even the WHO has conceded that the virus, regardless of whether it is fully or semi-artificial or natural, is no more dangerous than the common flu — with an infection finality rate of .14 percent.

And accordingly, Singapore agrees and has removed all measures. These measures are as deadly and destructive as a third world war would be.

And the Drosten PCR test, which was declared by the WHO — under control of Bill Gates and the Chinese — as the gold standard for detecting infections is an outrageous fraud.

First, a PCR test per se cannot detect infections. And second, the Drosten PCR test, with 45 cycles of amplification, has been set to show 100 percent false positives as so-called corona cases.

Because, from 24 cycles on, the test lacks anything even remotely scientific. And at 35 cycles it produces at least 97% false positives according to Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice president of Pfizer. Only these so-called cases, which have in reality been faked with the test — with the help of this test with the bases for the determination of ‘a public health emergency of international concern’ in February of 2020.

The acronym, by the way, for ‘public health emergency of international concern’ is PHEIC, pronounced ‘fake’.

This is the termination of a public health emergency of international concern, in turn, was needed by the global alliance of the pharmaceutical and tech industries in order to achieve the goal of so-called vaccinations, which was their true stated intention right from the beginning.

Only on the basis of this public health emergency of international concern, that is on the basis of this state of emergency, is it possible at all — according to the rules of the WHO — to use untested drugs on humans by way of this emergency approval.

All other steps — the social distancing, the lockdowns, the mask mandates, etcetera — served only to give the population: firstly, a visible reason for an otherwise illusionary panic created solely through psychological operations and, secondly, to subjugate them so that they would ultimately agree even to the so-called vaccinations.

In reality, of course, these vaccinations are experimental gene therapies without any scientific study as a basis. There is neither a reason nor even a necessity for them.

Firstly, there is no evidence for a pandemic. Only the fake Drosten PCR test with its false positives is responsible for the public health emergency of international concern, as explained above. And, secondly, there are effective alternative treatment methods. And, as a rule, a human immune system that is very well equipped to fight viruses — even man-made viruses.

Apart from that, the vaccinations lack any effectiveness, as a very recent study by Science Files has just proven concerning BioNtech Pfizer.

And, on top of all this, these shots are extremely dangerous as the latest official figures from the U.S. prove. There, according to VAERS — the official register for adverse events after vaccination — 45.000 people have died after vaccination in 180 days since the beginning of these so-called vaccinations.

However, as our colleague Tom Renz learned from a whistleblower. these numbers were kept secret and false numbers were given — namely only about 11,000 deaths after vaccination. Even worse.

In normal times, it can be assumed that, at most, between one and 10 percent of all the real vaccination adverse events are reported at all. But we do not have normal times.

The mainstream media and the politicians, which are both under control of the global corporations and the global NGOs, are doing everything in their power to make registration of vaccination adverse events as difficult as possible. So that, in truth, we are in all likelihood looking at approximately 500,000 dead after vaccination in the U.S. alone.

This puts the other side in a panic because this is not part of their plan. That is why this other empathy and emotional side now drops all masks. In France, for example, the government is threatening to make vaccination mandatory and introduce compulsory vaccination. And in the U.S.. the president wants to censor even private communications — even if it concerns completely correct statements whose only problem is that they’re not in line with the official fraudulent lie as announced by the government.

In the meantime — in India, in South Africa, in the U.S., in Canada and in France — very large legal battles have been set in motion or are now being set in motion.

In Portugal, Austria and Germany excellent court decisions have come down stating that the completely unsuitable Drosten PCR test cannot be the basis for any anti-corona measures.

The Berlin Corona Investigative Committee already now has accumulated extremely incriminating evidence which proves that this was never about health.

Rather, Mister Global — as former investment banker in U.S. Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts calls the global corporations, NGOs and their backers — Mister Global is exclusively pursuing these goals with their measures:

– Destruction of regional economies to make the world’s population dependent on global supply chains.

– Shifting the wealth of the world’s population from the bottom to the very top — that is to the super rich.

– Population reduction, which means genocide. And gaining total control over the remaining population.

We are obviously dealing here with megalomaniac psychopaths and sociopaths who should have been stopped a long time ago. But now the time has come for this.

That is why millions of people are demonstrating all over the world today.

One other aspect needs to be emphasized. In addition to our legal work and in addition to our efforts and shining a bright light on these dark truths there is a third level, namely the spiritual or religious or cosmic (call it what you will) level. And this level is crucial.

This is what a story shows us, which a German doctor told us last week. He wanted to withdraw money at an ATM and went to the lobby of a bank for that purpose. There stood an elderly woman wearing a mask, who fearfully backed away from him because he was not wearing a mask. She said he had to wear a mask because otherwise she was afraid of infecting herself and then her husband. The doctor told her ‘no’, she shouldn’t be afraid. And then he went up to her, took off her mask and took her in his arms. The woman began to cry and said that no one had hugged her for more than a year.

That’s what this is all about. It is humanity versus inhumanity. We are human. We can laugh, cry, sing, dance and hug. The other side can’t. Because the other side has no access to the spiritual side.

Therefore, without any doubt, the other — dark side — will lose this inhuman battle against life and creation.

Reiner Fuellmich

Who isDr. Reiner Fuellmich?

“Without any doubt the dark side will lose this inhuman battle against Life and Creation.”

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a consumer protection trial lawyer in Germany and California. He is one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee who are now working with an international network of lawyers who will argue this biggest tort case ever, the Corona Fraud Scandal, which has meanwhile unfolded into probably the greatest crime against humanity ever.

The Corona-Committee Foundation, which is now working with attorneys worldwide, was established by four lawyers in Germany: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Viviane Fischer, Dr. Justus Hoffmann and Antonia Fischer.

Main website for Corona Investigative Committee:
Corona Investigative Committee at Telegram:

Share anonymous information with the Corona Investigative Committee:

~ References:

~ Reiner Fuellmich at Worldwide Freedom Rally in London: “Without Any Doubt the Dark Side Will Lose This Inhuman Battle Against Life and Creation”:

~ Reiner Fuellmich | Worldwide Rally for Freedom London 24/07/21 | Oracle Films | CoviLeaks:

~ Reiner Fuellmich | Worldwide Rally for Freedom London 24/07/21 | Oracle Films | CoviLeaks:

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