Who is the “Invisible Ennemy” for Trump ?

He is 73 years old, could have retired to a nice profitable package for him and his family. But instead he fights for true democracy and to set America, and the entire world free.

He is with the right people behind him for the mission! The fight is on. It is not an open fight, it is a smart, deceitful fight, where only a few dare watch their enemy in the eyes.

The Alliance and Pres. Trump will get us there. but we have our own part to play. Whatever our part may be, it is up to ourselves to figure out and to walk our path.

This video is very telling indeed about the state of things. We are awake !

About multidimensionalocean

I have always known that I am a starseed, however I only consider myself as a lightworker for the past few months. The idea had never occurred to me before that I could somehow contribute to the Golden Age. We are going to ascend with Lady Gaia. We will be free for all eternity. The Light will be lasting for all eternity. The Golden Age is coming at a rapid pace, be ready! Multidimensional Ocean
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2 Responses to Who is the “Invisible Ennemy” for Trump ?

  1. Lawrence Vendetti says:

    It brings to mind for me again and again what DW and certain others (Randy Cramer, ..etc.) with inside information have brought forward since after the last election. If Trump didn’t do this thing then Eisenhower’s special branch of the Marines, .. along with the US Navy, .. was going to push the button. Military take-over. Which was supposed to happen 25 years ago, but there was an invasion of dark forces in 1995, as if the dark knew exactly what was coming. But for whatever reason, the positive military were not willing to wait any longer if there was business as usual in the 2016 election. I have a feeling that this is quite true.

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