David Wilcock Update and transcript for essential news on 4th April video and Mass 4/4 Meditation!

David’s latest video of 4th Aptil 2020. A quick update is given by David before the global meditation

Things are going on behind the scenes.

Don’t be afraid of Donald Trump, there are many people behind him, and he can’t turn into a dictator, because this is not what it is about and he wouldn’t never be left, even if he wanted to (which he doesn’t!).

The Ascension is taking place now. The Great Awakening, the great revealing is the meaning of the Apocalypse.

When this is over, probably pretty soon, there will be Ascension, we will be part of the Galactic Family, we will all live like millionaires, and we will learn all about our ET family, we will have Free energy available and all the ET technology available to us, as well as all the inventions by Nicholas Tesla.

The Deep State has caves that can host 65,000 people and 75 cities in underground facilities, with nuclear facilities. They had planned to destroy life on the surface of the Earth while they would have nuclear technology to keep them living underground.

The ETs that look after us are benevolent and of the level of Ascended Masters. He speaks about his witness who came face to face with the Alien races and other sources who report that these beings have wonderful telepathic capabilities and wonderful energy.

Only one of his insiders had a negative encounter with a grey, who were very ignorant and rude. Only 5 per cent of our Galactic Family.

Our planet made pacts with the negative ETs, because they are more powerful in technology and weapons and are more dangerous, as this is what the cabal was interested in. But we are running out of time for the Cabal and the Negative ETs  and Ascension is upon us.

Positive ETs have built the Pyramids with their technology. These beings are time travelers. They see us on a singularity, a layer of time. There is a point when all the timelines come together. This is the Nexus event, when we all need to be at home.

Top immunology said that up to 80 per cent of the population don’t even notice that they have the COVID 19 virus.

Italy is 300 per cent for elderly people to die for old people to die from this virus. Perhaps because of smoking culture ? We don’t know.

It is an ethno specific virus more likely to target Asian males (5 per cent higher). Which is not a normal behaviour for a virus. 80 per cent of people have it and don’t even know.

Once we have it, we get heard immunity: we can’t get it again and we cannot give it to anybody else.

Scientist is saying that the media is blowing this thing out of proportion. 5G is not the cause of this, but it could be used to spread it. However the benevolent ETs won’t allowed this to happen.

David was offered more than 5 times a lot of money if he could influence people to be on their side and promote Lucifer. But David refused. Information is now a weapon, sent to us by mainstream media is designed to make us think that it’s the end of the world, and to keep us in fear.

David said that Trump spoke of Chlorachine (unsure of the spelling) believes that this is the anecdote to this virus. It turns the virus into 6 days of flue, and then there is 100 per cent cure. So agencies are pushing for 18 months to clear it. Deseases like SARS like these come and go. This is part of a plan to reduce the population of the planet, but is has not worked as they had planned, so they use the media to exaggerate and promote fear of it.

Then the couple does the meditation

David and Beth speak at the end as well:

It could take weeks until this ends. We are not told, because we could screw things up. It may take longer than the ultimate two weeks we were given. They use the looking glass to see the time line. It shouldn’t be very long, even if it takes more time.

25 000 people did the meditation, which contributes to change the outcome of peace. David thinks they were 3 times more than 25,000 people doing the meditations, so the outccome will be very positive.

David speaks of his shamanic dreams, he only had positive dreams about the outcome. Not including the people dying. It is a painful process. We don’t need it to get worse, we learnt the lessons, we are becoming more loving. We need to extend what we did in the meditation in our daily life. This is a life style. Live your life with mindfulness, live in peace and bless. Focus on one thing. Show the universe that we learnt our lesson and we can be part of that, of helping the change come true.

David speaks of the couples’ classes , two shows a week. It will be lots of work and lots of fun.







About multidimensionalocean

I have always known that I am a starseed, however I only consider myself as a lightworker for the past few months. The idea had never occurred to me before that I could somehow contribute to the Golden Age. We are going to ascend with Lady Gaia. We will be free for all eternity. The Light will be lasting for all eternity. The Golden Age is coming at a rapid pace, be ready! Multidimensional Ocean
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4 Responses to David Wilcock Update and transcript for essential news on 4th April video and Mass 4/4 Meditation!

  1. Lawrence Vendetti says:

    Hey Laura, .. hi, … today, .. but not previously, .. I can not comment here logged in on google. Very odd! .. I’ve never had that happen before.

    Another great summary!! .. Thank you Laura. Although it gives me a guilty but delicious feeling of having access to somebody else’s notes in school. I would have been stealing your notes all the time. … lol …. I was a rascal. 🙂

    • Hi vendo! You would have had to pay for the notes at school with your lunch…or at least your desert !! 🙂
      You seem to have two log ins… you are my admin with this one. not with the other one, so i need to approve your comments when not logged in as you are now. you can also post posts here under this log in… but please… no rock music !!

  2. Malkah Gardiner says:

    Thank you from the deepest of my Soul, David and Beth. I deeply appreciate what you are doing. I salute you here from Cape Town , South Africa. Namastè. LOVE AND LIGHT TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.❤💙🌍💚🌿💜

  3. Mike Klingen says:

    Hello David, thank you for your updates and meditation! Dark-to-Light we are in it… Please continue to keep us updated with your current thoughts.

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