SaLuSa and Higher Self 12 th March 2017 – by Laura Multidimensional Ocean

Dear ones, we rejoice at the rate at which most of humanity is waking up. Even though many of may not suspect so, much of humanity is seeing things the way there actually are. This is due to the hard work of many lightworkers on the planet. You are spreading light and love high above the Earth’s athmosphere and across the planet. Many souls are inspired by your work, dear lightworkers and ground troops. Many of you are working relentlessly night and day, without a shadow of a doubt that Humanity will prevail, that justice and fairness will last upon your planet.
Many of you wish to make your planet a perfect and immaculate refection of the higher realms that you are experiencing in your dream state and in the higher dimensions. Your contact with humanity is a humbling experience and we are all admiring your resolve and determination, as well as your will to push on for the light.
The work behind the stage carries on in order to restore a global economic balance and to reset the currency system. Many of you actively participate in that, although it is still going on in secrecy, otherwise you would be prime targets of the darker conglomerate that has rule and claims your planet. These are darker souls, valuing materialism, deprived of consciousness and of love. Their sole purpose is to enslave humanity and all the living beings upon your planet. Their creed is power and domination, destruction of love, of compassion, of joy and peace. Their motives are profit, and to cause pain in general.
An effective way of offering resistance in not direct resistance, but spreading the values that those being despise. Keep your heart light, stay away from stress, and don’t give your soul to earn a few pennies, resume your work on finding inner balance and peace. Once you can find balance and harmony within, your joy will spread big and wide, and you will find unsuspected help coming your way, dear ones.
The work for the light leads to undying love and to the eternal sharing of existence with the One the force that lives within all of us, across the galaxies and universes, dimensions and life forms. Find peace within and the force of the One will find it’s way easier into your life and guide many others. Trust that we are all One, and that the light will be channelled through your bodies into your realm of duality.
We understand that duality is causing you confusion, but you have chosen to serve the light on Earth at this time, and to be a glowing beacon for many others at this time. You have set yourselves on a path to reconciliation between both worlds, between dimensions and closing the gaps between lives.
The is the last stretch before the final curtain falls, dear ones. The duration of this last act is yet unknown, but the greater your love, the quicker the chips will fall where they are meant to fall. We have chosen to remain silent for some time, in order to truly make this victory yours, with as little input from your star brothers and sisters as possible. Victory is near dear ones.
One final word: A few of you are experiencing a journey of closure on Earth. By that, we mean that you are resolving and balancing the last remaining of karmic pains and unbalances, for a lack of a better word. Although it is not what people imagine by karma, but rather a residual left over concerning emotions and feelings. The karmic debt has already been paid for many of you, but the emotional and sentimental clearing yet needed some work in order to let go of old wounds from past lives.
This is why we pray at this time, that your soul finds true peace and letting go of that and those who need to let you go. You will find that finally a movement of inner peace is possible, and meaning comes to you.
A good exercise in letting go of old wounds, coming from past lives, such as loss of loved ones, of children, of a spouse or a parent, is to release them with your heart and opening your hand, setting them free to move on, and not to repeat the circle of repetition that has been going on for many lives. Those loved ones need to let you go, and you also need to let them go. This needs to be done right now, in order to lighten up your burden, and to allow for the new and marvellous to enter your life again. Away from past lives pains, repetitions, and traumas. You need to forgive and let go now, so that you can truly move on with loved ones, and start a new family, a new cycle.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius wishing you a wonderful time at this important cross in the skies.
Thank you
Channeled via higher self by Multidimensional Ocean

About multidimensionalocean

I have always known that I am a starseed, however I only consider myself as a lightworker for the past few months. The idea had never occurred to me before that I could somehow contribute to the Golden Age. We are going to ascend with Lady Gaia. We will be free for all eternity. The Light will be lasting for all eternity. The Golden Age is coming at a rapid pace, be ready! Multidimensional Ocean
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10 Responses to SaLuSa and Higher Self 12 th March 2017 – by Laura Multidimensional Ocean

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  2. dagger27 says:

    Great to hear from SaluSa again! Thx Laura

  3. Tina Mason says:

    Cross in the sky? What does he mean bu this?

  4. 摘星的夜晚 says:

    Hi, Laura, thank you very much. You essays always inspired me and helped me a lot~I feel like that my twinflame is on the starship,and salusa they know with each other. Can you ask him about my twinflame ? I miss my TF na ka ~❤❤

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