GFL star ships

cropped-602353_465261976857756_332685255_n.jpgI miss my time onboard the GFL ships. I miss the support, command structure, sense of belonging, dedication and devotion. I miss the collective of a starship. The sense of camaraderie, danger, trust in each other.
I totally enjoyed the technology onboard too.
It is odd how much that sense of still serving, although I am based on Earth now, still exists within myself.
I adored the crazy stunts we used to pull when on those starships. I enjoyed the fast travel, and the feeling of watching over growing civilizations. The sense of not belonging to a planet, but of belonging on a ship, with a crew was very strong. The connection year after year and the bond with the ship and the brothers and sisters onboard was so strong that it was like actually being an integral part of the ship, the ship’s systems, the circuitry even, and connected to every single thought of the members onboard. There were litterally no secrets for each other, as we fully experienced being one on those higher planes.
Please share your own memories, or experiences of your life on a star ship ❤

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4 Responses to GFL star ships

  1. sarempet says:

    Namaste Laura! A couple of years ago, I had a dream about a huge mothership, and this ship is extremely familiar to me. I was later told that I used to command this ship when in my Pleiadean life times. I did an illustration of the ship in plan form. This ship is massive, cigar-shaped, cylindrical, and measures 7 Km’s long! It has a separate command section that is attached near the stern via a pylon-like structure. It is terraformed inside, and the buildings and structures are made of a crystal-like material. Many beings can live aboard this Mothership. It is powered by Field Resonance Propulsion, and moves between destinations by Folding space. It’s technology is provided by Consciousness Assisted Technology, and the ship itself has sentience. I miss my time aboard this wonderful vessel, and I long to be aboard once more, exploring space, and observing many other civilizations and contacting our other Galactic neighbors. I miss my crew and the inhabitants of my ship. The only relief I get here on this planet, is by watching Star Trek, and Star Wars, which helps to trigger memories of my past experiences of my many journeys on my ship.

  2. sarempet says:

    Laura, if you look up “Crashed UFO on the Moon”, the shape of that large vessel is somewhat similar to mine, but that old ship is only 3 and a half Kilometers long, half the length of mine. That ship has been on the Moon for many years, and I believe that it was destroyed in a battle.

  3. Virgilio Shu says:

    Like flashes of memory, I feel my ship radiating an intense bright white light, I have this inner-knowing of being the commander, I remember alien acquatainces and invited humans, there were a myriad of collected genetic codes which I believe I used them to create new life organisms. I miss my ship and my crew. More flashes of bright rooms, hologram rooms…

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