A sense of inner peace and fairness – Message from SaLuSa 30th Oct. 2016, by Multidimensional Ocean.

Dear ones, we come again to your hearts to wish you to be true to yourselves while on this planet of yours.
Many great deceptions are the results of people accepting the views of those in power too readily. You have been trained not to question authoritative figures and the elite.
Please stop during your day and try to listen to your higher guidance, the one that comes from above. Please allow time for the higher guidance message to come to your heart, it is a slow process, if one is not fully opened.
These days, the focus is to keep humanity on autopilot mode for most of your life. In sleep mode, if you like. So you are kept busy, with your head under, as you say on your planet, with your head down.
You are made to feel fear for authority, fear to express your views, opinions and rise any questions.
You want to go through life unnoticed by those in power, and hope to be left alone, leading a mediocre life, without too much trouble.

This is the case for many of you.
However, the path to awakening is never a very smooth one, dear ones. There are waves of consciousness travelling through your planet every day. Those waves will make you feel different every day and even scare you when you can see deeper into your life.
Try to take the time to question things, decisions and events. Ask yourself, who profits form this, why and how. What is my role in this situation.
Just try to stop and ask yourself “why”
Try to feel if things sit right with you and if it doesn’t, please sit with it deeper and longer.
We love you very much
Thank you,
Channel: Multidimensional Ocean
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