Twinflames and Relationships 24 Oct. 2016 by Multidimensional Ocean

401143_10150431365628931_1019086479_nTwinflames and Relationships 24 Oct. 2016 by Multidimensional Ocean
Twinflames are mostly not meant to be in a relationship. It is a life long journey that they are on, in order to make it in 3D in a relationship or twinflames union.
It happens quite a lot that twinflames meet once the main part of their karmic debt has been cleared or almost cleared. However, in many cases they will need to allow for time and space to close the final chapters of their books.
They will also need to work on their level of consciousness in order to overcome the difficulties that sets them apart. This can be one or several lives long issues that need addressing. A quick fix and a few sweet spoken words and good will, will just not do. Addressing the shortcoming however, and allowing for time may help. However, please understand that there is no guarantee, so have no expectations here.
Most of the twinflames meet when they are ready to know about one another. It is a huge book opening up and the impressions will need time and years to understand and be dealt with.
Many twinflames just don’t have the luxury to wait years and to end up with possibly still nothing at the end of it.

It is very painful for both twins, to know what they know, to experience what they are experiencing of 5D life and of each other, and to keep playing the 3D life. For many twinflames, the situation is so unbearable to be apart that the only thing that would match the pain, is the pain of being together and not understanding one another.
Many of us experience our twin in 5D pretty much all the time, during our ordinary day, if we are connected within enough or if we go to places where they go to.

We hear their words, we feel their thoughts, we see their face and body in 5D. We even feel their touch as real as a 3D touch. This situation is even more painful that we know that the other knows and feels the same, yet is unable to come to terms with it.

The state of things has a tendency to break most twins, who find comfort in denial, in the other gender, in companionship with another, in drink, drugs, anger, frustration etc…

We get stuck on the blaming game, we cannot forgive our own mistakes and the others past mistakes, and we cannot move on to a healthier life and love balance. This in turn affects all our lives, our being, our growth. We get stuck on negative emotions and fear.

What is the way forward? What is a way out of this situation?
Many women would prefer to clear the air openly and speak our minds. However, the males are not used to deal with their feelings and emotions, and keep them all in, bottled up, and continue the cycle of destruction.

Women on the other hand tend to blame the man for almost everything and see him as the person who should have all the answers. While men identify their twin with a strong figure, who is very wise and expect her to act like that.

Sadly when it comes right down to it, there is just no right or wrong answer. It depends on the situation. My advice is feel your twin in 5D, feel his feelings and love for you. Those feelings are the only real thing that matters and that will truly help in the long run.

Stay with that sacred love as long as you can, experience it, because it is the only thing that is real between you two. Don’t get tormented by jealousy and passion, but in turn, do not hold your life back, being lonely and miserable. Don’t punish yourself and don’t let your twin punish you for what ever mistakes he or she deems that you have made at some point in your life.

Stay with it, with that feeling of love, with your twin’s presence, without any particular wish or command. Just be present for as long as you can

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3 Responses to Twinflames and Relationships 24 Oct. 2016 by Multidimensional Ocean

  1. That is all so true. I chose 5D eternal love over a patchy 3D love story, he chose drugs…now when he’s on the other side we’re in a 5D bliss but my 3D is no less patchy…but yes, 5D is all that matters in the long run…I wonder if I alone can make up for our mistakes and close this 3D cycle, I don’t want another round :/

  2. Shelley Bower says:

    we need to focus on that feeling of love and bath in it…looking past and forgetting about our mistakes..stay in that blissful feeling of love, if we expect to grow we need to look beyond one’s imperfections and focus on the love.

  3. Margaret says:

    Hello Laura, this is Margaret. I am in constant contact with my Twin, who lives with me 24/7, as well as being on board ship. This must be because angels can be in more than a thousand places at once, and I have also been told that I have only two per cent of him with me. It doesn’t feel like two per cent which is quite small. He is very powerful! I had a beautiful message last week at a charity event, describing him as a blue eyed, blonde angel who has massive gold and blue wings, and who had extended his wings and wrapped them around me for healing because I have been so unwell of late.
    There are no negative feelings between us, just pure love. I have been aware of him for two and a half years when he came and introduced himself to me. I was told by Red Cloud the Indian Chief, that I had been given a gift from heaven because of the spiritual level that I have reached. Also that I should not look a gift horse in the mouth, as I am very analytical! He makes me laugh a lot, and he makes me so very happy. I would not entertain a man from Earth now, there is absolutely no comparison.
    My Twin, during the first week after we met, wrapped me in unconditional love every day for a week. Believe me when I tell you that there is no comparison on Earth. It was the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced, but after a week it stopped. Probably because unconditional love is quite overwhelming for a 3D person and it brought me to a standstill at its most powerful, and a normal 3D life could not continue being enveloped in that kind of love. I have been told that I, despite my health which has been quite poor of late will not be leaving the Earth, being
    needed because I have so much work to do. Never mind. He will stay with me. All two per cent of him! Every now and again he lets me feel the love he has for me, and I realise how very happy he makes me.
    He obeys my soul contract perfectly which cuts me off from all things excepting 3D, making it possible for me to live a normal 3D life, while at the same time letting me know just how much love he has for me. Believe me when I tell you that I do realise just how very lucky I am.
    Bye for now, Laura
    With love, Margaret

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